10 Different Types of Glass Finishes: Everything You Need to Know

Types of Glass Finishes

Have you tried choosing a glass pane or panel?

Let me tell you, it is a tedious process.

Apart from selecting the glass type itself, you also have to pay close attention to the glass finish.

Once you start comparing glass finishes, it is easy to understand why the process is so tedious. There are ten glass finish types to choose from. Today, I will cover them all along with the basics of glass finish so that you can choose the right one.

What Is a Glass Finish? Why Is It So Important?

What Is a Glass Finish

Glass finish refers to the treatment that a sheet of glass undergoes to provide it with a different look and control the transparency of glass. Techniques used for glass finishing can be various, like sandblasting, acid etching, application of film, etc.

You might wonder why glass finish is so important?

I will share a few reasons why the glass finish matters a lot.

  • It is easy to change the appearance of glass with the help of the right finish. When you want to create a certain type of decor, the right glass finish can help you achieve the same.
  • You can easily control the transparency of glass by choosing the right finish. It certainly increases the application of finished glass.
  • In some instances, the durability of glass can also be enhanced using the right finish. That is another reason why it matters so much.

Top 10 Glass Finish Types and Their Uses

Now that you know why glass finish is essential, it is time to look at the 10 different types on offer.

1. Frosted Glass

Frosted Glass

Have you ever stepped into a luxurious-looking bathroom that has obscured glass panels?

If you have, you have already witnessed a frosted glass. In simple terms, it has a frothy appearance. Usually, frosted glass undergoes sandblasting to provide it with this appearance.

In terms of aesthetics, frosted glass is excellent. However, once you touch it, you will feel that it has an uneven finish. In applications where a smooth finish is required, frosted glass undergoes acid etching or film application rather than sandblasting.

With customization options available during the manufacturing process, frosted glass is not only elegant but also a great option to personalize your premises. That is why; it is one of the most famous glass finish options.

2. Satin Glass

Satin Glass

Satin glass is another type that is pretty similar to frosted glass. They do not allow you to decipher what’s on the other side.

The primary method of manufacturing satin glass is through acid etching. Usually, hydrofluoric acid is used to provide it with that finish.

As I mentioned above, frosted glass has an uneven finish. This shortcoming is eliminated in satin glass. It has a completely smooth and silky finish. Not only that, it does not have shine either. Consequently, it is perfect for commercial and formal applications.

While satin glass might seem pretty similar on the face of it, there is a distinct difference. Frosted glass does not allow you to see on the other side, whether you’re close to the glass or far away. Satin glass has higher transparency when you’re right next to the glass.

While you might not see the other side clearly, it is possible to make out what’s on the other side. As you move away, the light scattering is high, and therefore the opaqueness increases.

Satin glass has its advantages, and therefore it is pretty famous.

3. Reflective Glass

Reflective Glass

In many applications, you might have to create a mirror-like effect with the glass. If that is your requirement, a reflective glass finish is a perfect option for you. A metallic coating is deposited on one side of this glass during the manufacturing process. That is how it achieves its reflectiveness.

Such glass can be completely clear, tinted, or plain. All the variants are available.

When searching for reflective glass, you will also come across variants with various thicknesses. Depending on the thickness variant, you might find one that acts as a one-way mirror. It means people on one side will be able to see a reflection of them, and people on the other side can see through the glass.

Due to its unique properties, it is used in the exterior and interior premises. The reflective nature of this glass means that it will make the rooms look bigger on the inside. The outside reflects the heat and, therefore, keeps the rooms cooler.

As you can see, it is an immensely versatile and useful glass finish to opt for.

4. Tinted Glass

Tinted Glass

Many glasses have a tint. During the manufacturing process, sunglasses might achieve this tint. However, tinted glass is also a requirement in many applications. That is why; it is another glass finish which you can choose.

Whether you’re looking for a yellow, green, red, or any other tint, all those variants are available.

Compounds and metal oxides are added to silica during the manufacturing process to provide the tint.

