How to Transport Glass Table Top without Breaking It?

How to Transport Glass Table Top

Let’s face it; transporting any glass object is a difficult task. More so when dealing with a glass tabletop. Unless you are careful, the chances of the glass tabletop breaking are pretty high.

Now the crucial question is, how to transport glass tabletop without breaking it?

If you are wondering about the same, I will share a couple of methods I have personally used to transport a glass tabletop. I prefer these methods because they provide ample insulation for the glass tabletop, which minimizes the chances of damage.

Before that, however, it is imperative to understand why dealing with the glass tabletop in the proper fashion is so important.

Why Should You Take Extra Care While Moving Glass Tabletop?

Moving Glass Tabletop

Until and unless you are very clear why you need to take extra precautions while moving glass tabletop, it is easy to underestimate the importance of the methods below. That is why; I will first state why you should take extra care.

1. Fragile

Glass is a pretty fragile material. Any kind of bumps or excessive pressure can break it. Especially when you do not cover it properly while moving, the probability of glass breaking during transport is pretty high.

2. Expensive

Glass is expensive to replace. Especially when you’re looking for artistic glass or tempered glass, the cost is pretty high.

You might also have to change the table underneath the glass in many cases. That will further increase the expenses.

A mere crack in the glass can also weaken it and require a replacement. To avoid such an unnecessary expense, it is a good idea to take extra care while transporting glass.

3. Irreplaceable (In Some Cases)

In many cases, the glass tables are a legacy. It is especially true for heirlooms as well as vintage tables. Even if you’re willing to spend money, you might not be able to replace the glass tabletop which you are transporting.

In these cases, you need to take care because the legacy glass tabletop is simply irreplaceable.

4. Can Cause Injury

When you are transporting glass, you need to take many precautions. You need to wear protective gear as well. The primary reason for the same is that it can easily cause an injury when the glass breaks. That means not only will you have to spend money to treat that injury but also a considerable amount of time.

This is merely the personal loss that you will face. The glass breaking will also lead to a loss since you might have to replace the tabletop or the table itself.

How to Move a Heavy Glass Tabletop? Step by step guide

How to Move a Heavy Glass Tabletop? Step by step guide

The good news is there are not one but two different methods using which you can move glass tabletop – the first one uses the moving blanket, and the second uses cardboard. I will cover both of those below.

1. Using a Moving Blanket

Haphazardly packing glass even with the right materials can lead to its breakage. Follow the exact step-by-step procedure that I will highlight below to avoid the same:

Step 1: Clean the Tabletop

You might think, why is it necessary to clean the tabletop?

It is challenging to wrap a dirty or dusty glass tabletop. Besides that, the glass will get dirty and dusty during transportation. That is why, to avoid excessive dirt and dust, it is a good idea to clean it first. This way, you can also minimize the scratches on the glass.

Step 2: Place the Table on the Moving Blanket

Once you clean the tabletop, spread the moving blanket and put the table upside down on the moving blanket. While doing so, gently rotate the table and ensure that when you rest the tabletop on the blanket, you do so pretty slowly. Only then you won’t scratch or break the glass tabletop.

Step 3: Remove the Legs

After that, you will get easy access to the legs of the glass table. You have to unscrew them and remove all the legs. If there is another layer beneath the glass, remove that as well.

Only once you have dismantled the entire table and are just dealing with the glass tabletop on the blanket can you move to the next step. If you do not know how to dismantle the table, you can search for a video online. In most cases, simply unscrew the table.

Step 4: Gather All the Screws

Many people skip this step. The problem is that you can transport the glass tabletop properly if you skip this step, but you won’t be able to assemble it at your destination.

You have to carefully monitor all the screws, count them, and put them in a Ziploc bag. Keep the Ziploc bag with you or ensure it is in the same packaging material as the glass tabletop. Only then can you assemble the table appropriately at the destination.

Step 5: Wrap in Packing Paper

Now that you are dealing with the glass tabletop wrap it up in packing paper. It is better to use at least two layers of packing paper to have plenty of insulation.

After wrapping it up in packing paper, you do not have to leave the paper as it is. Use moving tape to ensure that the paper remains in place and the glass remains inside.

While applying the tape, ensure that it does not directly contact the glass surface. That is because it can cause scratches and leave adhesive marks.

