10 Best Ring Light For Laptop Video Conference in 2022

best ring light for laptop Video Conference

This global pandemic has shown us how adaptable human being is. And among many new normals that we have accepted, like maintaining social distancing and wearing a mask, one thing that has made its way into our daily life is the ring light.

A ring light, as the name says, is ring-shaped with lights embedded along its circumference. It’s a device that was once used only by bloggers, TickTokers, and content creators. But now it has become a necessary tool for all of us, who are still privileged enough to work remotely or from home.

So, whether you are a student making a presentation, sitting for a job interview, attending work meetings, or simply has terrific ideas to share online that have come to your mind sitting for so long at home, your appearance on the screen has quite an impact.

With this in mind, we have created this complete guide to get you the quality ring light for your work. Also, check out our best ring light for laptop picks.



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QIAYA LED Circle Selfie And Ring Lights


iVict Clip-on Light Reading Light - 24 LED USB


Laptop Light for Video Conferencing


Auxiwa Clip on Selfie Ring Light


TalkWorks Selfie Ring Light


What is a Ring Light Used for? Benefits Of Using a Ring Light 2022

Benefits Of Using Ring Light

Well, we don’t know when this Covid-19 pandemic will be over, but we still have to work along with it.

And even after it’s over, the virtual meetings, interviews, content creation, TickTocks, and youtube videos will continue to go on as it was.

And for all those, your remote appearance is the key to impress people, and you can’t afford to compromise on that. For your better comprehension, let’s have a quick look at the benefits of using ring lights on your laptop.

  • Makes you look flawless with focused light on your face in your first-ever remote interview.
  • Improves your on-screen appearances on the unavoidable work meetings.
  • Laptops don’t come with the highest-quality webcams, and most people buy another for better video quality and lighting. However, a ring light with its softer illumination enhances your video lighting and can save you from buying another webcam.
  • Takes care of your eyes by providing a softer illumination.
  • A handy tool for your personal blogging and travel videos.
  • If you are a social media influencer, a ring light ensures your every capture has the best lighting.
  • Makes your every happy moment picture perfect.
  • A great tool for makeup and lets you see yourself more clearly while getting ready.
  • Capture shadowless professional portraits or still life with a simple device on your phone.
  • Comes at a very affordable price and can be an economical choice for small-scale indoor shootings.

Our Recommendation 10 Best Ring Light for Laptop Video Conferencing

1. QIAYA Ring Light for Zoom on Laptop

This tiny pocket-sized Qiaya LED ring light is a winner when it comes to attending a meeting instantly.

And it’s an excellent addition for your outdoor photography and videography as well. The compact ring light comes with a fantastic set of features, but it’s the size that has won the users’ hearts.

At first, we would like to mention the three brightness adjustment level it provides. With this feature, you can now work in your dim-lit room at night or take the perfect selfies at every corner of your house without thinking about the poor lighting condition.

So how much does this handy tool weighs? Well, only 1.76 ounces! It easily fits in your pocket or handbag and comes as extremely handy for virtually anything from making makeup and TickTock videos to zoom meetings.

Just clip on to your phone or laptop webcam and have a glowing and natural-looking appearance on-screen.

And we also love that it can be recharged with a USB cord, connecting to your mobile, laptop, or power bank. The long-lasting built-in lithium batties save you from the hassle of battery replacement.

The stylish design and versatile useability of the device attract all user levels, from beginner to professional. So, undoubtedly it makes it to the top of our best ring light for laptop list.

Highlighted Features

  • 3 different light levels to adjust according to your need
  • Built-in lithium battery eliminates replacement needs
  • Comes with a USB cable for easy charging just connecting to pc, laptop, or phone
  • Lightweight and compact size makes it suitable for traveling with
  • Versatile use with simply clipping on to your device

2. iVict Ring Light for Video Conferencing

If you want something more out of your ring light, check out the iVicts Clip-on Reading light that serves the purpose of your table lamp as well.

And that too without taking up any more space of your workstation. Just clip it on sideways, and enjoy superior lighting.

The most exciting thing about the product is that it offers you 30 different illuminating modes. Wow! But how? With 3 different colors, 10 brightness levels in each mode, you get a total of 30 options.

So, undoubtedly it makes the right ring light for video conferencing, photography, makeup, youtube videos, and almost anything, no matter what environment you are in.

And it doesn’t end here. The device makes sure you don’t put any strain on your eyes while working long hours. It features eye protection with 24 premium quality LED chips that offer non-flickering light.

