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Dry Eyes – Causes, Symptoms, And Solutions

Dry eyes ruining your days (and nights)?  It might sound like a simple, trivial matter, but anyone who’s experienced it knows it’s a quite serious and disturbing problem. So yes, we understand how you feel. Dry eyes not only make you feel uncomfortable by irritating your eyes but also interfere with your vision.  Some of the questions […]

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Hazel Eyes – A Definitive Resource That You Need to Know

Do you have hazel eyes? You’re one lucky person. Hazel eyes are not just rare; they’re quite stunning and mysterious. Many people can’t even find the words to define them. Some call them hazelnuts while others say they’re brownish green or golden green and brown. But what exactly are they? We’ll get to that in a […]

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Most Common Types of Reading Glasses and Their Uses

Dr. Eli, an ophthalmology professor at the Harvard Medical School sees reading glasses from a unique viewpoint. Having worked with vision patients for decades, and being a top professional in the eyesight sector, he has expert knowledge on different types of glasses for readers. According to Dr. Eli, consumers need to know how to differentiate a […]

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