How To Cut Glass Tiles With A Wet Saw? Easy Steps Explained

How To Cut Glass Tiles With A Wet Saw

Using a wet saw to cut glass tiles can be a bit intimidating. What if you mess up and ruin the tiles? What if you injure yourself? It’s natural for these questions to come to your mind.

But the truth is, using a wet saw is no rocket science and can be done really easily. And to make things easier for you, we’ll show you exactly how to cut glass tiles with a wet saw.

In addition, we’ll talk about the precautions you need to take to prevent injuries.

So, let’s dive into the details.

Benefits of Using A Wet Saw For Cutting Glass Tiles

Benefits Of Using A Wet Saw For Cutting Glass Tiles

From low vibration to minimum noise, a wet saw has many benefits. Below, we’ll get to the key reasons why you should choose a wet saw for cutting glass tiles.

Precise Cuts

The biggest advantage of the wet saw is its precision cuts. If you want a straight and precise cut, then there’s no better option than the wet saw. It will help you slice through the glass tiles exactly you want.

Reduces Time

Cutting large glass tiles can take a bit of time. In usual dry-cutting circumstances, you have to wait for the surface and cutter to cool down as a lot of heat gets generated during the cutting process.

But a wet saw with diamond blades can make the job faster as there’s no waiting time with this one. It sprays water all the time to keep the blade and the tiles cool.

Solves the Dust Issue

A wet saw doesn’t produce much dust. In fact, it’s about 90% less than the normal dry-cutting process.

Low Noise

In a dry cutting process, usually, there’s a lot of noise, and it’s been reported that a lot of people have suffered from hearing issues due to this.

However, the wet saw solves the problem as it produces very little noise since the water eliminates the friction significantly.

Minimum Vibration

Vibration can cause accidents and also damage the tiles irreparably. That’s why many prefer wet saws over other options, as they allow you to work with minimum vibration. As a result, there’s far less chance for your tiles to disintegrate or get broken.

How To Cut Glass Tiles With A Wet Saw

Step by Step Guide To Cut Glass Tiles With A Wet Saw

Here, we’ll walk you through the process of cutting a glass tile.

Step 1: Get a top-notch wet saw

A wet saw can cost you a couple of hundred dollars to more than a thousand. But I suggest, to get optimum accuracy, you get a quality wet saw. It may you set you back by more than 500 dollars, but it will be worth it.

As an alternative, you can rent one from a home improvement store. They will charge you something between 50-80 USD.

Step 2: Set up the machine

Setting up the wet saw might be a bit difficult if you have no experience. Check out the manual for instruction. But keep in mind that a wet saw requires significant space, so get it to a large room.

Step 3: Clean the surface

The surface where you gonna place the tiles should be cleaned thoroughly. Because even a small grain of sand can give you real trouble and may damage the glass tiles.

Step 4: Get the blades right

Some wet saws may come with ceramic tile blades. But the ceramic blades aren’t the right fit for cutting glass tiles. So, you have to switch that one with diamond blades.

Also, keep in mind that diamond blade edges are normally not sharp enough to cut tiles unless they are new. So, you’ll need to sharpen the glass edges before you put them to use.

Step 4: Fill the tray with water

The water sprayed by the hose keeps the blade and tiles cool. If there’s not enough water, the glass will gradually heat up and may even explode. That’s why make sure there’s adequate water in the tray.

Step 5: Mark the Tiles

First, measure the tiles and then use a marker to draw a line where you want to cut them. Make sure it’s a temporary marker so that you can wash off the lines after you’ve cut them.

Step 6: Place the tiles on the cutting surface

Make sure you place it face down. It will help you prevent chipping while cutting.

Step 7: Use the wet saw to cut the tiles

Now, turn the machine on and drive the blade across the glass tile carefully. Make sure you’re following the drawn lines. Take your time and do not rush it.

Precautions You Need to Take While Cutting with A Wet Saw

Precautions You Need to Take While Cutting with a Wet Saw

Here are some precautions you need to take to insulate yourself against safety hazards and basic mistakes.

Wear Gloves and Safety Goggles

Small pieces of glass will be flying while you’re making the cuts, which can cause you an injury. So, to protect yourself, you need to wear gloves and heavy clothing. Make sure the gloves are made of leather as they offer better protection Nitrile gloves.

Also, to save your eyes from slivers of glass, you must wear safety goggles all the time.

Read the Manual

The glass tiles may come with specific instructions regarding cutting techniques and other stuff. You should read them to avoid any mistakes regarding the cutting process.

Use Only Diamond Blade to Cut Glass Tiles

You must not use any standard blade to cut the glass tiles as they won’t be able to handle the task. So, make sure you have a quality diamond blade before you get started.

Never Force the Glass Tile Through The Blade

Instead of forcing the tile to the blade, feed it to the blade slowly. And the blade will do the rest as you just need to guide it.

Final Words

To make precise cuts on glass tiles, a wet saw with a diamond blade is your best bet. But it’s you who has to do the actual process and get the job done. So, before you get started, you need to know everything about the process to prevent any rookie mistakes.

Hopefully, our guide on how to cut glass tiles with a wet saw helped you with it. Good luck!

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