6 Best Glass Soap Dispenser for Bathroom/Kitchen Countertops

Best Glass Soap Dispenser

Finally! Your dream of having the best bathroom/washroom is coming true. As you wrap up the work, you notice that something is missing. Soap dispensers are one of the most crucial things in a bathroom, but they can easily be overlooked.

Well, don’t make that mistake. When buying a bathroom soap dispenser, you have two options: glass or plastic. Plastic can absorb things through their microscopic pores and be contaminated as time passes. This leaves a health risk.

This is why glass is better for health. It can be reused, saving money, and has zero health risks even after decades of usage. As soap dispensers are not solely made out of glass, there are other things you should think about before buying one.

To be honest, it can get really annoying to scroll through thousands of glass soap dispensers just to order one. This is why we rounded up the top 6 dispensers to make your job easier. We are sure you’ll find the best glass soap dispenser here.



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Refillable Foaming Hand Soap Dispenser


JASAI Antique Soap


Retyion Glass Soap Pump


Our Recommendation 6 Best Glass Soap Dispenser for 2022

From a glance, glass soap dispensers all look the same. We had to inspect hundreds of products to finalize this list carefully.

We have it all here, from a large glass soap dispenser to a small glass soap dispenser. Read the guide, and you’ll know which glass bathroom soap dispenser fits your taste the best.

#1. JASAI Clear Glass Soap Dispenser

JASAI is ranked nearly at the top when it comes to glass soap dispensers. That’s, of course, for valid reasons.

 The one we will talk about has high-quality premium glass with a stainless steel pump for maximum durability and health safety.

As we have said initially, the JASAI glass soap pump dispenser is made out of high-quality glass. Furthermore, the glass has a wave-like pattern which makes it stand out from other patternless glasses.

You also get a blank wooden tag that you can customize to fit your needs. Suppose you have lotion in the glass soap dispenser.

You can write “lotion” on the wooden tag so that everyone knows what’s inside. The same goes for soap. This eliminates accidental usage.

As a reusable glass soap dispenser, one should use it for many years. The glass of the dispenser can be reused just by cleaning, but what about the pump?

Well, rest assured because the pump is rust-proof. Both the glass and the pump will serve you well for many years to come.

As it can hold 18 ounces of liquid, it will be more than enough for your bathroom or kitchen needs. The JASAI glass soap dispenser is easily one of the finest soap dispensers on the market.

Highlighted features:

  • The body is made out of premium quality wave-pattern glass.
  • You get a blank wooden tag for labeling what’s inside the dispenser.
  • The pump is made out of rust-proof 304 stainless steel.
  • Can hold up to 18 ounces of liquid.
  • Great for lotion, soap, and body wash.

#2. Amolliar Mason Jar Soap Dispensers

Every glass soap dispenser can easily dispense thin liquid, but the proof of their quality shows when you try to dispense thick liquid such as dishwasher detergent or dense conditioners. If you are looking for such a soap dispenser, it’s your lucky day.

The Amolliar mason glass soap dispenser can easily handle any type of liquid. It doesn’t matter if it’s thick or thin.

Dish detergent, face wash, body wash, essential oil blends, shampoo, lotion, you name it, and Amolliar can dispense it.

As it’s a refillable glass soap dispenser, the dispenser’s lid has to be tight yet easy to open. You’ll be glad to know that Amolliar can do both. Refilling will never be this easy again.

The lid is stainless steel and can form a leak-proof seal. This seal can protect your liquid from outside harm.

The only issue we encountered was the stainless steel pump. Amolliar says it’s rust-proof, but we saw rust building up after 3 to 4 weeks of usage. The pump works great but, this could be a deal-breaker for many.

Now ask yourself. Is rust a deal-breaker for you? If not, the Amolliar mason jar soap dispenser will be a great choice for people who want top-notch pumps and a leak-proof seal.

Highlighted features:

  • Stainless steel pump that can dispense even the thickest liquid.
  • Leak-proof gasket/lid for maximum protection.
  • Everything is made out of food-grade BPA-free materials.
  • It can contain 16 ounces of liquid.
  • Money-back guarantee if you don’t like the product.

#3. mDesign Glass Foaming Soap Dispenser

Every glass liquid soap dispenser can dispense liquid normally, but only some can dispense foaming soap.

Even if some can dispense foaming soap, only a handful of dispensers can utilize the soap. Is mDesign glass dispenser one of them? Let’s find out.

By following the instructed method of mixing the soap, you can get a rich lather while using less soap. This will save your soap while making sure you get enough foam to clean your hands.