While adding metal oxides during the manufacturing process is the most reliable way, there is another option. A tinted film is often applied to the glass sheet to provide it with a tinted look.

Such glass sheets are often used in aesthetic applications and create the right ambiance. They can minimize the amount of sunlight getting into the premises as well.

Thus, it is another glass finish that you shouldn’t ignore.

5. Filmed Glass

Filmed Glass

These days, glass films of various types are available. Films are available for both, whether you want to provide a colored look to glass or just opaqueness. Also, you can get different types of films to create designs on a sheet of glass.

Numerous film variants are available depending on:

  • Pattern
  • Color
  • Texture

If you want to customize this glass finish, it is also possible.

The complete control you have over the glass appearance makes this finish quite popular.

6. Textured Glass

Textured Glass

For many people, merely filmed glass is not good enough. They need to have a certain feel as well. If your requirement is the same, consider textured glass.

With unique aesthetic effects, textured glass is different from many other options.

You can easily create rainwater effects, floral effects, bubble effects, or geometric patterns on textured glass. Apart from that, you can choose between different textures as well.

With the help of texture, you can introduce opaqueness, which provides privacy.

If you’re looking for a glass finish that can help you with decoration, textured glass is a good choice.

7. Switchable Privacy Glass

Switchable Privacy Glass

Many of these buildings and premises offer an excellent view. The problem with installing full-height glass is that you won’t have any privacy. That is why; people give up their views as well.

Now there is a solution with switchable privacy glass.

You can switch between a transparent and opaque look when you opt for this glass finish. It becomes easier to enjoy the views outside and get privacy when needed.

The polymer dispersed liquid crystal composition of the glass makes this possible. With the help of electricity, you can easily switch between transparency and opaqueness according to your requirement.

This glass finish is pretty expensive, but it is undoubtedly useful.

8. Acoustic Glass

Acoustic Glass

Glass can provide you with acoustic insulation. However, if you want to utilize this property of glass, go with an acoustic glass finish rather than any other.

It will help you block out noise. That is why; it is used in residential and commercial buildings.

The composition of such glass consists of more sheets pressed together. While the thickness of the glass is similar, since the number of sheets is more, it can easily block out the noise. Often, PVB interlayer is also used in this type of glass to enhance its noise blocking capacity.

Overall, if you’re looking for noise insulation, acoustic glass is the one you should opt for.

9. Spandrel Glass

Spandrel Glass

Usually, you might have heard about drywall or other such material to conceal the ugly parts of your property.

Did you know you can do the same with glass?

I’m referring to the Spandrel glass finish. This glass can serve you well, whether you want to hide electrical wiring, an HVAC system, or anything else. You can easily construct low-maintenance walls using it. Since I’m speaking about glass, it goes well with the aesthetics.

This glass finish is available in different color options, which allow you to choose according to the aesthetics. You can pick between an opaque and reflective design, allowing you to get proper privacy and security.

It is a functionality-driven glass finish that has become extremely popular.

10. Painted Glass Finish

Painted Glass Finish

I have spoken about filmed glass, sandblasted glass, and acid-etched glass. However, there is another glass finish that offers excellent customization. That is a painted glass finish.

You can paint on the glass, true to its name. Depending on the colors you use, it can provide transparency or opaqueness.

Sure enough, the colors used to paint on glass are different, but a painted glass finish is possible. Artistic designs can be painted on the glass, ensuring that they are good for home and office use.

After going through the different glass finish options, I’m sure you would be confused. To help you choose between these glass finishes, I will also share a guide below.

What to Consider Before Choosing Glass Finishes?

Rather than being confused about these glass finishes, you should know what factors you should consider in order to make a judgment. I will share a handful of parameters below, after which you can pick the right glass finish easily.

Take into Account the Application

You can easily shortlist the right one from the numerous options above. Your primary concern should be the application for choosing the glass finish.

