The Best Glass Dip Pen Reviews: Top 6 Picks for 2023

Best Glass Dip Pen

Glass dip pen instantly turns your writing into art. Amateur or professional calligraphy artists who have excelled in the use of glass dip pen can create mind-blowing arts with the inks absorbed into the grooves of the pen.

Of course, you might also feel fascinated with these arts and create something on your own. The perfect way to start is to buy the best glass dip pen that easy to write with, holds, and spreads inks evenly to make your writing look stunning.

Let’s dive into this discussion of which pen serves the best and how you can choose the right one for you.



Editor's Rating


Molshine Handmade Glass Dip Pen


ESSSHOP Handmade Glass Dipped Pen and Ink Set


Jellyfish Glass Dip Pen


Exquisite Venetian Glass Dip Pen & Inkwell


ZHL Glass Dip Pen Set


Comparison Table for Top 6 Glass Dip Pen

Brand Name


Weight (g)

Line Size

Molshine Handmade Glass

Borosilicate Glass


1 mm

ESSSHOP  Dipped Pen and Ink Set

Borosilicate Glass

499 (Whole Package)

1 mm

Jellyfish Glass

Borosilicate Glass


< 1 mm

Exquisite Venetian Glass Dip

Venetian Glass


0.3 mm

ZHL Glass Dip

Borosilicate Glass


0.7-0.8 mm

Constellation Series Glass

Venetian Glass


< 1 mm

Our Favorite 6 Best Glass Dip Pen Reviews

Glass dip pens come in a variety of artistic designs. Different models have different characteristics, so you will only feel comfortable working with the pen you are familiar with.

Take a look at the collection of glass dip pens for drawing and find out what suits you the best.

1. Molshine Handmade Glass Dip Pen

This glass pen from Molshine looks stunning with the spiral design on the body. It is also very comfortable at the grip while writing, and you can adjust the line thickness by controlling the flow of the ink.

Talking about the flow, you will get close to perfect smoothness in this pen. Once you dip the pen, it holds enough ink and flows smoothly to write about two or three paragraphs. Scratchy write-ups are gone instantly if you buy this glass ink pen.

As it holds an ample amount of ink, you don’t need to bother about refilling the pen frequently, which saves your time and lets you concentrate on your work.

In addition, the tip of the pen is designed to smoothly deliver the ink to the paper and let you create some beautiful pieces of art.

It is made with borosilicate glass which is heat resistant. So, even if the pen is exposed to heat, it is supposed to remain as it is. The pen is also resistant to acids, saving itself from probable damage. You can use multiple colors in this pen.

In that case, you just need to wash the pen before you start to use another color. Rinse the pen with clean water and then dry it with clean clothes.

 It takes as little as 10 seconds to switch to the next color with this pen. Beginner or professional, this pen will amuse both alike.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made of borosilicate glass that is heat, acid, alkali resistant.
  • Spiral design holds a good amount of ink and makes it flow smoothly.
  • You have control over the line width.
  • The grip is very comfortable, and you can write a lot in one refill.

2. ESSSHOP Handmade Glass Dipped Pen and Ink Set

Whenever we discuss glass dipping pen, the ESSSHOP pen and ink set is a prominent name due to its premium quality pen and ink.

The top-grade quality is good, but the complete set looks incredible and fancy if you intend to gift it to anyone who loves to write and draw.

The same borosilicate glass as the previous pen is also used here to build the pen. The grooves in this pen help the ink flow smoothly to give you a pleasant experience whether you write or draw. You can control the ink flow to adjust the line width.

You can use multi-colors with this pen. The good thing is, you will get a 5-color ink set with the pen. That’s not even everything. You will also get the gold powder to decorate your writings and drawings and give them a royal feel.

With these fantastic features, the pen is straightforward to use. You just dip it into the ink and start writing or drawing instantly.

Moreover, the ink absorbed in the grooves remains there for a while so that you don’t need to worry about refilling.

Cleaning the pen is also a breeze. You can simply clean the pen with clean water if you want to use multi-colors.

 Though you can use only one color simultaneously, switching colors doesn’t take much time in this pen. As the best glass dip pen, it definitely is a treat to any creative mind out there.

Highlighted Features:

  • Premium design and build quality that lasts longer.
  • Comes with a 5-color ink set and other artistic materials to work with.
  • Writes faster and smoother than most other glass pens.
  • Versatile usability from writing to drawing.
  • Multi-color can be used quickly as cleaning the pen is easy.

3. Jellyfish Glass Dip Pen

Jellyfish makes some real fancy pens that can write and draw alike. It is mainly used for traditional writing, but artists will never fall behind. It has the perfect size to weight ratio to fit in your hands and feel comfortable.

If used for writing, this glass pen is capable of writing fast and smoothly. No matter whatever ink your use, you will get that fluid feel on paper. Though multi-color inks aren’t commonly used in writing, you can make your rules.

But for drawing, you can use multi-color ink in this pen. Cleaning the pen before switching inks is essential and easy.

Give it a rinse, and you are good to go. With these many colors, you are open to drawing anything you imagine, making this pen versatile.