And not only that, it consumes less energy, so you end up saving your electricity bill and doing the least damage to the environment.

What else? Well, the gooseneck can be rotated up to 360 degrees, which means you can direct the light however you want! Don’t bother about the charging; it is USB powered and connects to your laptop, desktop, or adapter.

And last but not least, it comes with a memory function and an on-off button, which power-offs the light within 1 minute of pressing the button.

And the memory function retains your previous mode as you don’t remove the USB cord from the adapter or laptop.

Highlighted Features

  • Multi-purpose light and best fit for videos, photography, and reading
  • 30 different illuminating options to meet your every need
  • LED chips with non-flickering light provide the maximum eye protection
  • Up to 360 degrees rotatable gooseneck to direct at any angle
  • Memory function retains the previous illumination settings as you don’t remove the USB cord

3. GINDOLY Ring Professional Ring Light

Laptop Ring Light for Video Conferencing

Moving on, the next device on our list is a compact and portable one, the Laptop Light for Video Conferencing, from the not-so-famous brand Gindoly. The often-overlooked device provides light concentration, up to 30% more than flat phone ring lights.

With an upgraded arc-shaped lampshade, you get softer yet concentrated lighting. And not to mention the three color modes it provides; cold, natural, and warm, with color temperature ranging from 3500K to 6500K.

Change the luminous intensity level or the color mode with just an easy hold-and-press button and adjust it the way you like.

The lightweight and compact design allow you to carry it with ease. And it’s easy to use; just clip on to the device you are using, and see the more natural and glowing you on the screen.

Need something for perfect makeup. The tiny device makes the right light for makeup, so say goodbye to finding the ideal light for makeup on your special night.

For any portable device, you intend to use indoor and outdoor, checking for the power source comes as a priority.

Let us tell you that the light comes with a built-in lithium battery that is rechargeable with USB. And it needs only two hours to be fully charged.

Highlighted Features

  • Compact design and 1.55 ounces in weight makes it highly portable
  • Suitable for various purposes as it compatible with most devices
  • 30% more concentrated light than other ones
  • Fast charging, and easy to charge as well
  • 3 color modes with color temperatures from 3500K-6500K

4. Auxiwa Clip on Selfie Ring Light

Can you count how many selfies you take in a day? And out of them, how many can be called the perfect ones, with the right lighting and focus?

We bet the ratio is at least 50:1. Yeah, getting the perfect selfie lighting is the key to a great-glamourous selfie.

So, let us introduce you to the Auxia Clip-on Selfie Ring Light for great selfies, no matter where you are and how the lighting condition around you.

With 36 LED lights embedded on the circular edge, it gives you evenly-spread soft light for selfies, low light rare camera photos, a professional look in a quick work meeting, and so on.

And yes, it has 3 levels of brightness and a power button to switch from one to another easily.

Also, recharging the device is effortless, connecting with a USB only. The 250 mAH lithium battery takes about 2 hours to charge fully and lasts 1 hour if you use it non-stop.

So, have a consistent glowing look in your zoom meetings or youtube videos with this compact tool.

However, it comes with a single 5600K illumination color temperature. Apart from it, the handy tool is one of the greatest in all, capturing your happy moments with not so great lighting.

Highlighted Features

  • Selfie expert with 36 LEDs along edges
  • 3 levels of brightness and easily switch from one to another
  • Effortless charging with a USB only
  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • Built-in battery saves you from battery replacement

5. TalkWorks Clip on Ring Light

While shooting long hours, repeated charging of the ring light causes quite a problem, Because to be honest, not many rechargeable ring lights lasts more than 2 hours.

To save you from the hassle, let us introduce you to TalkWorks Selfie Ring Light, which requires 2 AAA batteries only. Although the batteries don’t come with the device, it’s not that hard to find those universal batteries.

With 36 LEDs and 3 brightness modes, a device is a multi-purpose tool. Clip on to your phone camera to get the perfect selfies in low, medium, or bright light. And it stays put on any device to give you steady lighting.

Don’t worry about causing scratches on your phone screen. It features silicone strips to save your screen from scratches as you clip it on the screen.

And if you are facing problems to work at night while your kids are asleep, well, the handy tool attaches to your laptop webcam to give you a flawless look in the zoom meetings or video conferences.

