Best Magnifying Glass for Coins: Top 10 Model for 2022

best coin magnifying glass

Only a good eye can recognize legit coins. Be it for collecting coins or whatever purpose, scrutinizing coins with naked eyes isn’t a great idea as many details aren’t unleashed to just eyes.

You need some specialized tools to decide whether the coin you are examining is worthy or not. Tools like a magnifying glass for coins might help you pick the right coin.

With numerous magnifying glass models in the market from different brands, it is tough to choose. Therefore, we have come up with an in-depth review of some of the best magnifying glass for coins. Let’s check them out!



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JARLINK 30X 60X Illuminated Jewelers Eye Loupe Magnifier


 Alaxry Lighted Magnifying Glass


Carson LumiLoupe 10X Power Stand Magnifier


Fancii LED Lighted Slide Out Pocket Magnifying Glass


iMagniphy Magnifying Glass


Why You Need Coin Magnifying Glass

As a coin collector, you may be wondering why you would need this piece of equipment in the first place.

After all, why would you spend good coin money on an accessory you don’t need? The reality is that the value of a coin is in the details.

The smallest sign of wear and tear can significantly decrease the value of your belongings. So, a magnifying glass can be very useful.

10 Best Coin Magnifying Glass in 2022

These products have been chosen for their unmatched quality and features. We have tested every product rigorously so that you know how they are even before buying.

So let’s see what’s beneath those tiny tools to pick the right coin magnifier for you.

1. JARLINK 30X 60X Illuminated Jewelers Eye Loupe Magnifier

JARLINK loupe magnifier is of a different shape than most magnifiers available out there. The plastic casing houses 2 different lenses of different powers to match your needs.

The primary lens is a 22mm lens for 30X magnification. The other lens is a smaller 12mm for 60X magnification.

With this much magnification power, you can easily use this tool to magnify and check gemstones, coins, jewelry and see detailed maps. The magnifier is not more than 3 inches in dimension, so you can easily slide it into your pocket.

The powerful lens gives you a crystal clear view of the target object. But you need to place the object close to the lens.

Otherwise, the output image can be blurry. So to help you check objects even in the dark, this magnifier comes fitted with bright LEDs that illuminate objects for having the perfect view.

Lights also switch sides and let you use the lenses from either side. Lens housing can be folded into the cover when you are not using it.

So, the lens remains away from dust. It also comes with a drawstring pouch where the magnifier can be stored.

We found the lens to be prone to scratches, so you need to use it with caution. Also, the brightness of the LED can cause distortion in the view if you don’t place it properly.

Despite some minor drawbacks, this durable coin magnifier with light has all potential to be the best magnifying glass for coins.

Highlighted Features:

  • Handy tool for scrutinizing anything that isn’t visible to naked eyes.
  • 2 lens loupe magnifier provides excellent magnification at 30X and 60X.
  • Built-in LED helps see objects clearly even in the dark.
  • Made of aluminum so very lightweight and portable.

2. Alaxry Lighted Magnifying Glass

To be exact, this magnifying glass isn’t solely for coins. Instead, it is more suitable for reading books or newspapers for elderly people.

Those who have problems with seeing tiny writings can be benefited from this magnifying glass. But is this simple-looking magnifying glass worth it?

Often we see magnifying glasses in the market made of acrylic that resembles glass. But, original glass is used in this magnifying glass which is a lot more scratch-resistant than acrylic or resin. So, it doesn’t get scratchy even after using it for years.

This is a handheld magnifying glass with an effective diameter of 3.35 inches. With this much viewing area, you can see what you need.

The magnification power is 10X in this glass which is just enough for reading or similar purposes. But you can never examine a coin or jewelry with such a glass.

But the good thing is, this glass comes fitted with 12 bright LEDs so you can illuminate the reading surface and see even in the dark.

These LEDs run with AAA batteries, but unfortunately, no battery is given with the product. So you need to buy them separately.

As the lens is made of pure glass, the weight of this magnifier is a bit heavy at 195g. This might be a problem if you are using this handheld glass for a longer time.

The size is also not the best fit for your pocket, but it somehow manages to give you the required magnification.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made of pure glass instead of acrylic, so less scratchy.
  • Illuminates reading surface with 12 LEDs.
  • The magnifier is handheld, so you can use it in any direction.
  • Large viewing area of 3.35 inches and powerful 10X magnification.
  • Heavier than other magnifiers but not too heavy to be bulky.