To achieve this, you have to mix 1 part soap and 5 part water and a few drops of essential oil to add fragrance. You get two glass dispensers in each pack. Each of the dispensers can hold up to 14 ounces.

Yes, this is too little compared to others, but you must understand that these two dispensers can utilize the soap and give you more output using less soap. Each bottle is 2.9 x 2.7 x 7.4 inches, so you can easily carry them in your pocket.

The pump is made of heavy-duty BPA-free plastic, so you don’t have to worry about health risks. It might not be as durable as stainless steel pumps, but this one is also amazing.

Both the bottles have a blue-ish tint on the glass body, making them very attractive. Now your elegant bathroom will look more elegant.

In conclusion, the mDesign dispenser is easily the best glass foaming soap dispenser on this list.

Highlighted features:

  • Can utilize foaming soap to produce more foam using less soap.
  • Very small in size so that it can fit anywhere.
  • Body made out of durable glass.
  • Lid made out of heavy-duty BPA-free plastic.
  • Get two glass dispensers at the price of one.

#4. JASAI Antique Soap Dispenser For Bathroom/Kitchenroom

This is the second JASAI glass soap dispenser on the list. Just like the first one, this one is also phenomenal at what it’s made for. The bonus is the appearance, which looks very premium for a soap dispenser.

The JASAI antique design soap dispenser comes in three different versions. The first one is a crystal clear dispenser with a silver-colored pump.

The second one has an amber-matte color with a black pump, and the third is like the second. Just the color of the pump is silver.

The glass bottle has a height of 8.3-inches and a diameter of 3-inches. The thickness of the glass is also surprisingly good, but obviously, it might not survive a fall. The bottle can hold up to 18 ounces of liquid.

The main attraction of this antique dispenser is the jumbo pump. It is made out of premium 304 stainless steel. The pump’s suction power is fantastic, which means you can easily dispense soap.

We only wish the sprout was metal instead of plastic. The opening of the glass dispenser is also a problem as people with big hands might face issues refilling the glass.

Those two issues we just mentioned are minor. With that said, the JASAI antique glass dispenser with pump is surely worth every single penny you pay.

Highlighted features:

  • Comes in three different versions.
  • Can hold up to 18 ounces of liquid.
  • You get six waterproof stickers to level the glass dispenser.
  • Jumbo stainless steel pump with a plastic sprout.
  • Made of premium thick glass.
  • Has a height of 8.3-inches and a diameter of 3-inches.

#5. Retyion Multipurpose Soap Dispenser

From a glance, the Retyion multipurpose soap dispenser looks just like every other dispenser, but when you look closely, you see that it’s not the same. So let’s see if it stands out from the other dispensers.

The Retyion soap dispenser has a height of only 6.1-inches and a diameter of 2.44-inches. This makes it a very compact and portable soap dispenser. It can even fit your pocket so that you can carry it around.

Being small in size and having a very thick layer of glass makes this soap dispenser very tough and durable. It can even survive an accidental fall from 4 feet height.

This brings us to the special feature Retyion has in store for us. As bathroom or kitchen surfaces are slippery, a glass dispenser can easily slip out and fall.

This is why the Retyion soap dispenser has a non-slip textured bottom. This will ensure that the dispenser stays where it’s supposed to.

Lastly, we have the pump. It is made out of plastic, but engineering makes sure that it can dispense even the thickest liquid. It has a golden coating on it which makes it look very gorgeous.

Because of its size, appearance, and performance, the Retyion multipurpose soap dispenser can be used anywhere, including the kitchen, living room, and bathroom.

Highlighted features:

  • Very lightweight and compact size that holds up to 5.7 ounces of liquid.
  • Gold coated ABS engineered plastic pump.
  • A non-slip bottom texture that prevents accidental slip-off.
  • Suitable for living room, kitchen, and bathroom.
  • Made out of thick transparent glass for utmost durability.

#6. CHBJDAN Kitchen Sink & Countertops Soap Dispenser

We have talked enough about bathroom glass soap dispensers. As it’s the last spot on our list, we will focus on a kitchen glass soap dispenser instead. Is the CHBJDAN brand worthy of your trust? Let’s find out.

The very first thing you’ll notice about the CHBJDAN glass soap dispenser is the outlooks. It has THE most normal design on this list. Just a plain-looking glass bottle.

But underneath that normal appearance is a premium heavy-duty thick glass construction. As kitchens are a very busy, dispensers need to be very durable to survive, and this one will not just survive but also thrive.

