Best Curtains For Sliding Glass Doors: Top 10 Picks Reviews

Curtains have been around for ages and were once viewed as a sign of prosperity. Nowadays, they have become much more affordable and common.

Best Curtains For Sliding Glass Doors

In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a home without curtains. The annual expenditure on curtains and drapes hits over 10 million dollars in the US alone. That’s a lot of curtains!

The thing is, you cannot use the same curtains for both windows and sliding doors. Sliding doors are usually larger. Naturally, you need specialized drapes for sliding glass doors.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best curtains for sliding glass doors available in the market today. But firstly, what makes curtains so special?



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Deconovo Drapes for Sliding Glass Door


NICETOWN Patio Sliding Door Curtain


H.VERSAILTEX Blackout Curtain


RYB HOME Glass Door Curtain


MIULEE Curtain for Living Room Sliding Glass Door


What are The Benefits of Using Curtains for a Glass Door?

Benefits Of Sliding Glass Door Window curtains

Curtains are an integral part of any modern household. But have you ever wondered why?

Whether you’re looking to step up the aesthetics of your room, need some privacy or the sunlight around your home is just too intense, curtains offer an elegant and eco-friendly solution. How do they manage all that? Also, sliding glass doors with curtains adds up a touch of extra elegancy in your home sweet home. 

1. Get Some Much-Needed Privacy

This is an obvious one. We all need some privacy. You need sliding glass doors drapes if you don’t want to be on display 24/7. One of the primary purposes a curtain serves is keeping nosy neighbors out of your business. Thin curtains can’t do that and so all the products on our list have sufficient thickness.

2. Make Your Home Environment Cleaner And Fresher

Any environmentalist will tell you that the air around us is in a dismal state. Industrialization got us nice things like cars and electricity but we also got some horrible side effects such as air pollution.

As a result- the intense UV ray in the sunlight outdoor is incredibly harmful to our body and so you must expose yourself to the bare minimum amount of it. Curtains can help you to do so.

Sliding glass door curtains that have a natural color and are made of eco-friendly material can keep out the dangerous gas from our homes. They can even keep out dust and other harmful intruders that make it past your glass door.

Back in the day, air circulation was a major issue. Since the sliding glass door window curtains would stop unwanted air from entering your home, it also meant any unhealthy gases, foul smells, or smoke that were already in the house would not be able to escape without you removing the curtains.

Today this is no longer a concern. Most curtains, if not all, today are made of breathable fabric that automatically filters out the aforementioned gases. 

3. Step Up Your Interior Design Game

Who cares about the drapes over sliding glass doors? A lot more people than you might think of. Your curtains say a lot about your style sensibility. These sliding-door-window-coverings can make or break your entire home aesthetic.

The best window coverings for sliding glass doors can make your home look sleek and classy. On the other hand, a poorly picked curtain panel for sliding glass door is going to look really shabby.

The options on our list are all quite fashionable and if you are able to match the color with the theme around your home, they are bound to be a hit.

4. Keep The Sunlight To A Minimum

While we may not hate garlic and get terrified of crucifixes, there are some days when the sun has the same effect on us as it does on vampires! On those days, you really need a reliable pair of blackout curtains for sliding glass doors.

Since sliding doors are so large, they let in a lot of light. That is why you need the best shades for sliding glass doors. With the curtains we’ve listed, we doubt you’ll have any trouble napping in the afternoon even on a hot summer day.

Top 10 Best Curtains For Sliding Glass Door Reviews in 2022

1. Denconovo Blackout Curtains for Sliding Glass Doors

If you are in the market for blackout curtains for sliding glass doors, Dencovo offers an excellent option with this product. This is arguably the best covering for sliding glass doors if you want to keep the sun out.

With size options varying from 42”x45” to 52”x108” (width by length), you won’t have any trouble finding the right fit for your glass door.

The material is top-notch. The polyester blend is also reliable. Moreover, it is silky and soft to the touch.

In terms of special features, this product is no slouch. We already talked about the blackout feature. On top of that, the noise reduction these shades can offer you is beyond impressive.

