Assistive Technology (or Enabling Technology, Part II) for Blind

Assistive technology can be the key to coping with vision loss and finding employment

Assistive technology is one of the most promising possibilities to make the world more accessible for people who are blind.

Enabling technology is another term for assistive technology. You can learn more here. Last week you learned about my passion for assistive technology and my day job. Here is the rest of the story.

Assistive technology can be the key to coping with vision loss and finding employment

Assistive technology can be the difference between high and low quality of life

If any hours remain in the week after my COSY work, I am also the Founder of The Blind Guide. This features regular content intended to educate and inspire individuals who are coping with vision loss and their network of caregivers. I have also written an eBook entitled Blindness: Coping with Vision Loss. The book is intended to inspire people who are visually impaired and those who care about them. My site store highlights emerging enabling technology. The goal is to help young companies succeed but it doesn’t stop at that. I want to ensure that people experiencing vision loss are aware of novel tech which will improve their quality of life and employability, when that is a goal.

My most recent activity will directly lead to new enabling technology. I had the good fortune to meet some amazing young men who are students at UPenn. They created a very cool app which provides text and object recognition on your smartphone. They are fully immersed in their studies and I agreed to drive the technology to a more complete state. We’re not there yet but the app is commercially available here. If you are interested in making this a reality, let me know.

ThirdEye technologies has been working to make the world more accessible to people who are blind.

In case you don’t have time to explore, here’s an excerpt from the ThirdEye Technologies that will help you understand their goals. They have created a product for Google Glass that recognizes objects and gives verbal feedback to the user. The team has partnered with the National Federation of the Blind to create useful technology for nearly 7 million people living with blindness.

Welcome to the next step in my journey. With your help, we can make the world more accessible to people experiencing vision loss. Perhaps we will also put a huge dent in that 70% unemployment stat associated with people who are visually-impaired.

Posted on August 30, 2017 in Assistive technology

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