The pen itself is made of heat-resistant glass, so you know the performance won’t drop under extreme conditions.

Ink flows like fluid inside the grooves of the pen, leaving you a smooth and clean footprint on the paper. It comes with only one ink, but you can separately buy as many as you want.

That unique pen holder design makes it eye-catching, and the spiral tip of the pen adds to its character.

 Anyone loving a glass dipping pen will be amused by the design, quality, and performance of the pen. Let the fluid performance of this pen help you create some fantastic writings and drawings.

Highlighted Features:

  • Spiral tip design with glass pen holder.
  • Holds ink properly and lets it flow smoothly during writing.
  • Tip can handle both thick and thin writing depending on your needs.
  • High strain glass doesn’t break so easily, making the pen much more durable than its competitors.

4. Exquisite Venetian Glass Dip Pen & Inkwell

The making of Venetian glass dip pen and inkwell itself is an art. If you look at the inkwell, you will get that classic feel.

 The well is also designed to act as a pen holder. Also, the design looks very elegant, something that should belong to palaces.

Before coming to the use, if you just put the inkwell with the pen on a gallery, it will look like a piece of art.

But when in use, you can pour ink inside the inkpot. The pen can be submerged into the ink through the hole on the wall of the pot.

As the color spreading capability of the pen is high, this is mainly used for drawing. But you can also write in multi-color with this exquisite pen. The beauty of the pen lies more in your intellect than in its design.

The more you get familiar with the pen, the more it feels comfortable inside your hand. Even with a bit of twist on your wrist, you can change the writing style if you use this pen. To professional writers or calligraphy artists, it is a great pen to have.

Cleaning the pen is almost similar to other pens available in the market, so you don’t need to worry about that.

The material of the pen is also of high quality, so don’t worry about that either. Your only worry about this pen should how you be using it, for writing or drawing?

Highlighted Features:

  • Uniquely designed combination of pen, pen holder, and inkpot.
  • Design of this set screams elegance and quality.
  • Made of Venetian glass to give it that classic look.
  • Spiral pen tip design is very efficient while writing as well as drawing.
  • Holds any ink perfectly in the grooves before they are flown on the paper.

5. ZHL Glass Dip Pen Set

As soon as this glass pen set unleashes its beauty and elegance from inside the wrapping paper, it can be a scenic pleasure to anyone who loves to write.

Also, if you are passionate about drawing, this glass dip pen for drawing can be your best companion.

As you might already assume, these pens are made of glass. But not just any glass; they are made of exquisite borosilicate glass to strengthen the pen from inside and let you write for many consecutive years.

So the value of these pens as a showpiece isn’t negligible either.The real beauty unveils when you dip the pen into any ink and start writing.

The thickness of the nib of this pen swirls around 0.7 to 0.8 mm, which provides fine to medium thickness in writing. But in drawing, you can adjust the thickness by adjusting the angle of attack.

From the very back of the nib to the top, the spiral pattern helps ink flow in a consistent motion. This is particularly important for smooth writing and clean drawing. The twisting design runs to the back of the pen to give the ink the maximum groove possible.

It comes with an ink and dipping tool, so you can start using it right out of the box. You can also change inks at any time by just washing off the current ink from the pen. So it can be a great choice for gifting someone on special occasions.

Highlighted Features:

  • Twisting design from the top to the back ensures ink has the maximum space to swirl.
  • Looks fantastic and has that vintage feel.
  • Ink flow is very consistent and writes super smooth.
  • Produces fine thickness in writing.
  • An array of colors can be used by just washing the pen off.

6. The Constellation Series Glass Dip Pen

We wanna end up with this amazing-looking glass pen that holds enough ink to write several paragraphs, that too, without any scratches in between.

It will elevate your writing experience with glass pens by providing clear lines whether you write or draw.

We liked the packaging because it creates a hollow feeling inside you, and then you want to create something to fill that blank space.

The pen comes in handy right then. It can also be considered a collectible if you have a passion for writing or drawing.

The build of this pen is almost similar to other glass dip pens. But you will see some difference in the crafting of the twisting pattern.

This pattern helps identify the pen amid a lot of other pens. But what matters the most is the writing performance of the pen.

You will get a soft and light feeling while writing with this pen because the ink flows so gently. Once the ink reaches the back of the groove, you can complete writing several lines before it ends. So, you need to refill the pen less, which saves time and effort.

Using multi-color inks is also less time-consuming because of the easy cleaning process. You don’t even need warm water to clean the pen.

Just rinse it with clean water and dry it. But if the ink inside is already dried, you might need to use warm water. Overall, an excellent value for money pen indeed.

Highlighted Features:

  • Lightweight but not too much so that you don’t even feel it.
  • Great design and intuitive packaging.
  • Comes with 4 inks, but more can be used.
  • Can be a good choice as a gift item.
  • Writes smoothly without any scratches.

What to Look for When Buying a Glass Dip Pen

Glass Dip Pen Buying Guide

What if you are new in the world of glass calligraphy pen and don’t know much about deciding factors for buying such a pen? Don’t worry; we are here to save your back.