3. Carson LumiLoupe 10X Power Stand Magnifier

This sleek-looking coin magnifier has a strong acrylic base that enhances ambient lighting to see your target object better.

It is very suitable for small objects like coins or stamps as you can place the objects under the transparent base and see them through dual pre-focused lenses.

Despite the lens diameter being as small as 1 inch, this is capable of delivering 10X magnification.

With this much power, you can easily see even the smallest details on the target object. Especially if you are checking coins or jewelry, the closer you can look, the better you can decide.

As this magnifier stands on a base, you don’t need to hold the glass in your hand all the time. So, you remain free from unwanted pains in your wrist. You also don’t need to adjust the focus of the lens like other magnifying glasses.

You just place the object inside the base, and you are good to go. The same model comes with different magnification power variations.

You can choose from a wide variety of lenses according to your need. It is also very lightweight though it doesn’t matter that much here.

There is no point in proving it the best coin magnifier unless you are satisfied with its performance.

If this fits into your set of choice, it will be a handy tool for whatever you use it. For clear and distortion-free images, this coin loupe is terrific.

Highlighted Features:

  • Different magnification power up to 10X depending on the model.
  • The glass lens sits on an acrylic base, so you don’t need to hold it all the time.
  • Lightweight yet very durable and scratch-resistant.
  • Lens is pre-focused, so there will be no problem in object placement.

4. Fancii LED Lighted Slide Out Pocket Magnifying Glass

Well, this might be the smallest magnifying glass on our list of the best coin loupe. This literally slides into your pocket like a pen drive. But in so small housing, it accommodates 3 different lenses for different magnification power.

The first lens has a diameter of 25mm, which magnifies objects up to 10X. The second lens is of 12mm diameter and magnifies up to 20X.

Finally, the last lens of 8mm diameter is the most powerful here, with 30X magnification. With these three lenses, you can use whatever is suitable for your purpose.

It requires almost no space when you carry it. So, it is convenient while traveling. Everything can be magnified to the desired size for your convenience, from coins or jewelry to stamps or ancient scripts.

To help you in checking those, this magnifying glass has two LEDs. You can light those up if you are working under dark conditions.

But the unique feature here is the UV light which you can use to detect counterfeit currency. Use this UV black light to check anything that is UV sensitive.

Though the lens is made off scratch-resistant acrylic, we have found deteriorations in the performance after several uses.

As long as you safely use it and store it inside the leather pouch coming with it, there is no problem.

But the lens is exposed often; it can catch scratches that might not be removable, thus lowering the clear image output.

Highlighted Features:

  • 3 lenses of 3 different power in the same housing.
  • 10X, 20X, and 30X magnification give you the flexibility of using whatever you need without buying new glasses.
  • Fits in your pocket, purse, or anywhere.
  • UV blacklight is helpful to detect counterfeit currencies.
  • Ultra-slim and lightweight.

5. iMagniphy Magnifying Glass

This can be a pretty good magnifying glass for coin collectors for its durable build and powerful magnification.

The lens used in this magnifying glass isn’t glass in real. Instead, they use a high-quality acrylic lens to make this magnifier. But the robust build of this magnifier compensates for that.

It comes in different options. You can choose from 2-lens or 3-lens options. In the case of the 2-lens option, you will get 2 powerful lenses of 5X and 10X magnification.

In the case of the 3-lens option, you will get lenses of 2.5X, 5X, and 16X magnification.
These lenses are fitted into the handle with a simple 2-button release system. Just press buttons on either side of the handle, and the lens will come out of the handle.

You can then slide another lens back into the position, which is very handy when you often need to change the magnification.

It will also be a good choice for elderly people who face issues with reading fine texts. The added dual LED will run for a long time to illuminate the reading surface, so you won’t be in the dark again.

But the handle of this magnifier is a bit small. It can be a problem for people having large palms.

The lens is scratch-resistant and shatterproof by the manufacture, but we disagree entirely with that. In moderate use, the lens tends to catch some scratches, which can grow over time.

