ThirdEye at the Wearables Technology Conference in Santa Clara

thirdEye wearables conference

ThirdEye team members Rajat Bhageria and David Ongchoco got the opportunity to attend the Wearables Technology Conference in Santa Clara last March 10, 2015.

An ever growing industry, the Wearables Tech industry is still searching for its identity and best use cases. The Wearables Technology Conference brought together engineers, developers, designers, experts and enthusiasts to discuss its present applications and future possibilities. The conference had industry leaders talk about the ethics of wearables, privacy, the future of augmented reality, fitness devices and applications and the wearable healthcare revolution.

Two main wearables that stole the show during the Wearables Tech Conference were smartglasses and smartwatches. With the announcement of the Apple Watch just a day before, everyone was buzzing about the potential of the Apple Watch and how it could affect our daily lives. At the same time, you had industry leader Sony showcasing its consumer and enterprise smartglasses to the public in the Wearables Expo.

For ThirdEye, it was exciting to see so many people enthusiastic about wearable technologies. It was like being at the forefront of the wearables revolution, where people are experimenting on different uses, applications and more. We got the opportunity to speak with Sony and Epson and how we could possibly use our application on their smartglasses. We also discovered that companies like IBM are also doing their own computer vision.

Talking to all these industry leaders, smartglass enthusiasts, healthcare wearables experts and more gave us great feedback on how to improve their ThirdEye and how to move forward with our product. It was also great to see that we aren’t alone in this battle of using wearable technologies to impact this world.

Learn more about the Wearables Technology Conference here:

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