7 Best Gold Welding Lens Reviews for 2023

best gold welding lens

Welding can be quite dangerous. The extremely high temperatures alone make for a hazardous working environment. Add radiation, fumes, and high levels of sound to the mix and you have one of the riskiest jobs in the world.

Naturally, you need to take some protective measures in this field. Standard safety protocols such as proper training and constant checks are not enough to protect you.

To stay safe, you need some high-quality personal protective equipment. That is why we are on a mission to find you the best gold welding lens on the market.

These lenses are necessary to keep your eyes safe from all the risks we mentioned above. You can have the finest helmets and goggles in the world but without good lenses, they are pretty much useless.

Before we dive into our picks, let’s take a look at why you need a pair of gold-welding lenses.

Benefits Of Wearing Gold Welding Lens

Your lenses are the only line of defense between your eyes and the treacherous working conditions associated with welding. That said, what are these risks and how are gold glass welding lenses protecting you from them?

1. Protection From Potential Burns

Lenses will keep your eyes safe from any burns. Exposure to the eye is unfortunately likely when working with hot melted metal so it is crucial to make sure you have it covered.

2. Keeps Out Foreign Bodies

Along with preventing burns, this layer of protection also makes sure that the dust, dirt, grit, and sparks that you are exposed to don’t find their way to your eyes.

3. Clear Field Of View

Your vision can not be compromised in any way when welding. You are doing a meticulous job with very hot materials and need complete and undivided attention. High-quality lenses will allow you to do that. They are not only scratch-resistant but also allow light to pass through comfortably.

4. Blocks Out Radiation

This is where we need to make a distinction between a green and gold-plated welding lens. While green lenses offer all of the benefits we mentioned above as well, radiation protection is exclusive to gold lenses.

The gold lenses keep out Ultraviolet and Infrared rays and protect you from painful ailments such as arc eye, keratitis, and conjunctivitis. All of these are a direct result of your cornea absorbing those rays.

Top 5 Best Gold Welding Lenses Reviews

1. TW Supply Gold Welding Lens

We start with a product that can be considered a bit of a bargain. For a reasonable price, you’re getting not one but two solid gold welding lenses that are going to last for a decent amount of time.

TW Supply is not as famous as some of the other brands and as such, this isn’t the most expensive pair of lenses. However, we believe that these are more than capable to hold their own against their costlier counterparts.

First off, the build quality is superb. The high-quality hardened glass used to make these lenses were built to last. You can expect to use them for a long time.

Secondly, these lenses can fit into any compatible helmet or goggles with ease. You don’t have to worry too much about the type of helmet you are buying; just make sure it supports its dimensions; 2 by 4.25 inches.

Thirdly, each of the lenses is a shade 10 gold welding lens. This shade allows for both tungsten inert gas (TIG) and metal inert gas (MIG) welding. It is important to note that this is a matter of preference. 

Unfortunately, the weight is a little on the heavier side as well at 2.39 ounces. Also, due to the fact that the company isn’t well-known, there is no guarantee in terms of quality control.

Highlighted Features:

  • Two lenses for a reasonable price
  • The hardened glass body is durable
  • Easy to install
  • Shade 10 can be used in both TIG and MIG welding.

2. Gold Coated Green Welding Filter By Phillips

From a lesser-known brand to one of the biggest names in the welding safety game, Philips lives up to its reputation with this high-quality glass gold welding lens. There is quite a spike in price compared to the previous product but it is arguably worth it.

There is no questioning the durability of these lenses. The green athermal lens is made with German Schott glass and coated with heat-resistant gold. It is much stronger than the hardened glass used for TW Supply’s product.

Additionally, the green athermal lens is of great quality and hence, you will have little to no difficulty in viewing with this lens.

Much like the previous product, it is easy to install with any compatible gear. The dimensions are also the same; 2” x 4.25”.

Another way this product has a leg up on the previous entry is with the variety of options in shades.

You can go for gold welding lens shade 9 if you want it for TIG welding with low amperage or up the ante all the way to the maximum shade 14 if you are planning to stare directly at the sun.

This lens is far from perfect, however. The weight is an issue here as well; coming in at a hefty ‎1.76 ounces. As mentioned before, since it is made by Philips, there is some premium pricing in place. This product is quite expensive.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made with super-tough German Schott glass
  • Easy to install 
  • Great view
  • Variety of shades available.

3. House GOLD Shade Welding Hood Lens

House is another relatively unpopular brand but this product is making a name for itself. But just like TW Supply, this company has got an excellent pricing strategy.

You get a two-pack here as well and at a reasonable price too. This gives the first entry a run for its money in terms of the budget option.  It is a tad bit pricier but we think the features more than make for it.

