Best Dremel Bit for Drilling Glass: Top 5 Picks for 2023

Best Dremel Bit for Drilling Glass

Suppose you’re renovating the glass table because the previous one got damaged.

You may have trouble drilling holes onto the glass to attach the lever accordingly. The question arises when you don’t know the ideal tool to finish the project flawlessly.

To answer your question, a Dremel drill does the perfect job as the bit onto the edge can pierce precise holes in hard materials, especially into a glass. The bits can be bought separately as well.

In this guide, we bring you a list of the best Dremel bit for drilling glass available based on its size, materials, and longevity. Let’s get started, shall we?



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AebDerp Multifunctional Angle Grinding Burrs Set


 Our 5 Best Dremel Bit for Drilling Glass Reviews

Choosing the suitable Dremel bit for drilling glass that suits your preferences can be a tricky task. Thus, we bring you a list of the top choices available by considering several essential factors. Check them out!

1. Diamond Drill Bit Set

Who wouldn’t want drill bits having different sizes of tile hole saw according to your preferences? Introducing Diamond drill bit, which includes 15 sizes of the hole saw.

The edge of the hole is created thickly to cut even the strongest surfaces. Further, the saws can form a precise size of holes in your projects according to your choice.

To avoid the chemical reaction with the glass, this tool is made with a premium level of carbon steel. It means the glass won’t get damaged if you decide to use this unit to drill the surface.

Further, the unit is covered with nickel so that it can be waterproof. Hence, if the diamond bit is exposed to water, this won’t shred the unit’s lifespan.

Each application from this tool will pierce the surface sharply, thanks to its superior handiwork form.

However, if you’re not accustomed to using drill bits for glass or other surfaces, you may need to practice it beforehand so that you do not cut yourself. You can use this on a scrap piece to avoid uncertainty.

You have to drill by creating low pressure to ensure longevity with this unit. This device can be generally used for several surfaces also such as to drill glass, ceramic, porcelain tiles, slate marbles, etc.

Highlighted Features:

  • Includes 15 sizes of premium quality hole saw to cut through holes as desired
  • Covered with nickel plates for water resistance
  • Made with superior carbon steel to endure glass corrosion
  • It can be used to drill several surfaces

2. DRILAX Beach Sea Glass Shells

Need help to make holes in sea glass shells for a creative project? DRILAX comes with the unique quality of diamond drill bit that all the artists love.

Hence, if you are creating your sea glass table or these types of aesthetic projects, this is the one for you. This superior tool is easy to move and rotate so that the drilling application is easy for you.

 The set comes with 30 pcs with 10 pcs of 1 mm, 20 pcs of 2 mm and 30 pcs of 3 mm. It means you can drill 1-3 mm size precise holes in your project.

For easier usage, the unit comes as a cylindrical tool. You can create accurate holes in the substances of glass bottle, tiles, mirrors & glasses, etc.

This device may take a while to drill a hole in the hard substances. It usually takes 15 minutes to pierce into the surface. If you follow the given instructions properly, you’ll have no problem whatsoever.

You must spray water to keep the tool working and going. If you drill at a 45-degree angle with a little pressure, it can easily drill into the shells of your project. Additionally, this unit is budget-friendly to make things easier for you.

Highlighted Features:

  • Perfect to use on creative projects such as glass bottles, stained glass, etc.
  • Comes with 30 pcs for making 1-3 mm accurate size holes
  • Designed as a cylindrical tool for easier usage
  • Flexible to move and rotate to create clear holes

3. Dremel 662DR 1/8-Inch Glass Drilling Bit

Do you want to drill holes in any type of glass?

This unit from Dremel is appropriate to use for both flat and contoured glass. You can easily drill holes in these types of substances like on a beer bottle, wine bottle, and frames.

To ensure longevity, this device is designed with upper-level quality diamonds. These diamonds are formed in the area of the bit for easier usage. This bit also aids you to pierce through a larger or smaller hole, according to your needs.