Also, you can have sufficient illumination to work long hours without turning on the room lights and waking up your kids.
Nothing is better than a portable ring light, right? The light is highly portable and weighs only 2.4 ounces.

With just 3 inches x 3 inches dimension, it fits just everywhere. So, don’t forget to put it in your pocket if you are an influencer or love shooting outdoors.

Highlighted Features

  • 36 LEDs to give you steady lighting
  • With 3 brightness level, it offers soft to a strong light to meet your demand
  • No charging requires; it is battery powered
  • With only 2.4 ounces weight, the 3 inch light is exceptionally portable
  • A versatile tool, compatible with a wide range of devices

6. TKYEHYO Ring Light For Streaming

Not every picture requires the same lighting, right? Keeping that in mind, the Selfie Ring Lights from TKYEHYO offers three modes; warm, natural, and white, each one with 0-100% brightness.

Adjusting the brightness requires long-pressing the power button only. In addition, it provides even illumination with the 40 embedded LEDs and color temperatures ranging from 3500K to 6500K. Also, double click on the switch for an SOS flash. That’s cool!

So, what do all these features have to do with your selfie? Well, try clicking one in dim light with and without the ring light, and see the differences—low lighting and huge photo noises vs. no noises and a touch of glamorous light.

The portable device with 2.8 ounces weight and 3.3 inches diameter makes the right tool for taking group pictures at your friends’ night parties, live streaming, or some professional-level photography with the rear camera.

If you are someone with substantial followers on TickTock or Instagram, the tiny tool can be your best friend, meeting all your needs, anywhere, at any hour of the day.

Also, look flawless and professional in your zoom meetings, just clipping the light on to your laptop or tablet. Don’t bother about charging.

The built-in batteries charge fast and last about 45 minutes with a single charge. And if you need more, you can use it with a USB connection to your laptop to simultaneously charge and use it.

And you don’t have to worry about the scratches that clip on ring lights usually causes on the screen because it sits firmly on your device with the silicone pads without causing it any harm.

Highlighted Features

  • Three color modes, with 0-100% brightness
  • 40 embedded LEDs for a steady light
  • Fast charging with a USB cable
  • Makes every picture a hit with a wide range of color temperature
  • Silicon pad on the clip to prevent scratches

7. Lazzgan Ring Light With Stand

Nothing is more unprofessional than dull lighting while attending your work calls. You cannot help working from home in this current global pandemic. But you can get the Desktop 10.2″ Ring Light with Clamp Mount to improve your appearance on the screen.

The sturdy-built device stands firmly on your desk and makes the right light for makeup tutorials or TickTock videos. You can also clip it on your desktop table or your laptop while attending video conferences.

Speaking of sturdy-built, it has a polypropylene lampshade and an aluminum ring light frame, making it lightweight and portable.

And the exciting part is its 360 degrees rotatable ball joint and flexible connection line to the phone holder that to rotates up to 360 degrees. Also, the rotatable ball joint has a lock screw to fix it at your desired angle.

So, create any setup you want, whether setting it up on the kitchen table for amazing cooking videos or make the perfect alignment for studying or teaching.

The curved design offers a soft yet wide-area illumination that transforms your whole atmosphere into a unique one.

Thanks to its remote control, you can adjust the brightness level, color modes, turn it on or off, and take selfies from a maximum distance of 30 feet.

Did we mention the different color and brightness variation it provides? Well, it has three different modes- warm, natural, and cool light, each one again with ten brightness levels. So, how many options you get? Yes, it’s freaking 30 combinations!

With all those features, the question naturally comes to your mind, if the installation is a hassle. No, it’s easier than you imagined! Just read the manual and set it right up.

Highlighted Features

  • Diverse set up at different angles with the rotatable ball joint and flexible connection line
  • Curved design ring light to cover a wide area
  • 30 combinations with 3 color modes, each having 10 brightness levels
  • Easy installation
  • Remote selfie captures and brightness adjustments

8. KFF Ring Light With Tripod

Our best ring light for laptop wouldn’t complete without the 2K Webcam with Microphone Ring Light from the brand KFF.

Although the device is not quite a ring light, rather it’s a complete package with a webcam and microphone for all levels of use, from professional calls to making fun videos on your computer.

It features a wholesome ring light with 3 brightness settings and autofocus, which automatically recognizes the dim backlights and optimizes the focus and lighting for full enhancement of image and video quality accordingly.

So whether you are video chatting with friends or colleges, video conferencing, or streaming live, the low-quality backlights won’t be a problem now.