Again, TW Supply falls behind in terms of its options for shade. You can purchase this model as an ideal shade 11 gold welding lens. You can also opt for a less intense shade 9 or a more heavy-duty shade 12. It all depends on your purpose.

To add to that, the tempered glass body is even more durable than the hardened glass. This glass is going to survive pretty much anything you throw at it.

The fit is not an issue here either as it is going to slide into any compatible google or helmet in a matter of seconds. The dimensions of this product are 2” x 4.25”.

A gold plated welding lens tends to be heavy and this one is no exception. At 1.66 ounces, this has a considerable weight.

The view is also not as clear as Philips and the material isn’t as durable either. But as we mentioned, there is a significant price difference.

Highlighted Features:

  • Arguably the value champion
  • Variety of options in terms of shade
  • The tempered glass body is sturdy
  • Easy fit for compatible products.

4. Gold Cover Plate by US Forge

US Forge is one of the heavy-hitters in the welding protective gear community and it did not miss the mark with this excellent product.

Let’s get the negatives out of the way first: This is also not as cheap as TW Supply and House’s products. However, this shade 10 gold welding lens is worth every penny in our opinion.

There is only one shade available. On the bright side, as is the case with the TW Supply lens, shade 10 seems to be a good compromise.

Now onto the bright spots, the hardened glass is always a big plus. You can’t go wrong with this decent material.

The easy installation is nice to have; the dimensions are different from the other three products at 4.5” x 5.25” so keep that in mind when making the comparison.

The design lets in visible light and so the view can go toe-to-toe with that of Philips. But the main advantage of this lens blows the competition out of the water.

US Forge makes the lightest product on this list, weighing about ‎0.48 ounces. Despite its larger frame, this product seems to be the best gold welding lens for someone looking for a lightweight experience.

Highlighted Features:

  • The shade 10 lens is good enough for most jobs
  • Easy installation
  • Hardened glass is quite strong
  • Crystal-clear view
  • Lightest product on the list.

5. Forney Gold Welding Filter

Forney is one of the most popular brands in the world for welding lenses and this product goes to show why they have earned this reputation.

The key standout feature for this product is the fact that it meets ANSI Z87.1 safety standards. These are rigorous standards and only the finest products can pass them.

The 99.9% UV/IR protection gives us a good idea of why this product meets such high standards. The gold coating is more than capable of dealing with any heat or radiation is thrown its way. In fact, it reflects 90% of the radiated heat it faces.

These gold glass welding lenses are definitely going to reduce eye fatigue for you. Much like US Forge and Philips, the view is uncompromised and clear.

There are a few cons with this product as well. This is the only product that does not feature a universal fit for its size. You need a brand-name helmet to use this lens.

The durability is nothing special as it is made of glass. The weight is also mediocre at 1.44 ounces. The shade levels are also limited to just shade 10, which is, again, a good compromise.

Highlighted Features:

  • Meets ANSI Z87.1 safety standards
  • 99.9% UV/IR Protection
  • Reflects 90% of the radiated heat it is exposed to
  • Gives a clear field of view
  • Shade 10 is good for most tasks

Top 2 Non-Gold Coated Welding Lens Filters

These two filters are great options for those who are looking to upgrade their gold-plated lenses-

1. Philips Super Blue Drop in Welding Lens

Before anything else, we need to issue a warning. Do not use this product on its own. This acts more like an enhancer for other lenses. It is nothing like gold glass welding lenses.

If you do attempt to use it without a supporting lens, you risk permanent eye damage. This nylon product does not have the properties needed to defend your eyes on its own.

That said, it is an excellent booster for any other lenses that you own. Much like a gold coating on a green athermal lens, this drop-in welding lens will amplify the abilities of your basic lens to stop radiation.

This little device can boost the shade level of your lens by 0.5. So suppose you are using a lens of shade 11, this will be able to turn that into a shade 11.5. It is also an easy fit for lenses of the dimensions 2” x 4.25”.

This fine-tuning will help meet specific preferences for those who struggle to find one they are comfortable with. The view with this filter is as clear as day. You can expect that sort of clarity from Philips.

The cons of this lens are pretty obvious; it is not a standalone product and you need to buy a lens along with it which hikes up the total cost of your gear.

Highlighted Features:

  • Amps up the shade of any lens by 0.5
  • Easy fit for compatible lenses
  • Gives a clear field of view

2. ArcOne Tradesman Horizontal Auto-Darkening Filter

Last but not the least, we have the ArcOne T240-10. Not a name that rolls off the tongue. Nonetheless, this has one feature that you won’t find in any gold lenses.

It is not possible to make a gold auto darkening welding lens. They are fixed at one shade and so they cannot alternate to fit lighting conditions. If you are someone who needs this feature; this filter can help achieve that.