The tool also works like a 360-degree tool to give the drilling process flexibility and versatility. The bit comes with Dremel special cutting oil to minimize any unforeseen accidents of cutting and getting hurt and ensure a safe experience.

If you want to drill holes in glasses perfectly, this is the best Dremel bit for drilling glass out there. It works flawlessly on every type of glasses, and it can drill holes only in one application.

To drill holes in small and light projects, this unit is the ideal one. But, for big or strong projects, this tool may not work effectively because of its lightweight.

By producing 1/8th inch size of holes, you will be sure to obtain a sharp and clear hole in your project due to the usage of this unit.

Highlighted Features:

  • Appropriate to use for several types of glasses
  • Designed with a premium level of diamonds to ensure durability
  • Features 360 degrees for maximum flexibility
  • Able to make 1/8th inch size of holes in the hard glass surface

4. DKIBBITH Dry Diamond Drill Bits Set

Making a hole in grounds or glass tiles can be troublesome as the mentioned surfaces are much stronger to drill through.

Dry Diamond Drill Bits introduces state-of-the-art technology to drill perfect holes into hard substances like tiles, glass mirrors, porcelain ground, etc. The bits are covered with brazing diamond to create accurate holes.

The covered diamond body also helps to speed up the drilling process. This one features a round shank that can clear the bits of glasses after drilling. Additionally, it aids in drilling the holes smoothly and thoroughly.

Water is not mandatory to use for this unit. This device includes wax lubricant that helps to dry drill into the cold and hard surfaces. However, you can use water to extend the lifetime of the tool.

The downside of this tool is the transience. If you want a drill bit to use for a shorter period, this can be the right one for you.

This one comes with 5 pieces of drill bits, including 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, and 12 mm. You can adjust the sizes of the bit according to your needs for the project. Hence, this unit will allow you to renovate your home comfortably.

Highlighted Features:

  • Designed with modern diamond technology to drill through strong substances
  • Features a round shank to fasten up the drilling process
  • Includes wax lubricant for dry drilling
  • Comes with a set of 5 different sizes of bits

5. AebDerp Multifunctional Angle Grinding Burrs Set

The drill bit that can move or rotate flexibly as you report them makes the drilling application easier. Because making a glass bottle isn’t the same as repairing a glass table.

AebDerp established a diamond drill bit set that is painless to use. You can easily make it by hand as it’s considered one of the top rotary tools out there.

The tool is covered in diamond and alloy, making the drill bit work faster and smoother in crystals or glasses.

Additionally, its color is a silver-tone which is pretty vintage to look at. The set comes packaged in a plastic box so that it can’t get damaged.

This device includes 50 pieces of head diamonds in one set. Hence, it ensures the durability of the unit.

A broad application can be done with this one as it has heads shaped like a cylinder, sphere, bullet, a needle head, and many more. This guarantees the adjustability of the unit.

Because of its tiny size, you may have trouble working with this one and applying pressure to make the holes in your projects because of its tiny size.

But, the qualities are plentiful if it’s compared with its low prices. You’re getting the worth of your money with this device.

Highlighted Features:

  • Designed as a rotary tool for easier application
  • Includes 50 pieces of diamond bits to ensure longevity
  • Features different shapes of heads for a broad application
  • Covered in diamond and alloy for the faster glass drilling process

Comparison Table of Top 5 Glass Drilling Dremel Bit

Brand Name


Item Weight (Ounces)

Number of Pieces (PCS)

3 otters




















Dremel Bit for Drilling Glass Buying Guide

Dremel Bit for Drilling Glass Buying Guide

After going through the reviews, you may have acquired some idea of the Dremel drill bits. By looking at the factors needed before buying one, you will be clear from confusion.

Therefore, let’s look over the factors you should consider before purchasing a Dremel bit.