Also, the microphone’s automatic noise reduction feature f the microphone makes sure your sound output is clear with the least unwanted noises.

Besides the 2k webcam with a ring light, it includes a tripod with 360 degrees rotating bracket and an adjustable clip to set it up according to your need.

And it’s easy to use with a plug-in USB without requiring any additional software installation.

Being compatible with a wide range of operating systems, be it android, Mac OS, Windows, smart TV, and Chrome OS, it fits your versatile requirements.

The firm ring light webcam is made of metal and comes with a privacy cover to coverup the camera when not in use. The feature also keeps the lens dust-free to provide you with the superior video quality.

So, if you are looking for something exclusively for your laptop or desktop, the device fits just right.

And let’s be honest, even the high configuration laptops fall short on capturing quality video with the best lights and minimum noise.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to install and use without any softwares
  • Three brightness levels to meet any requirement
  • Professional video capturing at a speed of 30FPS
  • 360 degrees rotating bracket to direct at any angle you like
  • Metal built and durable

9. Whellen Ring Light for Zoom Meeting

We have another of the portable ring lights, and it’s the Whellen Selfie Ring Light from Whellen. If you don’t want to invest in a large setup ring light with tripod stands and all, this handy tool will be the right fit, meeting all your needs.

First of all, it doesn’t require charging, so you can get rid of the USB cable while shooting outdoor. Just put on 2 AAA batteries and carry it around. Being made of ABS plastic, it’s very lightweight.

And you can use this simplest device on your phone, laptop, tablet, or iPad. Simply clip it on the device to get clearer and brighter pictures and videos.

The 36 LEDs give a steady light, not too harsh or dim. You can also choose any brightness level from three with a tiny button on it.
So, if you are just starting out to be an influencer or TickTocker, this handy tool can be the right choice for you.

Highlighted Features

  • Powered by 2 AAA batteries, no charging required
  • 36 LEDs for a steady balance illumination
  • Made of ABS plastic, lightweight and durable
  • Three brightness level and a tiny button to change from one to another
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices

10. Outee Ring Light for Laptop Video Conferencing

The final product on our list is the Outee 2 Pack Selfie Ring Light, which includes 2 pieces of portable, rechargeable ring lights.

With the two pieces, the light is ideal for long hours of makeup tutorials and youtube videos. And if you are into a lot of outdoor shootings, carry them both; they are super slim.

With three levels of brightness and easy switching from one to another, the product meets your every lighting requirement.

Whether you are taking group photos, capturing shadowless still life pictures, attending remote meetings, or want to store the happy moments of a fun night out, the curvature design with 36 embedded LEDs provides uniform soft lighting.

And you don’t have to think about the battery constantly. Depending on the brightness level you are using, soft, warm, or bright, it lasts up to 1 hour on the soft level and 45 minutes and 30 minutes on the warm and bright levels.

However, if you don’t use it continuously, it can perform for an extended period of 2 to 3 hours. And it requires only one hour to be fully charged with a USB cable that connects to your phone, laptop, or power bank.

The easy clip-on attaches to virtually every device.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy clip on to every device kind
  • Curvature design with 36 LEDs for uniform soft illumination
  • Recharges quickly and lasts long
  • Lightweight, compact, and highly portable
  • 3 brightness levels to adjust according to your requirement

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Comparison Table of Top 10 Ring Light for Video Conferencing

Brand Name



Brightness options

Additional gears

QIAYA LED Circle Selfie 

Weighs 1.6 ounces
3.1 inches x 3.1 inches x 1 inch

Built-in rechargeable lithium batteries

3 different illumination levels


iVict Clip-on Light Reading Light

7.6 inches x 6.5 inches x 3.15 inches
Weight 3.2 ounces

USB Powered

3 color modes, 10 brightness levels in each, a total of 30 options

360° gooseneck, memory function

Laptop Light for Video Conferencing

Weighs 1.55 ounces
3.4 inches diameter

Built-in rechargeable lithium batteries

3 color modes

30% more than flat phone ring lights.

