Plaid Folkart Glass Etching Cream Reviews for 2023

Folkart Glass Etching Cream Reviews

The Plaid Folkart Glass Etching Cream has been the talk of the town for a while. From craving the first letter of your name or crafting with creative stencils, it can turn your ordinary glassware into an aesthetic piece of art within a few minutes.

Perhaps, it’s one of the easiest, trusted and affordable glass etching cream that lets you personalize windows, mirrors, pitchers or anything made of glass.

So, today we are doing the Plaid Folkart Glass Etching Cream review so that you can know what it’s up to. Read along. We have a lot of exciting stuff to share!

What makes the Plaid Folkart Glass Etching Cream So Special?

Founded in 1976 in the USA, Plaid Enterprises, Inc. is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of DIY creative products. Like many of their art supplies, Folkart Glass Etching Cream is one of its kind.

First of all, it’s the quality of the cream that wipes the floor with all its competitors in the market. Made of first-grade fluoride glass compounds, it not just brings a better finish but is also relatively safer to deal with.

Besides, it dries so quickly. You can literally finish the artwork within 15 minutes!

What makes the Plaid Folkart Glass Etching Cream So Special

If it’s your first time doing the etching stuff, then this is the cream you should go for. I mean, it’s so easy to personalize your glassware with this apply-and-rinse etching cream that many people lament why it didn’t exist before. 

Interestingly, it’s compatible with several types of surfaces such as porcelain, ceramic, marble, or even slate! So, you get more templates to stroke your brushes and turn your home into an art gallery!

Lastly, this is reasonably priced than other glass etching creams out there. That being said, let’s check out the standouts of this tiny useful thing in detail.

And of course, we will try to find if there is any shortcoming in it in the latter part of this Plaid Folkart Glass Etching Cream review.

1. Ready To Use Solution, Requires a Little or No Preparation at all

The Plaid Folkart Glass Etching Cream comes in a small plastic bottle that holds roughly 84 grams of etching cream. It’s small and smart. You will like the easy-to-twist cap that allows you to operate the DIY session quickly.

On top of that, it provides better control than the tube types. For instance, you can’t undo your action if too much cream comes out if it’s a tube. But the bottle lets you do that and use the cream precisely, which reduces wastage and increases efficiency. 

Besides, the cream comes as a 100% ready-to-use solution.

You probably have met several etching creams that need a manual mix up with other ingredients before application. And if it requires sanding your glassware’s surface to prepare for the artwork! It’s annoying, right?

Well, guess what? This one is ready to roll right off the bottle. That being said, save up to 80% of your surface preparation time! Just rinse it thoroughly with water and wipe the surface – you are all set to give your pitchers a new life.

2. Superfast Drying With Industry Leading Finish & Permanency

One of the admirable adjectives of the Folkart Glass Etching Cream is that it dries too fast. When I say fast, I mean 15 minutes. You will find so many etching creams out there. But trust me, there is hardly any manufacturer who produces creams that dry this fast.

The magnificence lies in the first-grade fluoride composition of the cream. It consists of quality hydrogen fluoride, sodium fluoride, and other premium ingredients which gives the cream such expertise.

Perhaps, you’ll get your etching process done within roughly 10 minutes. But the manufacturer (also every etch artist) suggests leaving cream for a few more minutes to get the best result out of it.

Well, what’s about permanency? Will it fade away soon?

Absolutely not.

The Folkart Glass Etching Cream is promised to store your artwork with care for years. And it never fails to hold up to its reputation. Some of the creams you will meet require a follow-up session frequently to keep their proficiency.

And that’s where Folkart stands out. If you can (obviously you will) skilfully etch your glassware in the first place, there is no need to put another layer within a couple of years. No matter how roughly you use the glassware, it will keep shining (or rather dimming, xD).

Note here, the duration your glass etching cream will require to dry depends on several factors such as room temperature and humidity. So, you might require less or more time at times. But it shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to get dry in regular room conditions.

3. Relatively Safer Option Than Using Acids

Glass etching has never been as safe and sound as it is today. Thanks to the Plaid Folkart Glass Etching cream, you can now work with it effortlessly without worrying about severe damage to your fingers.

It is perhaps widely appreciated by the hobbyist for being relatively easier and safer than acid etching. The acid etching process involves hazardous chemical substances such as concentrated sulphuric or hexafluorosilicic acid. Which, if handled hastily, might end in catastrophe.

On the brighter side of the spectrum, Folkart Glass Etching cream has a comparatively mild formula.

One or two strokes of cream will not cause huge harm to your fingers if you wash them immediately. That being said, it’s one of the safest creams that you can leave up to your children (12+) to give their imaginations a life in the glassware.

However, it is always advised to wear a pair of gloves to avoid any sort of inconvenience during glass etching.

4. Compatible With Multiple Surfaces

Well, its competency goes beyond the name when it comes down to the compatibility of the cream. Though it’s primarily used to etch your glassware, you can also utilize it in several other types of materials such as porcelain, ceramic, or marble.

And guess what, not even the slightest share of its effectiveness will be sacrificed!

On top of that, it is a handy shield to defend yourself from the overly excited glasses’ (or similar kind of materials) glare. Some people also found it helpful to reduce splashing, runs, and drips over sleek surfaces.

However, this cream is not compatible with mesh stencils.

