ThirdEye News: Featured in Top Philadelphia Tech Blog, Philly

ThirdEye was featured in Philly in the article, “Did 3 Penn freshmen build the future of vision at PennApps X?”

Hackathons are definitely a great way to be able to not only learn awesome stuff and experiment but to also be able to build actual products. We invite everyone to participate in the winter PennApps on January 16-18! See you there!

We hope to be able to truly build the future of vision as we continue to develop our software and start reaching out to more customers. This is only just the start.

To read more about how the idea of ThirdEye came about in PennApps X, and to find out more about our PennApps X experience, check out the Philly article we were featured in.

Posted on December 7, 2014 in News

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Rajat is a 17 year old entrepreneur, doer, and creator who has written a book called "What High School Didn't Teach Me," created a social network for writers, and patented a product. He attends UPenn.
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