Auxiwa Clip on Selfie Ring Light

Weighs 1.5 ounces
3 inches x 3 inches x 1 inch

Built-in rechargeable lithium batteries

3 levels of brightness


TalkWorks Selfie Ring Light

Weighs 2.4 ounces
3 inches x 3 inches x 1 inch

2 AAA batteries

3 levels of brightness

silicone strips on clips

LED Circle Mini Light

2.8 ounces weight and 3.3 inches in diameter

Fast charging with a USB cable

3 color modes, each with 0-100% brightness

Silicon pad on the clip

Desktop Ring Light 10.2'' with Clamp Mount

10.2 inches ring light, weighs 1.5 pounds

Fast charging with a USB cable

30 combinations with 3 color modes, each having 10 brightness levels

360°rotatable ball joint, remote selfie captures from 30 feet

2k Webcam  Ring Light-HD

Weighs 9.6 ounces
5.2 inches x 3.1 inches x 2.8 inches

USB compatible

3 levels of brightness

360° rotating bracket

Whellen Selfie Ring Light with 36 LED

Weighs 1.6 ounces
5.1 inches x 4 inches x 1.4 inches

2 AAA batteries

3 levels of brightness

a tiny button to change the brightness modes

Outee 2 Pack Selfie Light Ring


Buil-in rechargeable batteries, charges fast

3 illumination levels

2 pieces of ring light

The Best Ring Light for Zoom Meetings Laptop Buying Guide

Ring Light For Laptop

Lack of knowledge on the product you are buying can result in losing money on the very wrong product, which is either overkill for you or insufficient to your requirements.

To avoid such a situation, below are some of the factors that you should consider before buying a ring light for laptop.


Ring lights come in various shapes and designs, with a wide range of features and functionalities. And the first thing you need to check whether it is compatible with your device.

Though most ring lights are suitable to use with various device types, there can be a few exceptions that work for specific devices.

If you plan on using the tool with multiple devices for photography, videography, or video conferencing, choose one that is compatible with all the devices you have.


Buying a ring light with all the functionalities you want is definitely a smart purchase. Usually, all ring lights are multi-purpose tools; however, the features vary based on the priority purpose it was designed.

For instance, a ring light explicitly designed for taking selfies might not come with all the extra gears and additional brightness options, though it does take your selfies to a whole new level.

So, check for the range of functionality you want in your bought product.

Power Source

There are two available power source options in a ring light. Either it performs on non-rechargeable batteries or has a built-in rechargeable battery. Both have their perks.

A rechargeable one doesn’t cost you anything as you don’t need to replace the batteries. Again, with a battery-powered one you don’t have to charge it repeatedly, which indeed is necessary as in most products, a single charge rarely lasts up to 1 hour.

So, how do you choose one? Well, if you need something exclusively for using in laptop to work and attend meetings and conferences, we would recommend you to get a rechargeable one that comes with a USB cable.

Rechargeable ones are good to use for other purposes well, like makeup, making videos, and others you intend to do at home.

However, the battery-powered devices come in handy while traveling and shooting outdoors. Whichever you choose, make sure the batteries last longer.


The size of the ring light is a crucial factor to consider before buying one. A lot of additional features come to play on the basis of size. The tool can be as small as 3 inches in diameter and up to 14 or 18 inches.

A larger light produces a broader and softer illumination. For professional video production, a larger diameter is always preferable.

However, it can be overkill for those who want something compact. Of course, there is no problem in carrying a large and heavy light. It depends on you and your intended purpose.

More solemn light can also cause trouble if you are using it on a laptop. It may require other supporting tools and take up a lot of your workspace.

So, a smaller one with uniform soft illumination makes the right light for zoom meetings and video conferencing for working from home.

However, you want broader area illumination for the ideal makeup tutorial or TickTock video, feel free to go with a larger one.


The ring lights price is not very high, but the prices vary depending on several factors like size, features, additional gears, and others.

A portable compact light is the cheapest with all the necessary features. But if you are looking for a high-end product, that’s going to cost a bit more. However, with all these fantastic set of features, it’s worth the money you pay.

If you are confused, we would recommend getting one within your budget that fulfills your necessary needs.

Additional Features

A ring light comes with a wide range of features, and some of them may not be the must-have ones.

But it’s these additional features that make the product unique. Though more features mean the product is expensive, but it provides the best value for your money with the amazing facilities.

And these additional features include remote control function, rotating head or ball joint, multiple options with a wide range of brightness and color temperature. Of course, it depends on you whether you need these facilities or not.

Nevertheless, keep in mind various features make the ring light right fit for multiple purposes.

How to Install a Ring Light ? Step by Step Guideline

Here are some of our favorite ring light suggestions.

