7 Most Popular Sliding Glass Door Security Bar in 2022

Best Sliding Glass Door Security Bar

Home intrusions and burglaries are much more probable events than most people would like to believe. In fact, every year, 2.5 million burglaries take place in the USA alone. Now, those are some concerning statistics.

What’s more concerning is that 22% of these break-ins have been through the back door. We know that a lot of you use glass sliding doors for your back door and so, there is a major safety issue for you to deal with.

 That is why we set out to find the best sliding glass door security bar. A door security bar will go a long way in ensuring the safety of you and your loved ones. These products are sure to keep your home protected for years to come.



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Roe & Moe Sliding Glass Door Security Bar


Door Security Bar by Master Lock


 Lakeside Sliding Door Security Bar


SECURITYMAN 2-in-1 Door Security Bar


SECURITYMAN Adjustable Patio Door Lock


Our Recommendation 7 Best Security Bar for Sliding Glass Doors

1. Roe and Moe Home Security Bar for sliding Glass Door

Roe and Moe may not be a household name when it comes to home security but this product is definitely a great option for those who are looking to upgrade their home security.

For starters, the installation process is super easy. It is virtually non-existent. As this is a pressure bar, all you really need to do is position it in front of your door and forget about it.

This installation isn’t permanent either, so you can remove it at any given moment. In other words, you can move it to any sliding door in your home without any hassle.

It is made with high-quality steel. We all know just how strong steel is so this is going to have the strength to fight off potential intruders. The same can be said of its durability.

The adjustable length is also a massive pro. This sliding glass door security bar adjusts from 23″ to 40″. That is long enough to comfortably cover a three-panel patio door.

The only downside to this product is that you can’t preset the length so in case you ever need to use it in a hurry, you’ll lose a little time in adjusting the length.

However, once you use the product for a while, you can adjust the length pretty quickly.

Key Features:

  • Super easy installation (pressure bar)
  • Can be moved to another door easily
  • Strong and durable steel material
  • Adjustable length between 23” to 40”
  • It may take time to adjust the length for your door without practice

2. Sliding Glass Door Security Bar by Master Lock

Master Lock is known for delivering a bang for your buck and this product is no different. Despite being one of the cheapest options on this list, it is more than capable of giving your home the safety it needs.

Let’s start by touching on its most notable feature which is definitely its price. It is tough to find a better product in this price range. This is the budget option if we had to choose one.

Just like the first entry, installation is really easy. It beats out Roe and Moe when it comes to length as it can be adjusted between 27.5” to 42”. That is of course if you aren’t using a smaller door but we doubt you’ll need a size smaller than 27.5”.

The ease of use is also commendable as it can be deployed in just 2 seconds. This makes it an ideal tool if you are ever in an emergency.

The build quality is a bit downside though. This is also made of steel but it is not nearly as durable and strong as that of the previous product. But for its price, it sure is sturdy. You can also mod it to improve its hold.

Key Features:

  • Budget option
  • Quick and easy installation, pressure bar
  • Can be deployed in 2 seconds
  • Temporary installation, can be changed at any moment
  • Adjustable length between 27.5” to 42”
  • Not the strongest hold but you can always mod it

3. Lakeside Collection Sliding Door Security Bar with Rubber Tips

The Lakeside Collection is not a brand name in the door security bar but this is a very good product for those of you who are looking for a quick and easy way to improve your home’s security.

In terms of installation, this too is a pressure bar so you don’t have to worry about screws or double-sided tape. The installation is also temporary for this bar so you can move it around the house with great comfort.

The rubber tips ensure that your glass door doesn’t incur any damage from the bar. You don’t have to worry about the steel stretching your glass door.

Speaking of steel, this is made of some good materials. The steel is of the highest caliber and looks like it can withstand a fair bit of pressure before caving. Hence, the durability is quite optimal.

The length adjustability is impressive as it can adjust between 26″ to 48″. That is enough to cover most doors out there.

Much like the first product, however, the length cannot be pre-adjusted so you may run into a bit of trouble if you need to use it fast. Again, this issue dissipates with repeated use as you can adjust it yourself pretty quickly after a while.

Key Features:

  • Fast and simple installation, pressure bar
  • Rubber tips don’t scratch the glass on your door
  • High-quality steel body, durable and strong
  • Adjustable length between 26″ to 48”
  • Needs time to master length adjustment

4. SecurityMan Security Bar for Sliding Glass Doors

If we had to pick just one, this would probably take the cake for the best sliding glass door security bar. There is not a single feature where it misses a beat.

The strength and durability of this are beyond impressive. The high-grade iron is not going to wear out anytime soon and it can withstand pressure of up to 400 lbs. It’s safe to say it’s going to protect you from most attempted invasions.

It is a leader in this list for adjustability as well with a range between 8.25″ to 46.5″. You can also use this nifty device for any sliding door you choose.

The angled rubber bottoms serve a very similar purpose to that of the rubber tip of the Lakeside collection product as it keeps your glass scratch-free.

As this is also a pressure bar, the installation is pretty simple. The ease of use on this door security bar is also up to par. You can set it up in seconds.