Step 6: Wrap in Bubble Wrap

After that, wrap the packing paper in bubble wrap. Many might think that this isn’t needed. However, when the packing paper has an added layer of protection, the packing paper won’t be displaced, and the glass inside will also remain protected.

Bubble wrap will also ensure that any impact is cushioned and does not reach the glass tabletop.

While using the bubble wrap, do not miss out on any edge of the glass tabletop. Only, in that case, you can securely transport the glass tabletop.

Step 7: Put It in a Box and Label It

Even after all the steps, there is an added layer. You have to take a telescopic box and place the glass tabletop in it. In case you do not have a telescopic box, get it before the moving day.

You can make one yourself, but that is certain to take a lot of time. A much better approach is to buy a telescopic box to put the glass tabletop.

On top of the entire packaging, label it as “Fragile” or “Handle with care.” That will undoubtedly alert the individuals who are handling the package, and therefore the chances of glass tabletop breaking during the transport are negligible.

There is another method to transport the glass tabletop. While the technique is similar, the packaging material used is slightly different.

2. Using Cardboard

The difference in this method is that you will be using cardboard rather than the usual telescopic box.

Step 1: Clean It

The first step, of course, is the same. Without cleaning the glass tabletop, there is no point in packing it. I have highlighted why you need to clean the glass tabletop above.

Step 2: Remove Glass Tabletop

After that, unscrew the legs and any other layer underneath the glass tabletop.

Step 3: Wrap Tabletop with Paper

Similar packing paper can be used to cover the glass tabletop. You can also add a layer of bubble wrap to make the entire package more secure.

Step 4: Pack the Tabletop in Cardboard

This is where the method varies.

Rather than using a telescopic box, get large pieces of corrugated cardboard.

Along with the bubble wrap, cover the entire assembly with layers of corrugated cardboard. When dealing with the edges or the corners, ensure that there is even more redundancy of corrugated cardboard.

To hold the corrugated cardboard in place, you can use ropes or simply use large industrial tape to keep it in place.

If you have observed this method, you will realize that I haven’t advocated using moving blankets on the inner side. That is because, in this method, moving blankets are used on the outer side.

Step 5: Cover with the Moving Blankets

After that, cover the entire assembly with moving blankets. You can overlap the moving blankets by up to 1 foot. The packing tape can help you keep the moving blanket in place. You can also use plastic wrap if blankets are not available.

That’s it!

How to Wrap Glass Tabletop for Moving?

How to Wrap Glass Tabletop for Moving

While the exact technique for wrapping the glass tabletop has been shared with you, there are a few principles to follow, irrespective of the method you use.

1. Wrap in at Least Two Layers

There should be at least two layers over the glass tabletop once you finish wrapping it up. That will help you cushion the glass from any impact.

During transportation, you cannot precisely predict the amount of pressure on the glass tabletop. To get adequate protection, it is a good idea to wrap it in at least two layers, if not more. Of course, if you use more layers, the level of protection will increase even further.

2. Use Different Materials

Not all the layers should be of the same material. For example, if one layer is a moving blanket, the other layer should be of a telescopic box or corrugated cardboard.

One material might be susceptible to a particular type or level of pressure. It is unlikely that different materials are susceptible to the same kind of pressure.

However, when you use different materials, the level of protection increases, and so does the diversity of the materials. This redundancy will help you protect the glass tabletop from unplanned jerks, pressure, and bumps.

3. Double-Check Surface Area Coverage at Every Layer

After wrapping the glass tabletop with one layer, you must check before wrapping it up in another layer. Only then move to the next layer. You have to ensure that the entire surface area of the glass tabletop is covered well. That will eliminate any weak points in the wrapping and protect the glass tabletop better.

Tips and Caution While Shipping Glass Top

Shipping Glass Top

You need to follow a few general tips while you ship glass top:

1. Take Photos of Glass Tabletop from All Sides

Before packing and adding the final layers, take a photo of the glass tabletop from all sides. That will let you know the kind of damage (if any) the glass tabletop has endured during transportation. Whether you’re transporting the glass tabletop and glass chair mat yourself or using movers, it is necessary.

You can claim the insurance if the glass tabletop is heavily damaged if you’re using moving services.

2. Secure It in the Truck

Most likely, you will transport the glass tabletop in a truck. Even if you keep it in the recommended position (covered below), it is a good idea to secure it in the truck.