1. Find a Connection

Before you connect a ring light to your laptop, double-check that it is compatible with it. A laptop or PC that is directly connected to one of these devices will be damaged due to the high brightness of the LEDs. If you really must be mobile, a phone charger or even a USB power bank will suffice.

2. Place the Camera in the Ring Light to Capture the Best Possible Image

In the case of a smartphone or digital camera, place it in the middle of the ring light to make it easier to see. However, if your model does not come with tripods and holders, you can easily construct one using books or other stacking materials.

The best results are obtained by positioning the camera in the middle of the scene and the lens close to the light source.

3. A Laptop Camera and a Ring Light (if Available)

Make an effort to position the light above the upper edge of your screen in order to ensure that your face is appropriately illuminated.

4) Check for Proper Positioning and Reflections

Prior to settling into your filming position, experiment with the distance between you and the ring light to determine which gap works best with your surroundings and the ring light. Depending on where a light source is placed in a room, it can have a major impact on the final footage produced.

Make sure there are no reflective surfaces in the shot, which may be tricky if you wear glasses. If this is the case, try directing the light away from the lenses. The same can be said about photo frames and other glistening goods.

Consider ‘decorating’ your space with a few accessories. Choosing the objects and furniture that will be in the photo with attention helps to create an atmosphere that reflects your personal style. Other lights in the backdrop can be cool, but they should be in softer, subdued tones in order to avoid glare on the subject.

5. Color Temperature Setting

As long as we’re on the subject of illumination, it’s worth noting that some ring lights can be adjusted for color temperature. The temperature of the light is represented by this value. The use of high color temperatures results in harsh, bluer whites, whereas the use of low color temperatures results in softer, more forgiving whites, such as candlelight. Play around with the settings until you find something you like.

If your ring light does not have a color temperature setting, you can still change the whiteness of the light by using filters that clip on to the light, similar to how sunglasses work. In the absence of filters, a thin cloth wrapped over the light can be used to alter the brightness of the illumination. Just remember not to cover the camera with the fabric or allow the fabric to become too hot!

6. Adjust the Brightness to Your Liking

Most ring lights may be muted, which can be useful depending on the type of film you’re filming at the time. The stronger the light, the more accurate the camera’s color capture will be, and the clearer the movie will appear and feel. Increase the brightness in order to achieve the desired colorful look.

Instead of simply turning on the ring light, experiment with different brightness levels to discover the one that best meets your personal like and needs.

FAQs – About Ring Light for Zoom Calls on Laptop

Does using ring lights on a laptop make a difference?

For all those remote workers, we would like to say, yes, ring lighting on your laptop webcam makes a significant difference.

For video conferences and remote meetings, your appearance on the screen has a huge impact. And if you are sitting for an interview online, it’s your on-screen appearance that matters the most.

With your laptop’s not-so-good webcam, you can’t expect to get the highest quality video in low lighting. And the ring light is the best solution to improve your video quality, especially if your home lighting is insufficient or dim.

Which size light should I get?

Ring lights come in various sizes ranging from 3 inches in diameter to 18 inches. However, bigger sizes do not always mean the best lighting.

Nevertheless, there are several features associated with sizes like broad area coverage, weight, and others.

So, choosing the size exclusive depends on your needs. A portable one comes in handy for both outdoor and indoor uses.

If you are not that much into publicity, social media appearances, or other high-end professional videography, a compact design might be the right fit for you.

Are ring lights worth it?

First of all, a ring light doesn’t cost much, and with all the features it provides, we would say it’s definitely worth the price.

In this era of digitalization and remote offices, a ring light can be a helpful tool for improving your image and video quality.

And if you are an influencer, taking the perfect pictures for your fans comes first. Optimized video lighting can go a long way in increasing your followers on social media.

And the best part is there can be a great many numbers of products within your budget. You can always find something affordable, matching all your needs.

Will ring lights hurt my eyes?

Ring lights are designed to help you work on dim lights and look brighter. And almost all of the tools come with a minimum of 3 brightness levels to adjust according to your requirement. The lights tend to be softer and not harsh.

So, unless you work long hours at the brightest illumination level, your eyes shouldn’t hurt. To prevent putting a strain on your eyes, work at a medium illumination level, and consider taking intervals.

Final Words

Well, it’s a wrap-up on the best ring light for laptop. Check out each product’s features and choose one that fits your needs right.

We also incorporated the things you need to consider before buying one. Read on, and find your best partner in this global pandemic.

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