Plastic Chair Mat Vs Glass Chair Mat | Which One Should Use?

Businesses, multinational companies, and many other workplaces always try their best to stand out from their competitors.

However, this competition does not only mean in terms of business strategy, product quality, and services. The competition is also in terms of the benefits and comfort that the company offers to its employees.

Glass Vs Plastic Chair Mats

One of the most convenient items that a company can provide to its employees is chair mats. Chair mats are usually placed over a carpet to ensure that the office chairs roll smoothly without trouble.

Many offices have wooden floors, so if the floor is not carpeted, then the wheels of the office chairs can scuff the wooden floor.

Chair mats are usually of two types: plastic chair mats and glass chair mats.

In this guide, we will discuss plastic chair mats vs glass chair mats and see which is better for you.

What Are Plastic Chair Mats?

What is Plastic Chair Mat

Plastic chair mats are the most commonly used chair mats in offices, home offices, and so on.

These chair mats are commonly available in shops and markets and do not even cost much.

You can use a plastic chair mat even if you do not have a rolling chair as the wooden or steel legs can also scuff hard surfaces if they are placed at one place for long.

You will usually find plastic chair mats in two materials: PVC and Polycarbonate.

Plastic chair mats are available in different shapes and colors, so you can choose any design you like. You can also choose a color that matches the interior of your room or office.

Polycarbonate chair mats are a healthier and environmentally friendly alternative to vinyl chair mats. The manufacturing of polycarbonate chair mats also requires less energy than vinyl chair mats.

Advantages Of Plastic Chair Mats

Advantages Of Plastic Chair Mats


The main reason why we use plastic chair mats is to provide protection to hard surfaces from the wheels of an office chair. These mats also make it easier for the chairs to roll from one place to another on carpeted floors without any trouble. Even if you do not have a chair with wheels, it will still protect your floor from the scuffing marks of a normal chair.


Other than protecting our hard surfaces and ensuring a smooth movement on carpeted floors, plastic chair mats improve the look of a room. Choosing a good shape and color of the plastic chair mat will light up your working area. The original texture and color of your floor will also remain intact.


One of the biggest advantages of plastic chair mats is their price. These chair mats are not very expensive, so you will find them at a very affordable price. The reasonable price of these mats makes sure that everyone who needs it can easily get them within their budget.

Disadvantages Of Plastic Chair Mats

Wear And Tear

One of the most major disadvantages of plastic chair mats is the wear and tear. These chair mats bend very easily and often break from the ends. Plastic chair mats become dented over time, and rolling the chair over a dented mat is quite uncomfortable.


When it comes to the durability of plastic chair mats, there is not much to talk about. Plastic chair mats are not very long-lasting, and they easily bend or end up being dented after a few years. You will have to replace a plastic chair mat once in every few years.

What Are Glass Chair Mats?

What is Glass Chair Mat

A glass chair mat, as the name suggests, is a chair mat made of glass. But just because it is made of glass does not mean that it is a regular sheet of glass.

The type used to manufacture glass chair mats is tempered glass, which is approximately 5 to 10 times stronger compared to regular ones. Glass chair mats can endure a lot of pressure and a large amount of weight before breaking.

You will find glass mats in various shapes and sizes. You can even customize the chair mats in any color, shape, or size you want to match the interior of your room or working environment.

However, like each and every product out there in the market, glass chair mats also have a few obvious advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages Of Glass Chair Mats

Advantages Of Glass Chair Mats


Glass chair mats are extremely strong and can tolerate a large amount of pressure and weight before showing any signs of cracking. This is mainly because it is made up of tempered glass which is stronger than regular glass or annealed. These glass chair mats last for a long time before they have to be replaced.


Glass chair mats have the ability to greatly change the appearance of a room. These mats are customizable and available in a lot of different shapes, patterns, and colors. You can choose any color or pattern you want to match the interior or the flooring of your office or working area.

If you are looking for a fully customized glass chair mat, then you easily get it printed digitally. There are endless possibilities as to what print or pattern you want.


A glass chair mat is one of the best solutions for protecting your wooden floor or any hard surface from the scuffing of the chair wheels. You can also place the glass chair mat over a carpeted floor, and this will allow you to roll your chair smoothly without any trouble.

Even if you do not use a chair with wheels, the glass chair mat will still protect your floor. This is because using a steel or wooden chair at one place for long can also leave marks on the floor and ruin the beauty of it.

Disadvantages Of Glass Chair Mats


One of the biggest disadvantages that causes most people to back away from buying a glass chair mat is the cost. Glass chair mats come with a high price tag. This is mainly because these mats last for quite a few years, and tempered glass is expensive than regular glass.

Wear And Tear

Although glass chair mats do not require frequent replacements and can withstand a lot of pressure, the corners of the mats often get chipped due to regular use. You will often see that the corners of your glass chair mat are chipped after a few months or a year of use. But this does not mean that you have to replace this with a new glass chair mat.


When you lay down a glass chair mat on the floor, you will see that there is a gap of a few centimeters between the mat and the floor underneath. You will see that dirt, dust, and so on, accumulate easily in that gap. So, you will have to regularly clean the dirt to make sure that the place is clean and clear of dirt.

Head to Head Comparison Between Glass Vs Plastic Chair Mats

Glass Vs Plastic Chair Mat

Even though the concept of a plastic chair mat is the same as the concept of a glass chair mat, there are quite a few differences between plastic chair mats and glass chair mats. These differences are:


The use of plastic chair mats is more common in small offices, companies, and so on. When purchasing chair mats for the employees, companies generally prefer plastic chair mats due to their price.

The use of glass chair mats is usually seen in big offices or study rooms. For heavy use, people generally prefer glass chair mats due to their strength and durability.


If we talk about the price difference between plastic chair mats and glass chair mats, then the difference is quite significant.

Whether you choose PVC chair mats or polycarbonate chair mats, the cost is not that high for plastic chair mats.

On the other hand, the price of a glass chair mat is significantly higher due to the durability it offers and the material. The cost of tempered glass is way more compared to the cost of plastic.


Both glass chair mats and plastic chair mats can be customized. You can customize the size, shape, and color of both types of chair mats. However, in glass chair mats, you can also customize the pattern of the mat to suit the flooring or the interior of the room. You can also customize the thickness of the tempered glass in glass chair mats.


As we discussed above, you can customize both plastic and glass chair mats to your liking. Both of these chair mat types are a great addition to any working area. However, the glass chair mats have a classier touch to offices and homes. And this is something that the plastic chair mats do not have.

Glass Chair Mat or Plastic Chair Mat – Which One Is For You?

Both plastic chair mats and glass chair mats are useful and help to protect the floor. But when it comes to choosing between plastic chair mats vs glass chair mats, the decision mainly depends on the preference of the user.

You can go for a plastic chair mat if you are in search of something useful and budget-friendly at the same time. Or you can go for a glass chair mat if you are looking for a classy appearance and great longevity.

If we talk from our personal perspective, we recommend the glass chair mats. Even though the price of glass chair mats is a bit high, the durability and appearance make up for the price.

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