So that you don’t unnecessarily waste a bunch of bucks on a pen that doesn’t write correctly, we will give you some key factors to consider before you make the decision of buying.

Closely watch these factors while choosing the best glass dip pen and ensure you are getting no less than what you are spending. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of glass ink pen.

Glass: Borosilicate or Venetian?

The outer shell of the pen is made of glass. But there are different classes of glass that are used in making these pens.

 If the glass in your pen isn’t sturdy enough to withstand small knocks here and there, you might end up with a broken pen as soon as you buy it.

Glass pens can also be harmed by heat, alkali, or acid substances if they are not adequately resistant. So, keep a careful eye on the material of the pen you are going to buy.

Borosilicate glass is mostly used in these pens so that the pens become heat, acid, and alkali resistant.


Even if your pen is made of high-quality material but falls short in the design part, you are most probably not gonna buy it. There is something unexplainable in human desire that attracts them towards beauty.

Where beauty differs from person to person, you might dream of having an exquisite twisting design in your pen that draws attention.

This type of design is also crucial for ink flow and storage. The more twists you have in pen, there will be more space for the ink.

So, you can use the pen longer at a stretch. Twists also help ink flow gently down to the nib, where we will be getting into a moment.

Nib with smooth ink flow

No matter how beautifully designed your pen is, you will never want a pen that writes gross. Scratchy writing is the least you will want from such a pen.

So, if the ink doesn’t flow smoothly from the storage area to the nib, the writing won’t be perfect.

Choose a pen with a nib that provides fine to medium thickness for writing and allows you to adjust the line width while drawing. Only then will you be able to pull out the full potential of the pen.

Line Thickness

In most cases, glass dip pens have nibs of around 1 mm. Though you will find some pens have thinner nibs, they are more prone to breaking.

You should consciously choose the thickness depending on your purpose. If you are buying the pen for writing only, like for office work or personal writing, thin lines are the best.

But if drawing is added to your criteria, then the line thickness should be a bit larger so that you can cover more area with fewer lines. Though you will need to feel areas separately, thick lines reduce your hassle and save time.

Pen Holder

Glass pens aren’t just any pen to throw on the table after use. They are delicate pieces of tools that you should handle with care.

If there is no pen holder with the package, you might need to use a general-purpose holder to store the pen. The pen can take damage from materials that aren’t suitable with it.

Packing the pen inside the box isn’t also a good idea if you use it frequently. So, having a pen holder with the package is the best solution. Check for pens that have lovely and exquisite pen holders.

Tips to Use Glass Dip Pen

Often beginners face issues with using a glass dip pen as you need to master the art of writing while the ink is dripping.
So that your lines don’t get bad or your pen doesn’t end up breaking, you should follow these pro tips to write with a glass pen.

  • Don’t dip the whole pen into the ink. Only dip the tip of the pen so that it gets filled with ink. Too much dipping might cause the inkblot and damage your writing.
  • Scrap extra ink on the tip by rubbing it against the neck of the ink bottle so that you get a clean tip every time you write.
  • Don’t put too much pressure on the tip while writing; otherwise, the tip can break down.
  • Consider re-dipping the tip at a constant interval; otherwise, your writing can get too light or scratchy.
  • Keep clean water by your side while writing. If you need to change the ink color, just rinse the pen with clean water and dry it with a paper towel or clean cloth. Then dip into the next color.
  • Choose the ink wisely. Some inks might need more drying time than others.
  • Also, carefully select the paper you are writing on. If the paper is too absorbing, it can feather before the ink dries.
  • Always store the pen inside a padded case to save it from external hits.

Frequently Asked Question & Answers

In this section, you will get the answer to the most commonly asked questions about glass pens. Watch closely and learn.

How do glass dip pens work?

A glass dip pen is a specially designed pen that holds ink in the grooves of the tip. This allows viscous ink to flow down as you write on the paper like a usual pen.

How to clean dried ink from glass dip pen?

Cleaning glass pens are pretty easy. You can just rinse them with clean water and pat dry them with a paper towel or rag.

But if the ink on the nib is dried, you need to swish it into warm water. Then wash the ink off the nib.

Are fountain pens and dip pens the same?

Not necessarily. Fountain pens usually have ink storage where you can fill the ink, and it gradually travels to the nib all the way through.

But in the case of dip pens, they don’t have any ink storage. Instead, you dip the tip of the pen into the ink and then write.

Can glass dip pens be used for regular writing?

Yes, of course. Glass dip pens are versatile. You can use them for illustration and regular writing. Just remember re-dipping the nib into the ink when the pen runs out of the ink.

Are glass dip pens suitable for regular paper?

As long as the paper is of high quality and less absorbent, you can smoothly write on regular paper with glass dip pens. Textured papers might not be an excellent pick for writing with glass pens.

Final Words

Glass dip pens were invented several centuries back to meet the craving of artists for something new and creative.

Since then, they have changed only a little and are being handmade to date. The craftsmanship put in these pens is incredible, which makes you passionate about writing.

And when the performance of the best glass dip pen meets with your passion for writing, you create something unique every time you dip that pen into the ink and scatter it through the paper.

This remarkable process starts with melting glass and ends up with anything you can imagine.

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