5. No Odd Odour, Therefore Good To Work With

It is really frustrating when your etching cream smells bad. But don’t worry, this one has got your back. Your Folkart Glass Etching cream is one of the mildly scented, if not odourless, solutions in the town that puts no negative impact when your pair of hands is busy at the artwork.

And I can say, a lot of people have given up on this hobby for this particular reason. Well, if your existing one is making you bloat, it is high time you switched your product!

6. Great Value Within Affordable Price

Last but not the least, the Plaid Folkart Glass Etching Cream is perhaps the most affordable kind of art supply that can flawlessly furnish your glassware with creative artworks. You might find one or two cheap creams out there, but I wonder if that could do the half this one provides.

So, when it’s about finding the perfect combination of price and value, Plaid Folkart Glass Etching Cream delivers. If you don’t want to make things complicated, just give this one a shot. It won’t disappoint you by any means.

Shortcomings of the Plaid Folkart Glass Etching Cream

To be honest, I find it a bit unfair to put a negative remark on this useful thing. Especially given the fact that it offers way more than you would typically expect from a glass etching cream within this price.

Yet, you should check the following drawbacks of the cream to make your own decision legitimate.

1. No Complementary Stencils With The Packaging

Unfortunately, and quite disappointedly, this pack of cream does not include any complimentary stencils for the beginner. Some of you might feel left out since without stencils it’s sort of useless to have an etching cream.

However, you can make your own templates using vinyl paper and bring your imagination into the artwork. And in case you have run out of creativity, check out some of the cool stencils for glass etching here.

2. Does Not Etch In Coloured Glass

If you happen to be planning to etch your coloured glass using this cream, I have bad news for you.

Hold on, let me finish.

There are typically two types of coloured glass; true coloured glass and topically coloured glass. This cream is spot on in all forms of true coloured glass.

But topically coloured or treated glass is typically stained, dipped, or in some cases, fired with a transparent colouring that will not etch by the Folkart Glass Etching Cream.

3. Requires Thick Layer for Best Performance

I mentioned earlier that this cream doesn’t usually need to follow up coating within years. That’s 100% true. But to reach its optimal performance, you might want to put a second or thick layer of cream during the application followed by a generous one.

This will not only even the surface but also correct the edges of your artwork to look professional.

4. Insufficient Quantity for Frosting Your Large Size Windows

Although there is no issue with the efficiency of the cream at your windows or mirrors, you may run out of your cream to draw big. Since the bottle holds just a little amount of cream, count your cloth before you cut your coat!

However, if you are in dire need of a good, brush-on etching cream that can give you results within 4-5 minutes, check this 1 qtr. jar of XIM 44082 Etching Cream. It is really handy to remove glossy surfaces from your glass, porcelain, ceramic and glazed tiles.

Plaid Folkart Glass Etching Cream



Comes In Bottle

No Complementary Stencils or Brush

Quick Application

Does Not Etch Topically Coloured Glass

Dries Fast


Last Long


Brings Great Finish


Compatible With Multiple Surfaces


Relatively Safer


No Strong Odour




How to Use Folkart Glass Etching Cream: Step by Step Guideline

How to Use Folkart Glass Etching Cream: Step by Step Guideline

If you have been struggling to get the crunchy, uniform frosting with your glass etching cream lately, check out the following tips and techniques to get the optimal performance. I hope you will get it solved where things went wrong.

1. Clean the glass with soap or detergent and follow through with a clean water rinse. Some people use alcohol, vinegar or other extravagant cleaners that might make the surface of your glass hostile for the cream. So, skip them. If you need more, use warm water at best.

2. Wipe the water and let the surface dry. Wear protective gloves in the meantime.

3. Once it’s cool and dry, inspect the surface carefully. Make sure there is no debris over it.

4. Now it’s time to make a good bond with the stencils. Be it your hand made or brought, attach it with the surface firmly. Make sure there is no passage at the edges of stencils where cream might slide in, otherwise your artwork’s edges won’t look sharp and get blurry.

5. Use a soft painting brush and carefully apply a generous/thick layer of cream over the areas you want to etch. However, make sure you are not stroking too much. Just evenly spread the cream within the first few minutes before it starts drying.

6. The Plaid Folkart Glass Etching Cream will take about 15 minutes to dry out.

7. Once dried, wash the cream thoroughly with a dishwasher with your gloves on.

8. Inspect the edges of stencils. If everything seems all right, slowly peel it off.

9. Give the surface another clean water wash and wipe it.

10. There you have it! Your masterpiece at hand!

Frequently Asked Question Answered

1. Can I use the FolkArt Glass Etching Cream on outdoor surfaces?

Ans: YES! If the surface withstands the outdoor atmosphere, you can use Glass Etching Cream on that.

2. Do I need to seal or varnish after using the etching cream?

Ans: No. You don’t need to seal or varnish after etching the surface.

3. How should I clean up my painting tools after the etching session?

Ans: Clean everything that came across the etching cream immediately under running water. It’s wise to keep the tap on for a few more minutes so that the cream doesn’t etch your basin!

My Last Two Cents

Etching your glassware is undoubtedly a great way of personalizing your stuff. It lasts longer than your ordinary paint and never fails to amaze others with its true splendour.

It truly doesn’t cost much to get the quality glass etching cream. After all, it is your expensive and precious glassware at stake. So, don’t squeeze on your pocket to avoid inconvenience.

Well, that’s all on our part. I hope this Folkart Glass Etching Cream review has given you one or two helpful pieces of information to make your decision authentic. Take care!

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