Best Markers For Glass Board: Top 6 Reviews for 2022

Best Markers For Glass Board

Glass boards can be an amazing addition to any study room. These boards are quite versatile. You can hang them on your wall to quickly jot down ideas or to just doodle on.

But what kind of markers should you use on these boards? Permanent or regular markers can be used to draw on the boards, but they chip away quite quickly. If you want your doodles or writings to last a while on the board, you need the right kind of marker.

There are many options you could consider when it comes to choosing a marker for this kind of board- dry erase, chalk finish, or even glass pens.

If you’re looking for the best markers for glass board, you’ve come to the right place. Check out the options we’ve listed down for you. Hopefully, your right match is on the list.



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Expo Low Odor Dry Erase Markers


Chalky Crown Bold Chalk Markers


Quarter Glass Board Dry Erase Markers


Gmaophy Magnetic Dry Erase Markers


Arteza Dry Erase Markers


Markers For Glass Board Buying Guide

If you’re looking for a marker set that will work well with your glass board, you need to keep a few factors in mind. Keep an eye out for these features when selecting the marker you want to buy, and you’ll never be disappointed with your purchase.

Markers For Glass Board Buying Guide

Drying Time

We’d say that this is the most important feature that you should look for when buying a marker for your glass board. No matter what other fun features a marker holds, it should always be quick dry.

If the marker does not dry in time, your work will inevitably be delayed. After writing on a part of the board, you have to wait for that part to dry completely. Even if you touch or move your hand past that part by mistake, all your work will be smudged because the ink has not dried yet.

Markers that take longer to dry are riskier as well. You might lose valuable notes and ideas because they were wiped clean or smudged on the board because the ink didn’t dry.

Markers ink tends to rub off of glass surfaces quite easily. Therefore a quick-dry marker is a must-buy if you don’t want to lose all your hard work.

Ease Of Use

As we’ve mentioned before there are a lot of different kinds of markers on the market. A few markers need to be shaken vigorously before they can be used. Some also need priming before they can be used to write on the board.

All this hassle can waste a lot of time. That is why we recommend getting a marker is easy and simple to use in glassboard or whiteboard. Most regular markers can be used just by taking the cap off. And these are the markers that you should be investing in.


What color marker you want to get depends on your personal choice. But since this is a glass board, you should opt for darker colors. Glass boards might have a lot of stuff behind them that can be seen through them. Writing with a marker that is of a lighter color might not be visible over those things.

But if you have a glass board with nothing behind it, you can choose any color that you like.

Permanent Or Erase

Whether or not you should get permanent or erasable markers depends on the kind of work you have at hand. If you want to draw on the glass board for decorative purposes, you could go for glass painting markers. These markers are usually permanent.

On the other hand, if you plan on writing ideas and quick notes on the board, it’s better for you to buy glass whiteboard markers that are erasable.

Ink Marker Or Paint?

Markers for glass boards come in a lot of variety. The two main kinds are- markers that have acrylic paint in them, and markers that have regular ink.

There are lots of textures that you can experiment with when it comes to glass board markers as well. For example, liquid chalk markers are quite in trend right now.

The finish of the marker can be anything that you want.

Top 6 Best Markers For Glass Board Reviews

1. Expo Low Odor Dry Erase Markers

Markers have a very strong smell that most of us don’t like. This smell can be quite intimidating, especially for kids. The Expo low order dry erase marker is the right choice for you if you too are repulsed by this strong smell.

A versatile chisel tip allows you to write with a clean and thin font. The tip of the marker can be maneuvered to write in a thicker font as well.

Marketed as a consistent writing marker for glass boards, this product can give you skip-free writing. Also, there are a lot of color variants to choose from.

The ink formula is a lot easier to clean. Therefore, the marker is the perfect addition to any at-home offices, classrooms, and study room.

You can use the marker on various non-porous surfaces. You can write on whiteboards, glass, melamine, or even porcelain surfaces with the marker.

There is no need to shake the marker before use. No matter which way you store the marker, the ink flow is consistent.