Highlighted Features:

  • Clip-on handle with 2-button release system makes the interchange of lenses easier.
  • You can choose from 2-lens or 3-lens options.
  • Powerful magnification up to 16X in the 3-lens model.
  • Bright LED for using the tool in the dark.
  • Lightweight as a handheld magnifier should be.

6. Kare & Kind 40X Illuminated Jeweler LED UV Lens Loupe Magnifier

Making magnifiers with 40X magnification is serious business. Brands that make such magnifiers should ensure that their products have a crystal clear lens, durable overall build, and unique features to be loved by collectors, researchers, etc.

This illuminated magnifier has all the qualities that a good magnifier should have. One of the main factors behind its popularity is its smaller size. It houses a 25mm lens, dual LEDs, UV light, etc., yet small enough to fit in your pocket.

As a result, collectors can carry it wherever they go. The excellent magnification power of this glass puts it on top of other magnifiers.

But the magnification would be worthless if there wasn’t enough light under the glass. So two LEDs are fitted here to illuminate the surface under the glass and clearly see whatever you are seeing.

The UV light plays a vital role in detecting counterfeit currencies or other sensitive to UV light documents. So, you don’t need to buy a UV detector separately.

Instead, the tool folds inside the cover with a simple push of your fingers, and the cover saves the lens and lights from any external hit.

Though the magnification power is high, it has just one lens that might not be often enough, and you need to vary the magnification for different objects.

However, the all-metal build, clear lens, and powerful magnification make you forget anything else and enjoy the world of details under the glass.

Highlighted Features:

  • A powerful 25mm lens with 40X magnification is great for checking coins, jewelry, stamps, etc.
  • Very small and lightweight, so you can carry it anywhere.
  • Metal cover extends the durability of the lens.
  • LED and UV light are included for easy and versatile operation.
  • Batteries for light are included in the package, so you don’t need to buy them separately.

7. SeeZoom Lighted Magnifying Glass

This is a very basic magnifying glass with the least features possible. But still, it is trendy among people for its effectiveness and simplicity.

There are no movable parts in this magnifier. As a whole, it houses two lenses of two different magnifications.

The primary lens gives 3X magnification, which is pretty good for reading books or fine texts on coupons.

To be honest, this is why people use this magnifier the most. Elderly people find this amount of magnification perfect for their eyes.

But there is also a secondary lens that gives 45X magnification. This much magnification is useful when you are checking coins or jewelry or any vital script.

It has three LEDs, two of which are on the upper side of the secondary lens, and the rest is on the lower side of the secondary lens.

Under that, there is a switch for turning the LEDs on/off. That’s pretty much all this magnifier has to offer. It comes with no UV lights for counterfeit detection. But the build of this magnifier is very ergonomic.

Due to the ABS build, it is lightweight too. So, it won’t cause any wrist pain even if you use it for a longer period.

To light the LEDs, you will need to buy AAA batteries separately as they aren’t included in the package, which we think is a drawback.

No doubt, the optical glass is of good quality, but the magnifier doesn’t look so premium as a whole.

Highlighted Features:

  • Two different magnifications in one magnifier without changing the lens.
  • Bright LEDs for a clear view of the target object and a simple on/off switch for LEDs.
  • A handheld tool so you can adjust the angle of attack according to your needs.
  • Scratch-resistant lens is durable.

8. Satechi ReadMate LED Desktop Magnifier

Among the magnifiers we have discussed till now, this looks the most stunning and elegant. The outer shell is made of metal that gives this magnifier a shiny look. It gently sits on any desk or the paper you want to enlarge.

You can then have 5X magnification with the optical glass lens, perfect for fine magnifying texts. But the beauty of this magnifier undoubtedly increases in the dark when you light up the LEDs inside the tool.

This is because the light doesn’t go outside the shell, so you get the full intensity on the target object.

In the dark, LEDs illuminate the inside of the magnifier so that you can clearly see texts or details. It looks so futuristic. You don’t need to hold the tool with your hands though it’s not that heavy.

Instead, simply put the magnifier on the book or newspaper you want to read and move it back and forth to cover all the area.

All 3 LEDs light up with just one press. Though you won’t see the switch from the top, you can just press on the magnifier to turn on the LEDs.

Turning them off needs to repeat the same process. You just press the magnifier once again, and the lights go off.