The last standout features of this product has been the fact that it is thermal insulated. This means that it lets heat stay at the home during the winter and outside during the summer.

The visual appeal of these curtains is a hit or miss. There are loads of color options so that is a good thing; you can choose one that fits your home’s color scheme comfortably. The double panel window treatment is a safe play. The pattern is controversial.

The wave and dot patterns on the curtains look elegant to us, but we understand that they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Highlighted features:

  • Excellent blackout curtain
  • A large variety of sizes and colors
  • Classical Double-panel treatment
  • High-quality polyester blend
  • Sufficient noise reduction
  • Controlling home temperature through thermal insulation
  • The pattern design for exclusive taste

2. NICETOWN Sliding Glass Door Curtains

NICETOWN have an amazing product on their hands. These sliding glass door curtains offer quite the bang for your buck. It is a jack of all trades that excels in all categories.

Let’s start with sizes; you will certainly find the right size for your glass door with options ranging from 52”x45” to 100”x120” (width by length).

The color options are abundant as well so you won’t have a hard time finding a color to match your interior decor.

This curtain panel does not feature any patterns. It is a single solid color panel. We think this is a big plus point as it looks classy. You aren’t taking any aesthetic risks with this product.

This curtain is made with premium wrinkle-free polyester fabric in an innovative three-layer system. Much like Denconovo’s product, it is very soft.

This is also one of the best window treatments for sliding glass doors. The classy single panel design is easy to use and easy on the eyes.

The special features are where it earns its stars. Just like Denocovo, it is a blackout curtain, although not as good at blocking out light.

The thermal insulation is even better with a three-layered system. You can rely on these curtains on the coldest and hottest days of the year. The noise reduction is also great thanks to the triple layers.

Highlighted features:

  • Great allrounder
  • Impressive color and size options
  • Safe solid color pattern
  • Top-notch wrinkle-free soft polyester material
  • Classy single-panel treatment
  • Less strong blackout than the Denocovo
  • Unrivaled thermal insulation ability
  • Great noise reduction

3. H.VERSAILTEX Window Coverings for Sliding Glass Doors

H.VERSAILTEX blackout curtain is pretty similar to NICETOWN’s product. Not only do the two products look identical with a solid-color pattern and single panel hanging style, but they are both also similar in function.

First of all, as this is also a blackout curtain, you can expect to get some of that street glare out of your home with these blinds as well. Again, not as impressive as Denocovo but still satisfactory.

Secondly, you’ll see a big difference in the level of noise in your home with these curtains too.

Thirdly, this features the thermal insulation we mentioned for the last two products as well, keeping your home at the right temperature.

Other than functionality, the material is also the same. The high-quality polyester blend is breathable. So, it lets air in and out but doesn’t let unwanted gases enter your home. This means you’ll have a fair amount of air circulation in your home. Again, this material is also quite soft.

There are a few differences, however. Firstly, the variety of options in terms of size and color- although impressive, is limited comparatively. It is important to note that the 52”x45” to 100”x108” (width by length) size range should cover most glass doors nonetheless.

Also, this product is not wrinkle-free. In its defense, this is a rare feature and there is a work-around in the form of regular low-heat ironing.

Highlighted Features:

  • Similar to NICETOWN patio curtain
  • Great simple aesthetic
  • Reliable noise reduction, thermal insulation, and blackout capability
  • Excellent soft polyester fabric 
  • Satisfactory variety of sizes and colors

4. RYB HOME Pictures of Drapes for Sliding Glass Doors

In number 4, we have a very sturdy product from RYB HOME. This is one of the most heavy-duty curtains you’ll find in the market. If you are looking for a curtain that is going to last for a very long time, this is the product for you.

Let’s start with the aesthetics, like the last two products, the manufacturer kept things simple and classy. The size and color options are adequate as well.

One way it looks different from NICETOWN and H.VERSAILTEX is the hanging style. This is the second product on this list to feature a double panel window treatment after the Denocovo curtains. We think it is an equally classy style due to its simplicity.

Like NICETOWN, it is a triple-weaved curtain. The material used for this curtain is polyester again but it isn’t the same quality as its predecessors. We’re not saying it’s better or worse but this material is certainly a fair bit more robust.