The size of the bit depends on the requirement of your projects. Currently, the drill bits sizes range from 1 mm to 20 mm. You can adjust the bits as per your wish.

If your project is drilling frames or glass bottles, it will need smaller holes. You can’t purchase the drill bit that creates a hole of big sizes for this. It will ruin your project.

Thus, the size of the drill bits is important to consider before purchasing the best Dremel bit for drilling glasses for you.

If you are using screws, make sure to check that the drill bit size should be smaller than the diameter of the screws for greater output.


Wanting to use a drill bit for years to come is a common wish. The projects will not be the same each year. In one year, you may need to fix your glass table. The next year you may need to renovate the tiles.

Hence, if you want to use a drill bit for a wide range of applications, go for the bits suitable for every operation.

Buy the ones that can drill through glasses, porcelain, marbles, stones, etc. Adjustability is the main factor for any drill bit if you have too many projects to look for.


If your project is glass-related, the drill bit must be from these two types of materials- a diamond or carbide tip. The carbide must be tungsten with spear tips. As for the diamond one, it must be covered wholly onto the body with diamond.

To drill holes in non-tempered glasses or soft glasses, you can select the carbide drill bits. This material can endure for a long period, and it can pierce through the glass.

On the other hand, you must choose the bit covered in a diamond for the hard-glass projects as diamond-coated bits are stronger and more durable than others.

Easy Application

If you don’t have experience working with drill bits, you’ll have problems working with complex tools. There are Dremel bits in the market that are easy to drill through glass and included with instructions. Choose to purchase these types of bits for further comfort.

In addition, easy to rotate and revolve can be an optimal factor for safer usage. This will enhance the experience of the drilling operation.

Working with electronic tools and glasses is always dangerous. Make sure to take proper safety measures. This will prevent you from unexpected accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a regular drill bit for glass?

A regular electric drill can drill holes in the glass, but the drill must be the ideal one for your project. Choosing the drill bit is the most important decision in this process.

As an example, the materials used in the drill bit must be tougher and more solid than the glass. You must remember not to use the whole power of the drill to make a hole in a glass.

What is the hardest drill bit?

Carbide is the hardest drill of all the materials. It is generally used to design superior quality tools or drill machines in order to create an efficient performance.

These are used mostly in the demanding and hardest projects.

Can you drill through glass without breaking it?

With the ideal tools, you can easily drill through glass without breaking the glass. You must select the tool that is formed with carbide or diamond.

You should seal the glass with an appropriate covering. Give low pressure on the glass and take safety measures. Following the steps will decrease the chance of breaking the glass.

How do you make a hole in glass bigger?

Firstly, you need a screwdriver that is suitable for the hole. Then, put the screwdriver into the hole. You must slowly push the hole with the tool to make the hole bigger.

The glass needs to be warm to do this process. If you see that it is cooling down, stop pushing the screwdriver inside and heat the glass up once again.

Why is my drill not making a hole?

If the drill is rotating or spinning in the wrong direction, it will not create a clear hole in the surface. You must check the drill rotation direction from time to time in order to avoid this problem.

Additionally, weakened batteries can make your drill bit work ineffectively. This will result in the drill not make a hole in your project.

Why is diamond good for drill heads?

Drilling bits need to be water-resistant, and diamond has the ability to resist water. It creates strong bonds to create tough materials.

As the bit needs to be harder than the surface, bits made with diamonds have the versatility of being able to work on any type of project. Diamond bits have longer durability as well.

Final Words

Drilling an accurate hole is necessary as it is required by your project. To do this perfectly, buying a Dremel bit is the right thing you can do.

In this guide, we have reviewed the best Dremel bit for drilling glass for your convenience. Also, we have attached some factors such as the material, depth size, and versatility of the tool that you can look over if you decide to buy one.

Be certain to use the proper one for your glass furniture. Make sure you properly know how to drill holes prior to the application of drilling. Remember to take appropriate safety measures.

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