The downside to this is that it is a tad bit expensive. But we think it is more than worth the investment for such a reliable product.

Key Features:

  • Expensive but well worth the money
  • Super strong and durable
  • High-grade iron that can sustain 400 lbs. of pressure
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable length between 8.25″ to 46.5”
  • Rubber tips keep glass safe from scratches

5. SecurityMan Adjustable Patio Door Lock with Bar

SecurityMan is by far the biggest brand on this list. They proved it once with the previous product we mentioned and this product makes a good attempt to cement that reputation.

Firstly, the installation here is super easy as well because guess what? This is a pressure bar too. No screws, no hassle.

Secondly, it is made of a similar high-grade iron so it is very durable. Unfortunately, it can sustain a little less pressure, around 350 lbs. But it shouldn’t make that much of a difference.

Thirdly, the adjustability on this door security bar is also decent with a range between 22.25″ to 39. 25″. The same angled rubber tips are featured on this product as well to ensure that your glass isn’t harmed.

Lastly, the product is equally as easy to use as its predecessor. Just like the SECURITYBARB2, it can be installed in a matter of seconds. The process is intuitive so it really helps during emergencies.

As you can probably already tell, the only issue with this product is that it is basically a downgraded version of the SECURITYBARB2. However, we reckon the price difference justifies their respective feature sets.

Key Features:

  • A cheaper version of SECURITYBARB2
  • Reliable and durable, high-grade iron that can sustain 350 lbs of pressure
  • Rubber tips keep the glass scratch-free
  • Easy installation, pressure bar
  • Adjustable length between 22.25″ to 39. 25″

6. Ideal Security Sliding Door Lock Bar With Key

Ideal Security and Master Lock are the only brands on this list that can give SecurityMan a run for their money. Interestingly enough, they both use similar strategies to outplay SecurityMan.

Ideal Security offers another excellent budget option with this product if you want a safer home but don’t want to splurge a lot of cash behind the upgrade.

The notable feature this product has is that it is not pressure mounted. That means that is going to give you more protection. The screw-in method makes it harder to break in for any potential invaders.

Additionally, the length is adjustable between 25.75” to 47.5.” This is going to meet most of your needs pretty easily.

Ironically, its best feature also gives it a disadvantage. The installation is not nearly as easy as the other products. It’s still not that tough either. The permanent installation is more of a concern.

But the biggest concern is the aluminum body. The aluminum used here is not as strong as the other materials. Fortunately, the screw-in method adds to the strength.

Key Features:

  • Inexpensive, yet decent quality
  • Adjustable length between 25.75” to 47.5.”
  • Screw-in method increases strength
  • Permanent installation

7. SecurityMan Sliding Patio Door Security Bar

SecurityMan is back at it again with another fabulous product. Unlike most products on this list, it is not a pressure bar. It joins Ideal security as the only other screw-in bar on this list.

The high-grade iron used on this bar is the same used on SECURITYBAR2 so we know just how reliable this sliding glass door security bar is. You can use it for years without worrying about durability.

In terms of strength, this might be just the right option. Although the pressure it can sustain is lower than that of SECURITYBARB2 at 350 pounds, the screw-in installation means that it is much more secure. Hence, that 50-pound difference isn’t a deal breaker.

The adjustable length competes with the other products on this list. With a range of 19″ to 51″, it is going to fit any glass sliding door like a glove.

Like all SecurityMan security bars, it comes with the signature rubber tips so that your door does not get scratches from the hefty iron.

One small con, SecurityMan cannot solve the fundamental problems with screw-in bars. This product is also a permanent fixture to whatever door you decide to use it on and installation isn’t as simple as other products.

Key Features:

  • Strongest product on the list
  • Same material as SECURITYBAR2
  • Adjustable length between 19″ to 51″
  • Rubber tips protect glass
  • Screw-in bars are permanent and harder to install.

Comparison Table for Best Security Bar for Sliding Glass Doors

Product Name



Installation Method

Roe and Moe Sliding Glass Door Security Bar


23” to 40”


Master Lock 265D Door Security Bar


27.5” to 42”


The Lakeside Collection Sliding Door Security Bar


26" to 48”


Door Security Bar by SecurityMan 

High-grade Iron

8.25" to 46.5”


SecurityMan Sliding Door Security Bar

High-grade Iron

22.25" to 39. 25"


Ideal Security Sliding Patio Door Security Bar


25.75” to 47.5.”


Securityman Patio Door Security Bar

High-grade Iron

19" to 51"


Sliding Glass Door Security Bar Buying Guide

Sliding Glass Door Security Bar


This is arguably the most important factor. The strength of your door security bar defines just how good of a job it does at keeping out unwanted guests.

The strength is determined by both the material used to make the bar and the installation process. Heavy-duty iron and steel are the best materials in this case while screw-ins offer more protection.

You would ideally want your bar to be made of a material that can sustain a pressure of at least 350 lbs. A screw-in would be able to handle more pressure in general.

SECURITYBARB2 is made of the strongest material on this list, however SECURITYBARPDZ is the strongest one due to the fact that it is a screw in.