You can do so with the help of ropes. It is unlikely to move around and bump into other things when secure. That way, you can minimize the damage and secure the glass tabletop even during transport.

3. Don’t Overtighten It

When you’re using the ropes to secure the glass tabletop, of course, the ropes will directly pass over the packaging material on top of the glass tabletop. The general tendency among individuals is to tie the ropes as tight as possible. There is a tiny difference between tightening and over-tightening the ropes.

When the ropes are extremely tight, they will consistently exert pressure on the glass tabletop. A glass tabletop will not break just from the pressure of the ropes; however, the glass can easily break when you combine this extra pressure with jerks and bumps during transportation.

The point is that you shouldn’t tighten the ropes to such an extent that the glass tabletop can’t even move an inch.

4. Ask a Friend to Help

If you hadn’t transported a glass tabletop before or packed one for transportation, it is tough to do so. Rather than cutting corners or being overwhelmed by the entire process, it is better to call a friend or relative for help.

Sure enough, they might not have experienced packing a glass tabletop either, but having a couple of extra hands by your side can certainly serve you well.

5. Always Pack in Advance

I understand that packing and transporting a glass tabletop is not easy. That is why many people try to procrastinate. However, that will only make matters worse.

You have to pack at least the tabletop in advance. There are reasons for doing this.

  • Firstly, you will get the chance to procure the right materials in sufficient quantity.
  • When you pack in a calm and composed manner, you are more likely to properly pack the tabletop, which will reduce the chances of any damage.
  • Especially if you’re doing it for the first time around, it will take you more time than anticipated, and that is why packing it in advance is a good idea.

Keeping these reasons in mind, you should not wait until the last minute to pack it.

6. Hire a Professional

Many people think about hiring a mover but not about packing the tabletop. There are many companies which provide both these services.

In case you do not have the experience and time to pack the glass tabletop properly, better to hire a company that packs it for you. That way, you can minimize the probability of the tabletop getting damaged. This is especially needed when dealing with legacy glass tables and other heritage items.

7. Place It on the Side

How you place the glass tabletop in the truck or the vehicle also plays a significant role. Rather than keeping it flat or in a horizontal fashion, keep it on the side.

Doing so ensures that you are able to secure the glass tabletop easily.

8. Put Heavier Items in the Front

Usually speaking, the glass tabletop should be placed towards the inner side of the truck. There should be heavy objects before and beside the glass tabletop.

This means that the glass tabletop will not slide when the truck moves. This simple tip makes it easy to ensure that the glass tabletop is in perfect shape throughout the journey.

9. Don’t Stack Glass Items on Top of One Another

Many times, when you shift all the items from your entire house, you might have to deal with multiple glass items. In that case, people tend to stack items one on top of another just because they are made from glass. However, that is not a wise decision.

When you stack the glass tabletops one on top of another, the pressure on the lowermost one increases significantly. The chances of tabletop sliding also increase. All of this means that the probability of the glass breaking is pretty high.

Thus, even if the glass tabletop takes up a lot of space, it makes perfect sense not to stack up glass tabletops.

10. Always Use Protective Gear

When dealing with any glass object or even the tabletop, the probability of the glass breaking is pretty high. If your fingers or hand come in contact with a sharp glass edge, it will inflict cuts, resulting in blood loss.

It is good to use protective gear when packing the glass tabletop to avoid all this. That includes gloves, full-body protective clothing, eyeglasses, and so on.

This way, the chances of suffering from cuts are negligible.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How do you transport glass in a van?

The best way to transport glass in a van is to wrap it up in moving blankets and packing paper (method highlighted above) and secure it in the back of the van.

2. Is it safe to pack glass tabletop yourself?

Yes, but only when you get all the protective gear and have a relative or friend to offer a helping hand.

3. Can I transport a glass tabletop in inclement weather?

Usually, glass can handle inclement weather pretty well. That is why it will not break due to the weather itself, but bad driving conditions can result in jerks and bumps, breaking the glass tabletop.

Final Words

If you are faced with the question, how to transport glass tabletop? My guide above can help you choose the exact method and ensure that the glass tabletop reaches its destination safely. No longer will you have to opt for any makeshift solution or improper transportation practices once you go through my guide above.

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