How To Etch A Mirror? Easy Method Discussion For Beginners

Etched mirrors are a beautiful and classic décor element, something most traditional homes have.

How To Etch A Mirror

With traditional décor making a comeback, a lot of people have been looking into this art skill once again, to add some dimension to their décor.

However, once something comes into a trend, the prices seem to keep going up, which is not always practical for all of us. So, what do you then? You do it yourself!

DIYs are becoming more and more popular as we all spend more time indoors, and making an etched mirror is also achievable at home.

If you want to get this trend inside your home, and then check out our entire guide on how to etch a mirror right here, so you can follow up and give your home a refresh with some new décor pieces.

What You Will Need:

How To Etch A Mirror- The Steps

  • Start by cleaning your mirror with a glass cleaner such as Windex. This is to ensure that when you apply the etching compound, you are applying it to the glass surface directly, and not on any other surface contaminant, in which case, the outcome will not be perfect.
  • Put your stencil on the mirror. If you are creating small designs, then it is best to tape the rest of the mirror to ensure that you don’t mistakenly apply the compound on those parts.
  • Take your foam brush, and start applying the etching compound to the areas you want etched, over the stencil. Use the brush to apply the compound instead of pouring it on, as it can seep underneath the stencils that way and ruin the design. If you are doing detailed work, make sure to use small foam brushes to prevent the compound from spreading outside the stencil.
  • Let it sit for around 15 minutes until the compound is dry. Test it out with your fingers to see if any residue comes off. If it does not, you are good to go. But if it does, wait for another 10-15 minutes until it has dried.
  • Once completely dry, take your stencil off and wash off the compound remaining.
  • Voila! You have an etched mirror!

How To Make A DIY Stencil?

Sometimes you cannot seem to find the required stencil at stores, or you simply want to make one yourself. For this, you will need contact paper, pencil, ruler, and cutting board.

DIY Stencil

You firstly have to create the pattern or text you wish to etch, and then transfer the design onto a contact paper. Then get your Exacto knife, and smoothly cut out the design or text from the contact paper by placing it on a cutting board for accuracy.

Apply the contact paper to the mirror. And then apply the etching compound using a foam brush and follow the same steps as before.


Creating an etched mirror is really that simple! All you need are a bunch of simple items, follow a little guide, and you are done! This is a quick DIY that takes minimal effort but can create wonderful pieces which you can use as art, showpieces, custom pieces, or even DIY presents for friends and family.

Not to mention, it is pretty inexpensive too! So if you have got some time on your hands, try your hand at etching a mirror, and see how it turns out! Simply refer to our little guide here on how to etch a mirror, and you will have a brand-new customized mirror in no time!

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