It seems that RYB HOME has chosen to favor longevity over softness. This curtain is still not rough by any means but it isn’t nearly as soft as the other ones on this list.

The blackout feature, thermal insulation, and noise reduction are adequate, nothing special.

The standout feature of this product is its sheer resilience. You can keep using these curtains without much maintenance quite easily.

Highlighted Features:

  • Heavy-duty long-lasting curtains
  • Classy simple look
  • Multiple sizes and color options
  • Double panel hanging style
  • Acceptable blackout capability, thermal insulation, and noise reduction
  • A bit sturdy material

5. MIULEE Diy Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors

Next up, we have a product that can give Denocovo a run for its money as the champion of blackout curtains. MIULEE’s product does an amazing job at keeping light out of your home.

For starters, the material is the same as the first three products. You can’t go wrong with the super-soft polyester blend, especially in terms of keeping light out of your home.

This is a triple-woven curtain so the three layers make sure that any light outside your home stays out. This is one of the curtains on this list that can rival Denocovo in this category.

The thermal insulation capability is nothing special to write about, but it is satisfactory; you should be able to save a pretty penny on energy bills with this product.

The least impressive of the special features is the noise reduction. These curtains don’t do a great job keeping noise out.

This hits the bullseye in terms of aesthetics. The solid color pattern is something we always appreciate and the color options are all appealing; there isn’t anything too flashy.

The limited size options are a con that is hard to look past. You will need to have a glass door that is either compatible with 100″x84″ or 100″x 96″ (width by length) to use this product.

Highlighted features:

  • Great blackout curtains
  • Soft and durable triple-woven polyester blend
  • Satisfactory thermal insulation
  • Solid color patterns and great color options
  • Limited size options; only 100″x84″ or 100″x 96″

6. Rose Home Fashion Thermal sliding glass doors shades

If you are in the market for a curtain that looks elegant and checks all the boxes, you’ve got a good option in RHF’s wide thermal blackout curtain. It doesn’t have any standout features but it is a good all-rounder.

Being one of the best curtains for sliding glass doors, it looks classy and refined. The single panel hanging style and solid color pattern mean you are not taking any fashion risks. The various color options will help you find the perfect match for your interior.

The size options are going to suit most doors but we still suggest double-checking.

The material is 100% polyester. This means you get the same softness as all the previous products except RYB HOME. Again, it’s not as durable as RYB HOME but it is still easier to take care of than some of the other products.

In terms of the blackout capability, it still keeps the sun out but it pales in comparison to more intense blackout curtains like Denocovo. Go for darker color options if this is a priority for you. The lighter shades don’t do that great of a job at keeping light out.

The thermal insulation is going to help make sure that your home’s temperature is never too hot or cold.

Highlighted Features:

  • Decent allrounder
  • Classy single-panel solid-color look
  • Variety of colors options
  • Soft and durable polyester fiber
  • Satisfactory blackout capability- darker colors do a better job
  • Reliable thermal insulation

7. BUHUA Sliding Glass Door Curtains

Finally, another product that features a pattern. But we’re getting ahead ourselves. BUHUA Blackout curtain is a unique addition to this list because of its aesthetics.

The double panel hanging style is nothing new, we’ve seen it before with the RYB HOME and Denconovo products. The way it differentiates is with its interesting pattern and color combinations.

We think the patterns on this curtain are super charming and suave. The silver vines add a touch of elegance to the otherwise one-dimensional solid color. One-dimensional isn’t necessarily a bad thing and we also like this approach.

The color options add to the rarity of its visuals as they are much brighter than those of the other curtains.

The issue is different isn’t always a good thing. While some may call this design bold, others may call it tacky and overdone. Whatever you say, it certainly isn’t boring.

The top-tier triple-woven polyester material is always a massive pro in our books. The softness is brilliant. It also allows these curtains to be a frontrunner in blackout capability, thermal insulation, and noise reduction.  It’s going to make sure your home feels just right.

The biggest flaw with this product is that it isn’t specifically made for glass doors. The size options may not match your needs for that reason. However, if you have a door that is between 38Wx45L and 52Wx96L, there is no reason to skip out on this product.

