7 Most Useful Blind Person Gifts Idea

The holiday season is quickly approaching and you’re finding it difficult to pick a nice gift for your friend or family member who is blind or visually impaired.

Yes, we know what a hassle it can be to choose a gift for a person who has to perceive it through other senses apart from sight.

So, we’ve compiled a list of 7 of the best gifts for a blind person, and we hope they’ll point you in the right direction. The gift ideas for the blind on our list are about two things – making life easier for your visually-challenged loved one, and making them feel loved and appreciated.

Without any further ado, let’s jump in.

List of Top 7 Blind Person Gifts

A Well-Trained Guide Dog

Whoever said dogs are man’s best friend wasn’t wrong. For a blind person, a dog can be particularly useful. A guide dog will not only share their love but also help them handle their everyday activities without help from other people.

Guide dogs are great for mobility, enabling your blind loved one to navigate through obstacles and get around with ease.

The benefits are of a guide dog are:

  • Companionship – it helps take away loneliness.
  • Boosts confidence – using a cane to get around can lead to low self esteem due to consciousness about the visual disability, but a guide dog has been proven to offer confidence.
  • Social interaction – people naturally interact with guide-dog handlers. And the attention shifts from the visual disability to the person’s prowess to handle the dog. Making new friends becomes a cinch.

iPhone or iPad

Who doesn’t want an iPhone or iPad? The luxury that comes with these Apple techs is top-notch. But for a blind or visually challenged person, the technology that the devices offer could be lifesaving.

iPhones and iPads come with great accessibility features that can improve the life of a visually handicapped person. The features include:

  • Siri – this is a built-in intelligent assistant that will allow your blind loved one to give the device voice commands speaking naturally. They can make phone calls, send messages, browse the internet, and do lots of other stuff with it.
  • Screen reader and voiceover – this is an advanced screen reading tech that uses audio to let you know what is on the screen. It also lets you use gestures to control the device.
  • Zoom – this is for those who are visually impaired and can only see large text. With gestures, they’ll be able to magnify text up to 5 times larger.
  • Speak screen – when you swipe down on the device with two fingers, the speak screen feature reads everything written on the screen for you.
  • Shake to undo – this lets you undo what you’ve typed in case there’s a mistake, and it could be very convenient too.

Talking Watch Keychain

For most folks, living on a schedule is unavoidable. And to maintain that schedule, you have to constantly know what time it is. So you keep checking your wrist clock, cellphone or PC clock, or even wall clock.

That way, you can attend your meetings in time, pick up the kids on a timely basis, catch your favorite TV show when it’s airing, and so on.

But for a visually impaired or blind person, keeping a schedule can be problematic since looking at ordinary clocks doesn’t help. But a talking watch would help.

A talking watch keychain comes with both audio and LCD for assistance in knowing the time. Get one with an alarm that can be set to announce the time on an hourly basis. Also, look for one with a power-saving mode so the battery is preserved.

Audio Blood Pressure Monitor

Has your loved one been advised by their doctor to keep their blood pressure in check? Maybe they’re having to go to the clinic frequently to have that done, or having a sighted person check it for them every time.

If you want to make the whole process convenient for your loved one, why not get them a talking blood pressure monitor?

This device will read out the readings of pulse rate and pressure. It also comes with a zoom function for the sake of those whose problem is small fonts.

The auto inflate cuff makes it possible to take the measurement without having to deal with all the physical work.

Audio First-Aid Kit

It’s recommended that each home has a first-aid kit for taking care of common accidents. But for a visually challenged person, the kit can’t be of much use unless there’s a sighted person around.

A talking kit, on the other hand, could be lifesaving. It comes with an audio guide that tells them the accessories in each pack, as well as what they need to treat various injuries.

This kit is organized in packs that contain related tools like gloves, bandages, ice packs, and more.

A Pair of Dark Sunglasses with UV-Protection

If you’ve noticed, most people who are blind wear glasses when going out. But that might lead you to ask – why do they need glasses when they’re already blind? Well, here are the reasons/benefits:

  • To see better – yep, you heard right. Contrary to what most people believe, most of those that are considered “blind” aren’t actually totally blind. They can see, albeit on a limited scale and in a tunnel vision. Glasses help them focus better.
  • To protect their eyes – blind people have minimal ways of knowing what range of light there is. For that, they’re vulnerable to harmful bright light, especially direct sunlight, which might lead them to get ocular cancer, corneal inflammation, cataracts, and other eye ailments.
  • Protection from physical dangers – apart from light, there are other things that can damage their eyes, such as dust, something, maybe a ball, flying straight for their eyes, and so on. Since they’re not sensitive enough to duck or shut their eyes, glasses come in handy.
  • For aesthetic reasons – sunglasses can help them hide any marks or disfiguration.
  • To notify others – glasses will tell others that the person wearing them is visually impaired, so they can be more careful around them.


Who said flowers are only for the sighted ones?

Lovely flowers can be felt with other senses apart from sight. For instance, if they have a lovely smell and a nice texture, that is enough to let your loved one know just how much they mean to you.

The fragrance can also help them connect more with nature, which is very healthy and heart-warming.


Is an iPhone good for a blind person?

Yes, an iPhone is a fantastic idea. Apple designs their phone and iPad with great accessibility features such as Siri, which lets the user tell the phone what to do using voice commands.

Which gifts can I give my blind grandpa?

Try audiobooks if he loves reading. A simple portable CD player with large buttons would also be a great idea. Something else you could try is a guide dog.

What gifts are great for a blind teen?

Choosing a gift for a blind teen doesn’t have to be confusing and intimidating. On thing to keep in mind is that though he or she is blind, they’re like most other teens. And what do teens love? Tech and games. Consider getting them an iPhone or iPad and a Bop It game. If they’re the literary type, get them an audio book.

Which gifts can I give my blind child?

Kids with visual impairment have the same interests as most other children. These interests mostly revolve around games and music. With regards to games, there’s a wide range of items to choose from, from the Maxi-Aids Rubik’s cube, which comes with tactile markings, to the Nab it game with braille markings.

As for those that love music, you could get a keyboard, a guitar or even a drum set.

Final Word

We hope our list of the best gift ideas for a blind person was helpful. When choosing, there are various aspects you can consider, one of which is what the person actually loves. For instance, for a person who loves tech, an iPhone or iPad could be the perfect gift.

For one who loves reading, a braille book (which we didn’t write about by the way) could be the most appropriate gift.

Another idea, which we didn’t include on our list is a melodious little music box, which would be so ideal for a young girl who loves music.

Whatever you choose for your loved one, we’re with you in believing they’ll like it.

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