It isn’t the lightest product; in fact, at 2.39 ounces, it is the heaviest. But this filter allows your lens to have a light state of 3 and dark state of 10.5. You can use these filters for general purposes and they are quite inexpensive.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes new with original packaging.
  • Cheap, general purpose lens.
  • Auto darkening filters with great clarity

Gold Welding Lens Comparison Table

Product Name


Shade Level(s)


Weight (ounces)

TW Supply Gold Welding Lens

Hardened Glass


2” x 4.25”


Phillips Gold Welding Lens

German Schott glass


2” x 4.25”


House Gold Welding Lens

Tempered Glass


2” x 4.25”


US Forge 99078 Gold Welding Lens

Hardened Glass


4.5” x 5.25”


Forney 57061 2” X 4.25” Gold Welding Lens



2” x 4.25”


Super Blue Drop In Welding Lens Small 2 X 4.25


0.5 Addition

2” x 4.25”


ArcOne T240-10 Tradesman



2” x 4.25” x 0.2"


Gold Welding Lens Buying Guide

Gold Welding Lens Buying Guide

It can be tough to decide which welding glass is best for you. It depends a lot on personal preference and the type of welding you are doing. Nonetheless, these factors can guide your decision-

Shade Number

Unfortunately, it is not possible to make a gold auto-darkening welding lens and hence, the shade is going to be fixed. You can choose between shade 9 and shade 14.

The lower amperage your task requires; the lower shade you need. Shade 9 should only be used for TIG welding due to the low levels of radiation and light you are exposed to in these situations.

For higher amperage usage such as MIG welding, you should opt for higher shades. Shade 14 is almost overkill and you never really need such a dark lens.

Most people have found the sweet spot to be somewhere around shade 10 and shade 11. As we mentioned, this is largely a matter of personal preference and the purpose you are using it for.

Lens Size

This depends largely on your welding helmet or goggles. If you have larger gear, you will need a larger lens. It’s pretty self-explanatory.

In terms of lens size, this list is lacking. All the gold glass welding lenses have a size of 2” x 4.25” other than US Forge’s model. This is a pretty small size so if you prefer a large helmet, these options may not be for you.

Ease Of Installation

It’s pretty reasonable to want an easy installation experience. Most products on this list will give you that. Forney is the only one that misses out on that but it is still not a tall order. If you use brand-name helmets or goggles, it will slip right in.


The material used is going to be the sole determinant in terms of how durable your product is. Among these gold glass welding lenses, Philips has the most dependable product. This German Schott is tough to beat.

The hardened and tempered glass are both excellent options for durability too. The only product we feel is lacking here is, once again, Forney’s one. The normal glass is a lot more fragile.

View Quality

View quality depends on how much light the lens lets in and what shade you prefer most. This is entirely a matter of preference.

We found Philips, US Forge, and Forney to be a tier above the other two. It is tough to pick a winner between these three but the Philips lenses set a new standard with green athermal lenses. Simply put, it is the best gold welding lens in this list in terms of view.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do i need a gold welding lens?

Yes. Undoubtedly. You need a welding lens to keep you safe from all the debris that is flying around when welding and the excessive amount of heat.

The gold coating is going to protect your eyes from UV and IV radiation. These radiations can be absorbed by your cornea otherwise and cause a painful disease called Arc eye.

2. Does brand name matter?

It usually does not. When buying a gold-plated welding lens, you have to remember most of it is down to personal preference. Every shade, material, and size is going to have a different type of view and give you a different level of protection.

Branded products tend to be more reliable, but they do not always meet everyone’s preferences. You need to find one that suits you best. Your comfort is what matters; the brand is irrelevant.

3. What is the lowest shade i can go with?

The lowest shade you can go for when welding is a shade 5. However, we strongly suggest against it. The lowest you ‘should’ go is gold welding lens shade 9, as it can provide you with adequate protection.

Even then, in high amperage MIG welding, we suggest doing more heavy-duty shades to keep your eyes in good condition.

4. Are my eyes completely risk-free with the right lens?

Unfortunately, the answer here is no. You also need to carry out checks before starting the welding process and maintain proper practices like limited working hours. Otherwise, you damage your eye anyway.

Final Words

In this guide, each product had its own pros and cons. However, our favorites are jointly the Philips and US Forge lens with House coming up as a close runner-up. At the end of the day, it’s your eyes so it’s your choice.

You need to pick out the lens that meets your needs. There is no universal choice that can be labeled as the best gold welding lens for everyone. Welding is a very personal experience and the gear you choose for it is personal as well. We hope our list was able to assist you on your hunt for the perfect lens.

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