This very portable magnifier comes with a cute-looking carrying case where you can store the magnifier when it’s not in use. It also saves the tool from dust and extends its durability.

Highlighted Features:

  • The modern, minimalistic design looks so stunning.
  • 5X magnification with solid quality optical glass lens.
  • The bottom of the tool is flat, so it sits on the desk easily, and you don’t need to hold it in your hand all the time.
  • LEDs illuminate only the inside of the magnifier, so the light doesn’t get scattered.

9. MagniPros Magnifying Glass with 8 LED Lights

MagniPros freestanding magnifying glass is also different from all other models on our list. It has a stable base for the magnifying glass to stand freely on an even surface.

So, you don’t need to hold the glass at all. You can also adjust the height of the glass to your preferred position for the best visibility.

This looks like one lens, but there are actually 2 different lenses inside the housing. The main lens gives 5X magnification, which is good for general use, like reading.

Another lens is located at the handle side, which gives 11X magnification to check smaller objects like coins or jewelry.

Inside the lens, the housing has 8 bright LEDs that can light up the reading surface to aid visibility. Also, the brightness of the lights can be adjusted. Lights can be powered in several ways, which are not common in other models.

In most cases, magnifying glass for coin collectors uses LEDs powered by batteries. But in this model, you can run them on AC power too. A USB cable is included in the box so that you can power it up through USB.

If you are on the move, you can turn this freestanding magnifier into a handheld magnifier by folding the base.

So, you can carry it while traveling. The bi-focal lens used here is top-notch and remains scratch-free even after rigorous use. A great deal for hobbyists, professionals, and people with eye problems.

Highlighted Features:

  • A bi-focal lens gives a distortion-free viewing experience.
  • Dual lens of 5X and 11X magnification is used in the same housing.
  • Has a freestanding base that can be adjusted.
  • 8 LEDs are there for extra brightness.
  • Folds into a handheld magnifier if you need to carry it.

10. Bysameyee 30X Illuminated Magnifying Glass Jewelers Loupe

The last one is from Bysameyee, a famous brand for making optical tools, and mainly used by collectors and jewelers.

It consists of a dual 25 mm lens that gives 30X magnification to see even the tiniest details on a coin or stamp or anything you want.

It is divided into two parts. The top part is the lens housing where both the lens is positioned so that you don’t need to adjust the focal length. There is also a button for turning the lights on/off, getting into that in a minute.

The base of the magnifier helps it freely stand on any even surface like your desk. You just need to place the target object on the base and turn the lights on if the surrounding is dark.

3 LEDs will provide ample brightness to see enlarged objects clearly, and you won’t miss any detail with this much magnification.

Besides, there are 3 UV lights to use for counterfeit detection. What we found different from all other magnifiers is the engraved scale on the base.

You get two different scales for measuring the objects without any additional tool. Just place the object on the base and measure it from there. It is convenient when you work with objects like coins or stamps.

All the parts are well integrated, so the magnifier is very durable and won’t catch any scratches easily. It hAs a result, it all the potential to be the best coin loupe in this price range.

Highlighted Features:

  • Incredibly sturdy build and rigid structure.
  • Simple to operate with just one button for LED and UV lights.
  • Built-in scale for precise measurement of tiny objects.
  • 30X magnification is good enough for almost anything.

Comparison Table Top 10 Magnifying Glass for Coins

Brand Name


Focal Length

Number of Lens

Lens Material

UV Light

JARLINK  Jewelers Eye Loupe

30X, 60X

22mm, 12mm




Alaxry Lighted Magnifying Glass






Carson 10X Power Stand Magnifier






Fancii LED  Pocket 

10X, 20X, 30X

25mm, 12mm, 8mm




iMagniphy Magnifying Glass

5X, 10X

38mm, 25mm




Jeweler LED UV Lens 






SeeZoom Lighted 

3X, 45X

80mm, 30mm




Satechi Desktop Magnifier






MagniPros  LED Lights

5X, 11X

75mm, 19mm




Bysameyee  Jewelers Loupe






Magnifying Glass for Coins Buying Guide

Magnifying Glass for Coins Buying Guide

A coin loupe is an ultimate tool for checking even the least sign of wear and tear on the coin you are dealing with.