Highlighted features:

  • Well-balanced reliable curtains
  • Double-panel hanging style
  • Risky sliver-vine pattern
  • Unique color options
  • High-quality triple-woven polyester fiber
  • Good blackout capability, thermal insulation, and noise reduction
  • Size options are very limited

8. Central Park Window Treatment for Sliding Patio Glass Door

Central Park Ombre curtain features, as the name suggests, a dapper ombre pattern that is sure to amuse your guests.

Much like the previous product, this is quite different from your average joe curtains. The single-panel ombre design elevates the aesthetic value of these blinds to the next level. In fact, this is most beautiful in our books.

For those of you who don’t know what ombre is, it means that the curtain features various shades of one color gradually seamlessly fading into each other. There are many color options to make sure you get the effect you desire.

The solid color pattern will always be your safest bet. However, there are fewer things that look better than an ombre done right. If you can match the shades to your room’s interior design, your room will look amazing.

The material on this curtain is also different. This is the only product not to have any polyester in it. It is made of a blend of rayon and heavy linen. Rayon makes these curtains look timeless.

Unfortunately, Rayon isn’t as utilitarian as polyester so you see a severe decrease in thermal insulation and noise reduction. There is no blackout on this curtain but it still blocks out a lot of light and protects your privacy.

Another issue with this product is that it only comes in 3 sizes so you may not find the right size for your door.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ombre design- great colors
  • Single panel
  • No blackout
  • Weaker thermal insulation and noise reduction
  • Limited sizes

9. DWCN Patio Glass Sliding Door Curtains

The penultimate entry to this list is the DWCN Patio Curtain. This is yet another all-rounder that is going to satisfy most of the criteria when purchasing sliding glass door window curtains.

A large number of size and color options on these curtains make sure that you won’t have to compromise in any way when it comes to your aesthetic desires.

These single-panel solid-color curtains are made of triple-woven polyester fiber. So, you can rest assured that this is going to be a very soft panel that feels like air in the hand.

Speaking of air, we know how good this material is at thermal insulation. These curtains are going to help regulate the temperature around your home simply by controlling the airflow around your home.

The blackout feature on this product is also pretty impressive. Again, we wouldn’t rate them as highly as Denocovo Blackout Curtains but they will give most other curtains a run for their money.

We also know that these materials are a reliable measure against noise pollution. The noise reduction these curtains give you can improve your day drastically. No one likes to be bombarded by noise.

We like these curtains quite a bit because they are quite durable in comparison to most other curtains on this list. While it poses no threat to RBY’s position as the sturdiest product, it is still really durable.

Highlighted Features:

  • Solid allrounder
  • A large variety of sizes and colors
  • Great looking single-panel solid-color triple-woven polyester fiber
  • Excellent thermal reduction, blackout capability, and noise reduction
  • Impressive durability

10. 100% Blackout Shield Sliding Glass Doors Blackout Shades

Last but not the least, we have a pretty obscure brand in 100% Blackout shield but don’t let the size of the company fool you. This is still a very reliable option if you are in the market for a blackout curtain.

That’s right, we have another challenger to Denocovo’s throne. As a matter of fact, it straight-up steals the crown. These curtains can add pitch darkness to your room. Don’t worry about any light finding its way through these bad boys. You can have the best sleep of your life in the afternoon with these curtains.

How do these curtains do this? The material is specialized to serve this purpose. The polyester and linen blend makes sure that a minimal amount of light gets into your room.

The faux linen look is really convincing and the color options add to these single-panel curtains’ beauty. You won’t have trouble finding your size either.