Whenever you are looking to buy a product, durability should be one of your top priorities. The case is no different when looking for a sliding glass door security bar. All the products on our list are pretty durable.

Again, the material is really important here but so is the brand. Heavy-duty Iron is the king of durability and you can put your faith in SecurityMan; it is a reliable brand.


The length of your door is going to be a big factor when looking for a door security bar. This shouldn’t be too tough as most of these bars cover a large variety of lengths. You want your bar to cover at least between 28 to 39 inches.

SECURITYBARB2 is your ideal option here with an adjustable length between 8.25″ to 46.5”.

Ease Of Installation

Screw-ins are a no-no if you hate doing some handy work. Although you get more security, you will need to put in a little bit of effort. That said, the effort is going to be minimal. It will probably take you a few minutes.

Pressure bars are much easier. They are basically plug and play. If you are in the market for pressure bars, 5 out of the 7 products we discussed are of that type so you have an abundance of options.

Ease Of Usage

You may need to use a door security bar on short notice. Suppose you’re just entering the house through your sliding door and you notice an intruder approaching, a bar for which you need to adjust the length would be a nightmare in this scenario.

A screw-in is great for this situation as it is pre-installed. The pressure bars sold by SecurityMan and Master Lock are both quite ideal options in this matter.

Top Door Security Bar Brands On The Market

1. Roe And Moe

Roe and Moe may not be a big player in the security bar industry. That is mainly because it isn’t focused on selling that product. They sell a large variety of interesting products.

Draft stoppers, stoneware, and flower pots are just some of the other goods this brand manufactures. Roe and Moe is a jack of all trades.

2. Master Lock

Master Lock is known worldwide for its impressive home safety products. With a rich history of over 100 years, this American company has been protecting houses with affordable locks.

To add another level to that safety, they started selling security bars and we reckon that this has been more than a successful venture.

3. The Lakeside Collection

Much like Roe and Moe, The Lakeside Collection does not specialize in home security. In fact, it is more of a home decor brand than anything else. They sell towel sets, mugs, and dinner plates as well as bedsheets.

Home security isn’t their only unique venture, however, as they even sell fitover glasses for women. Talk about versatility!

4. SecurityMan

SecurityMan is the undisputed champion when it comes to the best sliding glass door security bar. 3 out of the 7 products we reviewed today are made by SecurityMan.

This company has been producing top-notch home security products since 1999. They even have SIA membership to prove how reliable their products are.

5. Ideal Security

This company is more than ready to compete for the top spot here. As the name suggests, Ideal Security is dedicated to providing you with the products you need to keep your home safe.

This 3rd generation Canadian powerhouse offers every home security product you can think of.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are The Purposes Glass Sliding Door Security Bars?

Glass slider door security bars are an extra layer of protection that makes sure that even if someone tries to physically force their way into your home through your glass door, their efforts will be futile. They also work as an excellent child lock.

2. Do I Need A Glass Door Security Bar?

Whether you live in a dangerous neighborhood or the pentagon, you need to make sure that you take all the necessary measures to keep your family safe.

Burglaries are an ever-present threat so you should take every measure you can to avoid them.

3. Does A Glass Door Security Bar Really Work?

Yes, it does. However, you need to make sure that you don’t rely solely on these bars for your protection. Make sure you have an alarm and that you don’t leave any doors unlocked.

Also, purchase high-quality glass that can’t be broken easily. The bar will be of little use if an intruder just shatters the glass and steps over it.

4. What Are The Types Of Glass Door Security Bar?

There are three types of security bars. The easiest to install is a pressure bar, you just position it in the right place and it’s going to work its magic.

A double-sided tape installation is also an option for some bars but we recommend not going for those options as they tend to be flimsy.

Last but not the least, screw-ins are the hardest to install among all three. As the name suggests, you need to screw in the bar in a fixed position. You need a little bit of patience to set one of these up. However, this is the most effective and secured type.

5. What Are Some Alternatives To A Glass Door Security Bar?

There are few tools as effective as a security bar when it comes to increasing your home’s security.

You can use a broom or other type of stick. However, they are not going to sustain nearly as much pressure and they just look out of place and sloppy.

You can opt for other security measures if you do not want to use a bar. You can either get an alarm or employ a dog, it is truly impressive how good they are at keeping you safe.

However, when it comes to a reliable layer of protection after your locks fail, we don’t think you can do any better than these bars.

Final Words

All in all, our favorite pick is the SecurityMan SECURITYBARB2. Even though it is the most expensive product on the list, it is worth every penny.

It is not only made of the strongest material but it is also super easy to use and install. On top of that, the adjustable length is the most ideal among the bunch. This makes it a very well-rounded product.

However, it is unfair to name a single best sliding glass door security bar. As made clear by the buying guide, everyone is looking for different things out their security bar.

There is no door security bar that alone can excel in all categories. For example, our favorite pick SECURITYBARB2 is not as good as SecurityMan SECURITYBARPDZ when strength is your primary concern.

We hope this list helps you find the product that suits your needs and helps you keep yourself and your family safe.

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