The pump is made out of stainless steel and has a rust-proof coating to ensure that your pump looks brand new even after months of use.

It can also effortlessly pump thick liquid such as lotion, dish detergent, face wash, shampoo, and liquid soap. This makes it great for not only the kitchen but also for the bathroom.

The best thing about this glass soap dispenser is that it is dishwasher safe. So now you won’t have to go through much hassle to clean the dispenser. It can also be reused as much as you want.

With each order, you get two glass soap dispensers at one price. It may look average from the outside, but the CHBJDAN glass soap dispenser for kitchen is truly fantastic.

Highlighted features:

  • Made out of premium heavy-duty thick glass.
  • Perfect for both kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Stainless steel pump that has corrosion/rust resistance.
  • Can hold up to 16 ounces of liquid.
  • The dispenser is reusable and dishwasher safe.

Comparison Table for Top 6 Glass Soap Dispenser

Brand Name

Pump quality



BPA-free/food grade?


Rust-proof stainless steel pump.

7-inches height, 3.52-inches width, and 3.52-inches length

18 ounces of liquid

Not specified


Rust resistant premium 304 18/18 stainless steel.

7.5-inches in height, 4-inches in width, and 4-inches in length.

16 ounces of liquid.



Durable plastic pump head.

7.4-inches height, 2.9-inches width, and 2.7-inches length.

14 ounces of foaming soap liquid.

Not specified.

JASAI Antique

Jumbo 304 stainless steel pump with plastic sprout.

8.3-inches in height, 3-inches in width, and 3-inches in length.

18 ounces of liquid.

Not specified.


Gold plated ABS engineered plastic pump head.

6.1-inches in height, 2.44-inches in length, and 2.44-inches in width.

5.7 ounces of liquid.

Not specified.


Corrosion resistant high quality stainless steel pump head.

8.25-inches height, 3-inches width, and 3-inches length.

16 ounces of liquid.


Glass soap dispenser Buying guide

Glass soap dispenser Buying guide

A glass soap dispenser is considered the least important thing in a bathroom or kitchen, but is it true? Absolutely not. Without a good glass soap dispenser, your health is at risk.

You have to buy glass soap dispensers very carefully to ensure that does not happen. You wouldn’t want your dispenser to suddenly stop working after going to the bathroom, would you?

This section of the article will talk about the crucial factors that make or break (not literally) a glass soap dispenser.

The aspects we will talk about will help you choose the best glass foaming soap dispenser. If you keep these aspects in mind while buying a dispenser, Yours won’t fail again.


The pump is arguably the most important thing of a glass soap dispenser. If your pump suddenly stops working or just works poorly, you will have difficulty dispensing the soap. And, trust us, it gets very frustrating when you can’t get soap on your hands.

This is why you should be picky while choosing the pump of your glass soap dispenser. The very first thing you’ll have to choose between is either plastic or stainless steel.

Many people look down upon plastic, but we have used it, and plastic isn’t that bad. But, of course, stainless steel is superior because it is more durable and tough.

However, if you go for a plastic pump, you won’t have to deal with rust or corrosion. This is a big issue for stainless steel pumps.

 Yes, the manufacturers will say that their stainless steel pump is “rust-proof,” but every pump starts to rust sooner or later.

So, the choice is up to you. Plastic will give you a rust-free experience, but it’s not very durable. On the other hand, stainless steel will give you toughness and durability at the cost of minor rusts.

The glass

This is the second most important thing about a glass soap dispenser. As it’s an article about “glass” soap dispensers, we will talk only about glass. Obviously, the thicker the glass is, the more durability you’ll get.

But thickness also comes at a cost. As thickness increases, so does the weight. If you don’t have any problem with weight, go for the thickest glass you can get.

The size of the glass dispenser also matters. Suppose you have a 6-inch glass soap dispenser. If it slips out of your hand and falls, there’s a big chance that it won’t break.

But if the dispenser is bigger than 6-inches, it will surely break no matter how thick the glass is.

Smaller glass soap dispensers are also very portable as they can fit inside your pocket. On the other hand, bigger dispensers can be carried from one place to another but won’t fit your pocket. It’s better to place them at a place permanently.

If you care about aesthetics, you’ll be glad to know that there are many types of glass soap dispensers. Some have wave-like textures around the glass, while some have blue or amber colors.

Of course, these won’t affect the quality of the dispenser. These are just solely for pleasing your eyes.

Cleaning and refilling the dispenser

Unlike plastic, which can get contaminated after some time, glass objects can be used as much as you want to. So obviously, you’ll reuse your glass soap dispenser. When reusing, you’ll have to clean it.