For example, if you’re looking for a glass finish suitable for the bathroom, most of the above finishes would be eliminated, leaving you with a painted, frosted, or satin glass finish.


Of course, the cost of a glass finish varies from one option to another. When you’re buying a single glass panel for your bathroom, the cost will not matter a lot.

When you want to create an entire facade of a building, even a slight increase in cost means you will spend thousands of dollars extra.

That is why it is essential to consider the cost of the glass finish and then make a call.

Usually speaking, the more tedious the glass manufacturing process, the higher its cost will be.


Glass, by nature, is susceptible to smudges, fingerprints, and accumulation of dirt and grime. There are, however, a few finishes that can handle these pretty well. On the other hand, a few are susceptible to the same.

Choosing the wrong glass finish means you will have to clean it frequently.

Let me be frank here!

Cleaning glass is expensive and tedious. That is why your goal should be to choose one that requires the least maintenance, unless you choose a small glass sheet for a small area. In that case, frequent cleaning will not be a lot of trouble.


Of course, privacy is another consideration.

Ask yourself, do you want an opaque or transparent glass sheet?

The answer to this question will help you easily choose from the above glass finishes. Not only that, once you make up your mind regarding the level of privacy needed, half of the finish options will be eliminated. That way, choosing between the rest becomes easy.


A glass sheet or a glass feature can be the center of attraction in any room. Since the surface area of glass is often higher, it attracts everyone’s attention.

You need to take into account the aesthetics of glass and then choose the finish.

Many property owners make the mistake of analyzing the glass finish on a stand-alone basis. Instead of doing so, you have to consider the decor and size of the glass sheet and choose one.

A glass finish that might look good on the bathroom door might not be proper if you want to create an entire facade. Similarly, if you’re looking for a glass panel to be installed amidst vintage decor, it will be entirely different from the one you install amidst modern d├ęcor.

Keep the vicinity of the glass in mind and choose the finish after that.

The Durability of the Finish

Glass in itself is quite durable. Even if you’re choosing a thin sheet of glass, you can choose such an interlayer that the durability of the glass increases.

When it comes to finishes, however, a few finish types can last for ten years or more, whereas others can fizzle out in just five.

Before choosing a finish type, consider the durability of the finish itself. For example, if you opt for a printed finish for exterior glass panels, they might fade out over some time.

Such considerations need to be analyzed before choosing a glass finish.


The manufacturing process of glass and glass finish is customizable only up to a certain extent. It means certain types of glass finishes will always come with a tint.

Before choosing a glass finish, find out whether it is tint free or not. If it is with the tint, you have to decide whether it will go well with the application for which you are choosing the glass sheet.


By location, I’m referring to the interior or exterior location of the glass installation. Depending on this, the glass finish will vary.

Exterior glass finishes need to be sturdy and handle elements of weather. The same is not true for interior glass features.

Consider the location of installation and then choose the finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is finished glass?

Finishing is the process of giving the glass a completely different look with techniques like sandblasting, acid etching, and so on. It is done to change the look of glass and control the amount of light that propagates through the glass. Such glass is known as finished glass.

2. What is monolithic glass?

Monolithic glass is nothing but a single sheet of glass formed through the float manufacturing process. When you’re buying monolithic glass, you buy different pieces of glass that are joined together. Consequently, the structural integrity of monolithic glass is much higher than other glass types.

Apart from looking at the glass finish, you have to look at the type of glass used.

3. What is curtain wall glass?

The Curtain wall glass consists of lightweight glass panels which have an aluminum frame around them.

Even though curtain glass wall panels are used in the exterior of the building, they still can’t support the weight of the roof, floor, or any other surface which rests on them. However, the aluminum frame is designed so that it shifts the weight to the floor.

Final Words

In the end, I would like to add that now that you are aware of different types of glass finishes, it will be easy to choose one for your premises.

Using this guide to select a glass finish will be easier than ever to get the desired look for your premises. With ten different types of glass finishes covered above, you can make a well-informed decision easily.

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