Highlighted Features:

  • Chisel tip allows you to write in a thin font
  • No need to shake the marker before use
  • Gives you consistent writing with no skips
  • Various color options are available
  • Ink formula is easy to clean up from any sort of non-porous surface

2.  Chalky Crown Bold Chalk Markers

Markers that are easier to rub off can be a great addition to any classroom or Home Office. Any mistake that you make can be cleaned in just a few seconds.

Chalky Crown bold chalk markers are quite easy to clean off glass boards. A simple paper towel can clean an entire board of writing.

The marker set comes in eight different colors. If you’re tired of all the basic colors of markers such as red, green, or blue, you can try out this set of neon markers.

Bright colors can help improve your child’s creativity. Hence, the colors are appropriate choices for kids as well.

When it comes to odor, this nontoxic formula is the ideal choice that you could settle for. The marker does not have any odor at all. An eco-friendly formulation makes this unit kid-safe.

The bold tip of the marker helps you to write faster. Bold tips as such are also better for drawing.

This is one of the best markers for glass board. But you can also write on any nonporous surface such as porcelain easily without slipping or streak marks.

Highlighted Features:

  • A non-toxic formula that has no odor
  • Eco-friendly markers that are safe for kids to use
  • Comes in fun bright neon colors
  • Bold tipped markers that are better for drawing
  • Can be cleaned with paper towels
  • Writes easily on glass with full pigmentation

3. Quarter Glass Board Markers

The tip of the marker that you are buying is as important as the drying time. Tips that are thinner are ideal for writing. On the other hand, bold tips are better for drawing. A tip that is in the mid-range can do both.

Quartet glass board markers are of the latter kind. You can write, draw or doodle and do anything you like with these markers.

The four four-color pack includes black, green, red, and blue; all the standard colors that any office or school board needs.

Liquid ink as such flows freely when writing. So, even if you are writing on glass, the ink won’t skip. Your writing or drawing is displayed in full pigmentation. The colors stay vibrant till the last drop of ink.

These premium quality dry erase board markers are have been optimized to be used on any sort of glass surface. There is no need to worry about streak marks.

A transparent ink gauge helps you see how much ink you have left. This way you know when you might have to repurchase your glass markers. The transparent ink gauge is pretty cool to look at as well.

Highlighted Features:

  • The medium tip can be used for both writing and drawing
  • A transparent gauge shows you how much ink is left
  • Ensures streak-free writing that is visible from a distance
  • Four-pack marker set that has all the standard colors

4. Gmaophy Magnetic Whiteboard Markers

Cleaning your glass board after writing on it can be a quite a hassle. You have to keep a cloth or an eraser around the board at all times. But with these GMAOPHY markers, you don’t need to worry about carrying any extra erasers.

The markers themselves come with magnetic dry erasers. These erasers are quite efficient at doing their job, and they rarely leave any streaks, or stains behind.

Whether it’s colorful markers, or black and white ones, this set has it all. The set includes 8 assorted colored markers alongside the black ones. You get a lot of variety in the colors as well. Rare colors such as yellow are also included in this pack.

Fine point markers as such are easy to write with. These help your handwriting on the board look cleaner and more organized. Although the tip is quite fine, you can still turn it to the side and use it as a bold tip marker.

Designed to be used on boards for writing, the markers have the perfect girth for a comfortable hold. The natural handgrip system makes it easier for you to write on the board for long hours. This can be a great addition to your brainstorming sessions at the office or school.

Gmaophy bright colored markers never leave, they stay on the glass board. Hence, these are also great markers for glass whiteboards.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with magnetic dry easers
  • Pack contains 8 colorful markers beside the usual black ones
  • Does not leave any stains on the board
  • Comes with unique color options such as pink and yellow

5. Arteza Whiteboard Markers

Tired of having to keep on buying Markers? If you plan on buying glass markers for a classroom, or office that needs a lot of markers, this set might be a great option for you.

The Arteza Dry erase markers come in a pack of 52. They can be stored in normal weather conditions, without any harm caused to quality. So if you want to have some markers in stock at all times, this is surely the set to buy.