Unfortunately, the material has its flaws as well. The noise reduction is not going to blow you away and neither is the thermal insulation. These features were clearly put on the backburner.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ultimate blackout curtains
  • Extra elegant look with polyester and linen blend
  • Appealing Single-panel hanging style
  • Inadequate Noise reduction and thermal insulation

Our Top 10 Sliding Glass Doors Curtains Comparison Table

Denconovo Blackout Curtain

Denconovo Blackout Curtain

Polyester Blend

Wave And Dot

Denconovo Blackout Curtain


Polyester Blend


Nicetown Patio Curtain


Polyester Blend


H.Versailtex Blackout Curtain


Polyester Blend


 Ryb Home Long Curtain Panels




Miulee Blackout Curtain


Polyester Blend


Rose Home Furniture Wide Thermal Blackout Curtain


Polyester Blend


Buhua Blackout Curtain


Polyester Blend

Silver Vines

Central Park Ombre Curtain


Blend Of Rayon And Heavy Linen


Dwcn Patio Curtain


Polyester Blend


100% Blackout Shield Curtain


Polyester And Linen Blend


Curtains For Sliding Glass Doors Buying Guide

Curtains For Sliding Glass Doors

So, we’ve established that all curtains essentially fulfill four important roles; provide some privacy, keep your home environment clean, make your house look better, and keep the excess light out. But not all curtains fulfill these roles with equal grace. How well they suit your needs depends on the following factors.

1. Size

This depends on the size of your sliding door. If you have a larger door, you’ll need a curtain that covers it entirely. Sometimes, this may make you compromise the style as larger curtains can be unappealing to some.

Curtain sizes ideally vary between around 42×45 to 100×120 in terms of width and length respectively. We think NICETOWN is an excellent option if you are looking for curtains for large sliding glass doors.

A trick to finding the perfectly-sized sliding glass door drapes is measuring your door and then visualizing the curtains on your door before making the purchase.

2. Color

Take a lot of time when making this decision. The color you choose is one of the deciding factors for the aesthetic value of your curtains on sliding glass doors.

Choose the right color and you’ll be labeled a stylish individual who knows how to balance the color scheme around your home. Choose the wrong one and your palette will be questioned.

Even if you aren’t one for interior design and don’t mind ugly curtains for glass door as long as they get the job done, the color may still play an important role for you.

Lighter shades let in more light than darker ones so if you live in a sunny area, we suggest going for a darker shade. Also, a natural color shade may further decrease the amount of carbon dioxide entering your home.

Although the color selection is an entirely subjective matter, we think NICETOWN takes the cake here again due to the sheer number of options they have in this category.

3. Patterns

Much like color, this is a matter of personal preference. If you want to go for a safe look, opt for one that is one solid color.

Almost all the products on our list are one solid color. If you are a fan of patterns, however, Denconova, BUHUA, and Central Park all provide some unique and fresh patterns for you to choose from.

4. Material

Most of the products on our list are made of polyester or some kind of polyester blend. This material is ideal to keep your home’s environment healthy. It also does a great job of keeping the sunlight out. However, you may have complaints about the aesthetic.

While the practical uses for polyester are great, it does not look all that fancy. Rayon and linen do much better in that case. If you are looking for that suave look, central park’s sliding glass door curtains are perfect for you. It isn’t as utilitarian but it gets the job done whilst looking amazing.

If you want something that gets the best of both worlds, go for 100% Blackout Shield. They have an innovative linen and polyester blend that gets the perfect balance.

5. Window Treatment Style

Again, this is purely an aesthetic choice. The way you hang your drapes over sliding glass doors is going to have zero effects on keeping the sun out or improving your home’s air quality.

What it actually does is massively improve, or damage, your home decor. All the options on our list are either single or double-panel treatments. Both these styles are elegant and classy- so you won’t be making a mistake in picking either.

6. Bells And Whistles

This is a particularly unique factor to look for. There are a lot of special features that make a product stand out. For example, all of these are blackout curtains for sliding glass doors. This means that it blocks out all light.

Another special feature may be noise reduction. A lot of these products can reduce the sound entering your home from the outside world. This is an excellent feature that may sway your vote.

Yet another special feature you may find is the quality of being wrinkle-free. This one is pretty self-explanatory. These curtains always look tidy as if they have just been ironed.

7. Care Instructions

Speaking of ironing, you cannot just put a burning hot iron on any curtain. To keep your curtain in good form, you need to take good care of these products. Neglecting them will lead to losing their magic and they’ll start to look like lifeless drapes over sliding glass doors.