Cleaning a glass soap dispenser can be a difficult task if the opening of the glass bottle is not wide enough. It has to be at least 2 to 3 inches wide. Otherwise, you won’t be able to clean it.

The same goes for refilling. Suppose the opening of the glass soap dispenser is not wide enough. Lots of liquid will struggle to get inside the dispenser. Thus, wasting the liquid.

Dishwasher-safe is not a must-have feature because cleaning a glass soap dispenser from the outside is very easy. But it’s very nice to have this feature as it makes the already easy-to-clean facility, more easy.


The capacity of the glass soap dispenser may look straightforward to understand, but there’s a catch.

Suppose you have bought an 18 ounces glass soap dispenser. The catch is that you can’t fill the whole bottle, meaning that you can’t fill it 100%.

For the pump to work properly, you have to fill the dispenser 80%. So if you have an 18-ounce dispenser, you will only be able to use 14 ounces of liquid.

So always get a bigger dispenser from the liquid you want to fill. If you want to have 10 ounces of liquid, get a 14-ounce glass dispenser.

Non-slip textures

The primary cause for slip-off is water. Whether you place your glass soap dispenser in the kitchen or the bathroom, it will come into contact with water. Glasses are slippery anyway.

 If your glass soap dispenser has a plain glass design, there’s a big chance that it might slip off your hands and break.

This is why you should always go for a glass pump soap dispenser that has textures on the glass. These textures will increase the friction and give you a firm grip. Thus, no slip-off will happen.

The same applies to the bottom side of the glass dispenser. If it has a plain design, it will lose its ground and potentially slide off. So it’s best to always go for glass dispensers that have a textured surface.

Tags or levels

This is completely an optional thing, but it’s nice to have nonetheless. Suppose you have multiple glass soap dispensers in your bathroom or kitchen.

It’s very easy to get confused about which dispenser has what inside. Often people rub lotion on their hands and think that it’s soap.

Can’t blame them because lotion and soap do look the same. But you wouldn’t want to clean your hands with lotion, would you? That’d be very funny.

This is why it’s important to have labels on each glass soap dispenser. Printing or buying labels/tags can be a tiresome task.

You should go for a glass soap dispenser that includes labels. This will help you out with the confusion.


Can I use glass soap dispensers for coffee syrup or other edible things?

If you want to use your glass soap dispenser to store coffee syrup, you must first make sure the glass/plastic is BPA-free or food grade.

If you see any of these in the highlighted features, you can use the dispenser for coffee syrup.

Will a foaming glass soap dispenser work well with a thick liquid like lotion or shampoo?

There is no clear answer to this, but it’s unlikely to work most of the time. Foaming soap dispensers are made to turn thin liquid into a rich foam for hand washing. Such dispensers will struggle to pump thick liquid.

The pump of my glass soap dispenser stops working after a few months. How can I extend the life of my pump?

Glass soap dispenser pumps stop working because of friction. As you continually dispense thick liquid through the pump, the friction increases and makes it malfunction.

So, to fix the problem, you have to reduce the friction. To do that, you can add ½ teaspoons of olive oil to your liquid soap to extend the life of the pump.

How to create the best foaming soap for a glass soap dispenser?

If you want to create an amazing foaming soap that uses less soap to produce more foam, you have to mix exactly 1 part of soap with 5 parts of water.

 After that, shake the dispenser well for a few minutes. You can add a few drops of essential oil to make the foam smell good.

How do I reuse my glass soap dispenser?

Reusing your glass soap dispenser depends on what liquid you had inside previously. If you have soap and want to refill it with soap from another brand, you can just straight up refill without cleaning.

But, if you have soap and want to put lotion inside, you have to clean it before refilling.

Can I use a different pump on my glass soap dispenser bottle?

Yes, you can use any pump on your glass soap dispenser as long as the dimension of the pump matches the dimension of the opening of the soap dispenser. But it’s always better to buy a new soap dispenser.

Final words

Whether you want a soap dispenser for your bathroom or your kitchen, or for your living room, there are no other alternatives to a glass soap dispenser. Glass is way healthier than plastic, and can be reused as much as you want.

We tried to put every bit of information you need regarding glass soap dispensers. After going through all of it, we don’t think you’ll have any trouble finding out the best glass soap dispenser for kitchens and bathrooms.

Yes, of course, other brands perform great, but choosing a glass soap dispenser is confusing enough already.

 To keep things simple for you, we reviewed only the most popular ones. Your own glass soap dispenser is now just one order away.

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