In the set of 52 markers, 12 colorful and fun colors are included for drawing or highlighting. You get 5 pens each in the primary colors black, blue, red, and green. The package also includes 4 pens each in the additional colors pink, purple, light green, yellow, orange, brown, light brown, and light blue.

Made using the finest inks in the market, all these colors perform great on glass boards. There are no streaks in the writing. Even the lighter colors are quite vivid, making these the perfect choice as markers for black glass board.

The 100% non-toxic formula is great for both adults and kids. This also means that the product has no strong smell. Made in compliance with the ASTM and EN71 regulations, the markers are AP certified. You can surely gift these to your child without having to fear for their health.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes in a bulk pack of 52 markers
  • Even lighter colors are vivid and can be detected from a distance
  • Perfect for black glass boards
  • Made according to EN71 and ASTM Regulations
  • AP certified non-toxic and odor-free marker pens

6. Starsouce Chalk Marker Pens

Chalk markers for glass dry erase board are very much in trend right now. These markers mimic the aesthetics of chalk but give you the smoothness and ease of use of regular markers.

The texture of chalk markers looks great against a dark surface, making these great for black glass boards. The Starsouce 8 pack comes in various vibrant colors. Green, red, white, blue, orange, purple, rose red, and yellow are all colors that pop against a black background.

Can’t decide whether you want a wide or fine tip? These 6mm tips are reversible. Meaning you can switch the tips to give you a wide or thin stroke. The two-way reversible tip means that the markers can be used for both writings and drawing on board.

The erasable liquid formula is easy to clean and does not leave any stains when used on whiteboards. You can use any damp cloth or paper towel to get rid of all the writings.

A lot of eye-catching colored markers are streaky and do not write well. But these Starsouce markers can be used on any sort of nonporous surfaces, ranging from windows, mirrors, to glasses smoothly with full pigmentation.  Because the colors are so vibrant and bold, you can also use the markers for advertisements and parties.

Highlighted Features:

  • Vibrant chalk textured markers that write smoothly
  • Can be erased using a damp cloth or paper towels
  • Eye-catching colors that can be used in parties or advertisements
  • 6 mm reversible wide and thin tip
  • Writes well on any sort of non-porous surfaces ranging from windows to mirrors

Comparison Table of Top 6 Glass Board Markers

Brand Name

Compatible Surfaces

Number Of Color Options


Any Sort Of Non-Porous Surface



Glass, And Porcelain



All Kinds Of Non-Porous Surfaces



All Kinds Of Non-Porous Surfaces



All Kinds Of Non-Porous Surfaces



Any Kind Of Non-Porous Surfaces


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Kind Of Markers Should Be Used To Write Easily On Glass Boards?

Markers that you plan on using on your glass board should have a quick drying time. The ones that are a little bit darker in color are the best markers for glass boards.

2. How To Write Something Permanently On A Glass Board?

The ideal way to do this is to use glass permanent markers. You can use any kind of permanent marker that is made for whiteboards. Permanent sharpies can also be used to write down ideas, notes or designs on a glass surface permanently.

3. Does A Glass Board Need Any Special Kind Of Markers? 

Any kind of marker that you can use on a whiteboard, and dries in a few seconds, can be used on glass surfaces. There are special kinds of markers that are marketed to be used on glass surfaces that you can purchase, but you can use regular markers as well.

4. How Fast Should A Glass Board Marker Dry?

Ink slips off of glass surfaces quite easily. It gets smudged or erased with just a slight rub. That is why these markers should have a quick drying time. It is better if the marker is capable of completely drying within a few seconds.

5. Can You Use A Sharpie On A Glass Board?

Yes, you can. You can use any kind of sharpies to write on glass boards. Both the permanent and erasable kind work great on glass boards.

Final Word

Using the proper tool for a task is crucial if you want the ideal results. The best markers for glass board will ensure that all your ideas, drawings, and notes stay on the board until they are wiped deliberately.

Just any marker from the shop won’t do the trick. No matter what your needs are, the markers from our list will work just fine on glass boards.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick the marker you like and quickly write down those million-dollar ideas before you forget them!

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