If you are particularly rash with them, they may even lose utility. To make sure that doesn’t happen, you need to follow the care instructions to a tee. There are some more rules to follow but we’ll cover them later.

Tips To Take Care Of Your Curtains For Long-Lasting Uses

Tips To Take Care Of Your Curtains For Long-Lasting Uses

Your job isn’t over once you purchase a curtain that fits all your needs. Now, you need to make sure you maintain it so that it lasts for years to come. Luckily, you can do that if follow these simple tips.

1. Keep It Safe From Damage

This is a no-brainer. Keep any potentially dangerous objects away from your curtains. This includes flame hazards, sharp objects, or dangerous chemicals. Even the sturdiest curtains can’t survive these threats.

2. Follow The Label

Each set of curtains is built differently and so you have to follow different instructions for every curtain. This includes washing recommendations, water temperatures, and other useful tidbits.  These instructions are on the label or readily available online.

3. No Chemicals Unless Absolutely Necessary

Even if the manufacturer says it’s okay, we suggest not using any cleaning products such as bleach on your curtains unless they badly require it. Also make sure you use clean, preferably soft, water when washing your curtains.

4. Handwashing Is Always Better

Machines are awesome, we know. But washing your curtains needs some care and attention and not all machines can provide that. In fact, some curtains specifically ask you to handwash. Whatever the label says, we think it is always wiser to take matters into your own hands; literally.

5. Keep Temperatures Low

The temperature recommendations are usually listed on the label or online. The general rule is to use the minimum amount of heat in any case whether it be washing or ironing.

6. Clean Regularly

Lastly, make sure you are regular with your maintenance. Note that regularly and daily are different. Do not clean your curtains every day. Do it once in a while, like every 2 months. Just be consistent.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I Really Need Sliding Glass Door Curtains?

Yes. If you do not get curtains for your glass door, you will have four very big issues to deal with. Firstly, you will have no privacy. Anyone who walks across your patio is going to have a clear view of your home. This is very unsafe.

Secondly, without curtains, you’re letting in a lot of carbon dioxide each time you open the door. This reduces the quality of the air in your home. Also, the lack of healthy air circulation is going to negatively impact your home’s environment.

Thirdly, during the summer or on any sunny day, you don’t have the option to cover your glass door. Given that it is large in size, you are going to let in a lot of light which might be irritating and will also raise the temperature of your home.

Fourthly and lastly, they are an important part of any fashionable individual’s home. A glass door without curtains looks incomplete and unstylish.

2. What Is The Difference Between A Window And Sliding Door Curtain?

A window curtain is considerably smaller than a sliding door curtain. While some curtains can serve as both, it is rare to find a product with such a large range of sizes. It’s either that or you have a very large window or a small door.

3. How Do I Know What Size To Get?

To understand what size you need to get, get yourself a measuring tape and measure the length and width of your door. Visualize how much of the door you want the curtain to cover and use those measurements to make your purchase.

4. How Do I Install The Curtains?

Installing curtains is as simple as putting the curtain rod through the grommets. Grommets are the holes you find on the top of the curtain. Make sure the rod can support the weight of your curtains.

5. Which Is The Best Curtain For My Door?

This depends on your priorities. For us, the finest drapes for sliding glass doors is the NICETOWN patio curtain. It covers every criterion with flying colors. The only place where we think it could do better is the blackout capability. Otherwise, it is a perfect curtain.

6. Does The Brand Matter?

Simply put, no. The curtains with the most blackout capability are made by 100% Blackout shield. This brand is tiny and yet the product is excellent. This is one market where the brand name does not hold much stake.

Final Words

All in all, it is impossible to single out the best curtains for sliding glass doors for everyone. This is because everyone is looking for different things in this product.

For example, if you are looking for a product that provides maximum blackout, you can go for the 100% blackout shield curtains. But that product is not ideal for the other purpose.

Similarly, RYB Home provides durability and Central Park offers style. It all depends on what you deem to be most important. Our favorite is NICETOWN Patio Curtain as it does not skip a beat. It excels in every department.

We hope you found this article helpful. We wish you luck in finding the right window coverings for sliding glass doors for your home.

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