How To Cut Curves In Glass? Definitive Guideline

How To Cut Curves In Glass

As a DIY enthusiast, you always find ways to turn regular items into creative masterpieces. It’s a fun thing to do indeed, and it also feels good to receive a shower of compliments from onlookers.

You’ve done plenty of projects involving wood, paper, and fabric. This time you want to try out new material, and it’s none other than glass. That beautiful glass lampshade you’ve seen tutorials of is what you want for that small corner table in the living room!

While all that sounds good, glass cutting isn’t an easy task. One small mistake can ruin the entire shape of glass or even cause serious injury.

However, with some practice and cautiousness, you can cut any glass item flawlessly for your projects. If you want to know how to cut curves in glass, we have everything covered!

Glass Cutter: An Essential Tool

What you need to get started is a glass cutter. A glass cutter is an inexpensive tool about the size of a pencil. It features a diamond-tipped wheel that is responsible for scoring. As you score along the glass, the surface will break into two pieces.

Remember that this tool will only work on annealed glass instead of tempered glass. That’s because scoring on tempered glass can cause the surface to shatter into pieces, hence making the glass unsuitable for work.

When using a glass cutter, make sure to wear goggles and gloves to prevent glass pieces from getting into contact with your skin.

How To Cut Curves In Glass- The Steps

Step 1: Clean The Glass And The Tool

The first thing you need to do is ensure the glass that you’ll be cutting is sparkling clean. If there’s dirt or grime on the surface, it can impede the cutting process, resulting in imperfect edges.

Take a glass cleaner and apply it to a clean cloth or paper towel. Gently wipe both sides of the pane and then let it dry.

It is also recommended to clean the wheel of the glass cutter. Take a clean cloth and apply a bit of cutting oil. Rub it gently along the tip of the wheel.

Note: If you’re cleaning the glass with bare hands, be careful with the edges

Step 2: Lay The Glass On A Clean And Flat Surface

Once the glass becomes dry, lay it on a clean and flat surface, such as a resilient work table. Make sure to smooth the surface of the table with a newspaper, or fabric in order to eliminate bumps.

Step 3: Cut The Glass

Press the tip of the glass cutter against the corner of the glass surface. Make sure you hold the tool vertically instead of holding it at an angle. Start scoring by following a curve-shaped pattern until you reach the other end. If you hear a ripped sound, that will indicate you’re using the right pressure for cutting the glass.

Note: When you’re scoring, make sure to score the surface a single time. Do not retrace the score mark as it can leave you with ragged edges. Also, wear goggles and gloves before cutting.   

Step 4: Pull The Glass Apart

Lift the glass carefully. Hold the intact area with one hand and the scored area with the other. Press the scored glass firmly and it will break apart.

Step 5: Trim The Glass

Since the edge of the glass will be sharp, you’ll need to trim it. Use your glass cutter’s nibbling slots, fine-grit sandpaper, or a sharpening stone to make the edge blunt. Make sure to wear goggles, gloves, and a mask while trimming.

Final Word

Decorated glass items are very pleasing to look at. While you can do glass projects as a hobby, you can also take customized orders and make your customers wow with your creativity. Not to mention, you can even save the cost of purchasing expensive gifts for your friends and family!

If you’re really into this, then it is important to learn how to cut curves in glass. A glass cutter is what you need to complete your projects. We recommend doing some practice with the tool before getting started with the actual project.

Hopefully, this guide has been of some help!

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