How to Use a Glass Bottle Cutter? Easy Tips for Beginner

Almost all of us have a good collection of glass bottles or jars at home. Sometimes it is from a fine bottle of wine, at others, it is a creative piece of jar that is too beautiful to throw out. What we can do is cut them according to our needs and preserve them, use them, decorate with some creative DIY technique, and so much more!

how to use a glass bottle cutter

But cutting glass is not as easy as cutting a piece of paper, and you need a bottle cutter to get that nice and clean cut on glass bottles. Since not everyone is used to this process, it can take a few trials and errors for some, while others can get a nice and clean cut at one go.

In either case, if you are wondering about how to use bottle cutter, we assure you will find answers to all your queries right here!

How To Cut A Glass Bottle Using Glass Bottle Cutter?

To cut a glass bottle, you need your glass bottle cutter and follow some very simple steps. Read the steps below and follow accordingly to get a nice and clean cut on your glass bottles.

Fix The Baffle

You need to start by installing the fixed baffle that comes with the bottle cutter. And to do this, you need to grab the bottle you aim to cut, place it against the baffle, adjust the baffle so it is nice and tight along the end of the bottle, and then fix it in place.

Adjust The Blades

Next, you need to adjust the cutting blade. Once again, you can grab the bottle, place it against the blade, and ensure that it is perpendicular to the bottle’s body, which will ensure a proper cut.

Start Cutting

Once that is adjusted, take your bottle, start rotating it gently on the cutter against the blades to create a cut. Do note that the bottle will not be cut on the machine right now, but will need a few more steps before it is completely separated.

After this step, you will notice a line around the bottle, where it will eventually be separated from.

Outline With Rubber Rings

You will get rubber rings with your bottle cutter, and if you don’t, you can use thick rubber bands instead. Take these rubber rings, and place them on both sides of the cut you just made.

Alternate With Hot And Cold Water

Get some boiling hot water in a kettle, and pour it on the cut, as you continue to rotate the bottle, so it is reaching the entire cut evenly. Do this for about 20 to 30 seconds.

And then right after, get some cold water and pour this in the same way for about 20-30 seconds. If the bottle has not separated by now, repeat the hot and cold water process until it does.

This must be done one after the other immediately, so have the hot and cold water ready before you do this step.

Smoothen The Edges

Once the bottle has been separated, you now can use sandpaper to smoothen the edges of the bottle. This will make sure you can use it without it being a hazard.

You should do this while the bottle is still wet from the previous step, or you can do the sanding completely underwater for a smoother finish.


You can repeat the process with bottles and jars of other sizes, and all you have to do is change the adjustment of the fixed baffle every time you do it.

Practice The Process

If you have never cut a bottle before, we suggest you start to practice first with a bottle you plan on throwing out, before you move onto a clean piece of bottle you wish to cut for upcycling.

This is because, from the pressure you apply while cutting, to the temperature of the water used, these factors can affect how the final cut comes out. Since this also depends on the bottle and its thickness, these factors will vary for different people.

Trying it out gives you an idea of these factors for yourself, so you can be sure when cutting a bottle that you plan on reusing.

Decorating With An Upcycled Glass Bottle

Well, you know how to cut a glass bottle now, but what do you do with it? You have heard about decorating with them, but what are your options? How creative can you get?

While there are no limits to DIYs and creativity, there is no harm in getting some guide getting started. Below are just a few of the many ways you can use these newly cut bottles to add some oomph to your home.

Drinking Glass

This is probably the easiest and simplest way to upcycle glass bottles. If you have got a bunch of old wine bottles stacked up, turn them into a new set of fine glasses for serving!

Candle Holders

Having a nice and clean glass base from bottles can be great candle holders! You can even cut them in different sizes to showcase various sized candles to create a nice set.

Painted Glasses

You can kick your DIY game up a notch and paint your newly cut bottles and use them as storage for various things. New toothbrush holder and eyeglass holder anyone?


Cutting off the bottom of the bottles will you a brilliant planter when placed upside down!

Safety Tips

With such a small process, you would be surprised by all the tiny hazards lurking around. Check out these safety tips before you get started!

  • Do not have children around when you do this. this is in case you end up breaking something since you are working with glass.
  • After cutting the glass, handle it very carefully, because the edges will be very rough at this point before you can sand it down.
  • Use cut-proof gloves throughout the whole process, as you risk cutting your hands while cutting the bottle. Not to mention, you will also be dealing with boiled water.
  • You can use safety goggles to add some extra protection to your eyes. In the worst-case scenario, if you happen to break the bottle while trying to cut it, you protect your eyes from possible damage.


A lot of times, instead of throwing away glass bottles, we can upcycle them in various ways. From creating customized vases to candle holders, the possibilities are endless. And your first step to achieving that is cutting the glass bottles and jars in your desired shape. This is where your glass bottle cutter comes in.

If you didn’t know how to use a glass bottle cutter, surely you do now! We hope you have a great time experimenting with DIYs and fun projects with this little contraption.

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