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ThirdEye Founder Rajat Bhageria gives TEDxPenn Talk

This last weekend, ThirdEye Founder Rajat Bhageria published gave a TED talk at TEDxPenn about “What if we can help blind people see.” In the talk, he said that asking the “What if” questions allowed his team to create ThirdEye, when no one (not even the engineers at Google) could. In fact, he said that…

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ThirdEye: Helping Blind People See Again

The idea for ThirdEye Glass was started in the world’s premier college hackathon PennApps X, where ThirdEye Glass garnered a respectable Top 10 finish.After the event, we got amazing feedback on the potential of our application, and how it can revolutionize the way people see. There’s definitely something we can do for the 7 million…

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