How To Recycle Glass At Home? In Detail, Tips For Beginners

How To Recycle Glass

As the eco-consciousness among people is increasing day by day, recycling has become more popular than ever to create a sustainable world.

What was a common practice in factories, has now been attempted by people at home as well. If you want, you can recycle glass at home.

Much to your astonishment, broken or not, glasses are infinitely recyclable. Do you know that it takes approximately one million years for glass to properly degrade after you throw it away? So, why not make the best use of it instead of littering?

Recycling glasses at home has numerous benefits. It not only conserves energy but also raw materials. It reduces wastage and pollution as well. So, if you are interested to know how to recycle glass at home, stay tuned with us.

Why We Should Recycle Glass At Home?

Any type of industrial production leads to environment pollution. So, if we recycle glasses instead of producing new ones, we can eliminate air pollution to 20% less. It will also reduce water pollution by 50%.

Moreover, if glasses happen to go to landfills, they take ages to be degraded. As a result, it adds to environment pollution and of course it is also an eyesore. Besides, improperly thrown out glasses can cause accidents as well. Hence, by recycling glasses, we’ll be decreasing these problems.

Other than that, recycling conserves resources as well as energy. Recycled glasses aka cullets require less temperature to be melted. Thus, it not only lowers the cost of production but it also preserves energy.

Types Of Glasses That Can Be Recycled At Home

1. Recyclable: From mayonnaise bottles, glass tomato sauce, glass coffee mugs or jars, glass cood drink bottles, jam to pickle jars; you can recycle them all.

2. Non-Recyclable: You shouldn’t attempt to recycle glasses like windscreen glass, mirrors, windowpane glass, light bulbs, tumblers, lightbulbs, drinking glasses, PyrexTM or laboratory glasses at home. In fact, due to fear of contamination, professional recyclers refrain from dealing with these.

Recycling Different Types Of Glasses

1. Reprocessing Recyclable Glass

Reprocessing Recyclable Glass

If you’re wondering how to recycle glass bottles at home, or any other recyclable glass products for that matter, follow the steps below-

  • Thoroughly wash them with soapy water or detergent to eliminate any residue or odor.
  • You can remove the labels as well if you want. Just rub them gently and they’ll go away.
  • You should also put off the lid.
  • Now that your jar/bottle is clean and through, you may use it as a water bottle.
  • A recycled jar/bottle can be used as a cute candle holder as well.
  • If you’re into arts and crafts, you may color them up or make decorative pieces with them in different ways.
  • You can use recycled bottles as storage containers for different types of condiments or pickles.
  • They can be used as flower vases too.

2. What To Do With Non-Recyclable Glass?

Non-Recyclable Glass

There are certain types of glasses that you can’t recycle at home. But if you don’t want the non-recyclable glasses to go to landfills, you can prepare them well to drop at the municipality, curbside shop or any local store.

  • Wash the items.
  • Sort them well in a bin or container.
  • You can check with local stores such as Lowes, Home Depot or other grocery stores to see if they accept these glasses for recycling purposes.
  • You can also consult your municipality in this regard. Some municipalities may not accept broken glasses as they have to maintain a lot of safety protocols. But there’s no harm in consulting, right?
  • If there’s no such place you know that would accept the glasses, you can check in with Glass Recycling Map to see if there’s any such arrangement nearby you.
  • You may also call a redemption site and get a 5%-10% deposit in exchange for recyclables.

How To Encourage Recycling Of Glass?

If you care about a sustainable world, there are other ways how you can encourage recycling:

  • Donate the glass jars/bottles that you can easily recycle to local recycle shops so that they can recycle them instead of producing new glass products.
  • You may take back the returnable bottles to the shop you purchased those from.
  • You can even talk to your friends or trusted colleagues about the advantages of recycling glasses and encourage them to do the same.

Tips And Cautions When Recycling Glass

As glass is a fragile material, you must be extra cautious while dealing with it.

  • Soapy water makes everything trippy. So, when you’re washing the items for recycling, make sure that you’re doing it at a safe place in a safe position. You may place some layers of rugs or clothes to save it from breaking if it trips.
  • When you take it to a recycling store, don’t forget to put a big label indicating ‘fragile items’ on the bin or container carrying the glasses.
  • When you travel around with these items, try to be as gentle as possible and tread lightly. Avoid faulty roads while commuting.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should we recycle glasses?

If we throw glasses in landfills, they take more than one million years to be degraded. Besides, if we recycle previously used glasses, it will save a lot of energy, time and resource that’d be otherwise spent for reproduction. Hence, recycling glasses is a sustainable option.

2. How many times can you recycle a glass?

You can recycle a glass infinitely.

3. Can broken glasses be recycled?


they can be. However, you can’t do it at home. You have to give them to a recycling store.

But if you’re into glass painting and love to recreate art with broken pieces, you can use the broken glasses for that. Nevertheless, you must be vigilant while you’re at it.

4. Can you recycle a mirror at home?


you can’t recycle a mirror at home as it requires specialized procedures.

5. What’s the aftermath of recycling glasses?

After you drop glasses at a recycling center, they’re taken for cleaning, sorting, crushed and processing. The recycled glasses are then made into a cullet. It’s a term used by the industry to describe recycled glasses that are ready to furnace.

After that, they’re sold to different manufacturers who produce various types of glass items.

Final Words

Recycling glasses can be a fun task if you’re thorough with the process. If you recycle the glasses in a proper, you’re paying back mother Earth for the numerous blessings it showers you with. So, you should take up the task with more zeal as well as vigilance.

I hope this article proves helpful for you to learn how to recycle glass at home. So, keep being the responsible citizen you are and help to create a sustainable world for your next generations.

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