However, if the magnifier doesn’t provide enough magnification, you might miss some intricate details. So, how do you know which is the best magnifying glass for coins?

Let’s break down a few factors about coin magnifiers so that you can focus on them while choosing. Of course, these are expert opinions you should never ignore.

Magnification Level

Magnification level is the most crucial factor while choosing a coin loupe. To check a coin and see all the details clearly, you will need a coin with at least 10X magnification power.

Magnifiers having any less power than that isn’t suitable for checking coins. Instead, they make good tools for reading and other general stuff.

Often we see magnifiers with 40X or 50X magnification which is not so required. At most, 30X magnifiers will work fine with any kind of coin. Be careful so that your magnifier lies into this range.

Lens: Glass or Acrylic?

Glass lenses are the best for coin magnifiers. Also, the lass is less durable but clearer than acrylic. It is also more scratch-resistant than acrylic.

So, glass lenses will serve you for a longer time than those made of acrylic. But glass lenses are a bit heavier, so if you require a portable or handheld magnifier, you better look for acrylic.

In that case, you need to take extra care of the lens, like covering it with a soft cloth or carrying it in a soft pouch to save the lens from scratches.

Freestanding or Handheld?

Both types have their advantages and disadvantages. With a freestanding magnifier, you can place it on any even surface, and your hands remain free.

Often these models had an adjustable base so you can move them in the direction you need.

But sometimes, these magnifiers can’t reach the exact place where you need them. In that case, handheld magnifiers are handy.

But using them for a long time can tire your wrist or cause pain. So, think carefully about the type of your use and then choose whatever you feel like.

Single or Multiple Lens?

Some small coin loupes come with a single lens of standard magnification. They are obviously suitable for general purposes.

But sometimes, you might need to shift the magnification. What will you do then? Buy some other magnifiers with different magnifications?

The most feasible idea is to buy a magnifier with multiple lenses with different magnifications so that you can use it in almost any circumstance.

These magnifiers provide small to medium and medium to large magnification so you can choose according to your needs.

LED and UV Light

Coin magnifiers usually come with built-in LEDs that run on a battery. These LEDs are extremely helpful if you want to clearly see the details on any object.

They also come in handy if the ambient light is low. So, this is a must for a good coin magnifier.

UV lights are also crucial as they are commonly used for counterfeit detection. Though this is not a must, it is good to have all possible features in your magnifier.

FAQs About Coin Magnifying Glass

Whenever it comes to choosing the best magnifier for coins, a lot of questions crowd our minds.

How if we answer some commonly asked questions here so that you don’t need to ask them anywhere else separately? Let’s check them out.

Are coin loupe and jeweler’s loupe the same?

Though technically they aren’t the same, coin loupe and jeweler’s loupe are interchangeable in practical use. You can see extreme details using either of them.

How to check coin for errors?

Once the coin is under the magnifying glass, you should check for all the details present in the coin so that you know it is legit.

Then you should check for any improper characteristics that shouldn’t be on the coin, like cracks or blobs. This way, you can recognize which coin is valuable and which isn’t.

How much magnification is enough for checking coins?

There is a specific range of magnification under which you get the best view of the coin. This generally starts from 10X magnification and goes up to 30X. Magnifiers with any more magnification than this can cause peripheral distortion.

What is the meaning of 10X magnification?

Simple, the number before the X sign indicates you will see the object 10 times larger than it is in reality. Therefore, the more the number, the larger you will see the object.

Do coin magnifiers need any special setup?

No. In most cases, you don’t need to set up anything to use a coin magnifier. They come ready to be used out of the box. You just unpack the tool and start viewing through the lens. It’s that simple.

Does acrylic lens break?

Yes. Though the chance of breaking acrylic lenses is lower than their glass counterparts, you can severely damage an acrylic lens if it faces a strike too hard. So, use them with care.

Final Words

Any magnifier uses laws of light diffraction to create a larger image of the target object. Coin magnifiers aren’t any different.

But they have higher magnification power than usual magnifying glasses, which is why collectors or jewelers widely use them to test a collectible condition.

Whether you are in this hobby or not, a coin magnifier will work with various objects. From being a necessary tool for adults to a fun toy for kids, coin magnifying glasses can be unique at times.

If you buy one of them, why should you choose anything except the best magnifying glass for coins? Think twice before buying.

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